Earthdawn: Nations of Barsaive Volume 3: Cara Fahd

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Silver Crusade

Anyone here read this?

How detailed are the cultures? Would they make for a pretty easy import into Golarion?

Silver Crusade

Also, do the orcs covered in this book fall under the non-always-evil category? Do they actually have some range?

I've never read this particular book, but I really like the setting. Orcs in Earthdawn are a playable race, so like humans, elves,and dwarves, they are just as likely evil as good. That said, they are a bit on the wild side. I can tell you that if this source book keeps with my understanding of Cara Fahd, it is nothing like The Hold of Belkzen.

What I do have is the book on Throal, the Dwarven city guide. It is mainly world building information. And some fun adventure hooks for dwarven campaigns. What are the people and cultures like. There is some rules based information, what a typical dwarven guard stats might be, stuff like that through out the book in sidebars. Then around 115 pages in, you get some short adventures, and at 125 you get stuff for characters and Earthdawn rules based stuff.

I think you could use the dwarven book with Pathfinder without too many issues, especially since this book covers one city. I would assume the same could work with the orc book. I could be wrong.

Barsaive is a neat combination of very unique and fairly general. It both feels like a standard fantasy world, but has some interesting changes. That makes it fit in with Golarion really well and then there will be some stuff that doesn't work. You'll figure it out I'm sure.

Silver Crusade

Major thanks! You just put my biggest worry to rest. :) Gonna go ahead and take a chance on this one.

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