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Curse of the Crimson Throne

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Community Created Stuff

Skeletons of Scarwall (GM Reference)

Edge of Anarchy (GM Reference)

Seven Days to the Grave (GM Reference)

Crown of Fangs (GM Reference)

A History of Ashes (GM Reference)

Escape from Old Korvosa (GM Reference)

Korvosa Resources to Incorporate?

Shingle Runner clarification?

PC gang of thugs in Korvosa - any suggestions?

Bad guy motivations (Spoilers)

Castle Scarwall high detail map - for print or VTT

Jumping Ahead (Book 3 to 4)--Advice Needed on Missing Plot Point

What do you imagine was Jasan Adriel role in Vencarlo's party?

Questions about Acadamae

Thank you for Laori Vaus. (Spoilers)

Suggested Harrow readings

Inspectre's Curse of the Crimson Throne Alterations (Spoilers!)

CotCT Obituaries

A Lovely Day for an Execution (Alternative ways to run?)

Do harrow points carry over from module to module?

CotCT conversion for PF2e available at Pathfinder Infinite

Sundering the crown / sparing the villain? [Spoilers chapter 6]

Xnauth's Kuhhaut - A german journal from our shoanti barbar

Advice for balancing for my Party Composition (DM)

Just how lethal is chapter 2 really? [DM] [spoilers]

Is this AP exceedingly easy?

Virtual Tabletop Maps?

The Blooding

Alternate approach to the Shingles Chase

Alternate battle maps for finale?

Vampire spawn encounter

All the World's Meat dilemma (Spoilers) (Players keep out!)

Laori as Fallen Cleric

My somewhat sloppy 5E conversion.

I'm sorry, Mr. Plissken - changing the story starting with Escape From Old Korvosa

OP pls nerf 2: (or: I leave you alone for 300 years and look what happens)

Starting CotCT party composition feedback.

Rolth, now with Voice Acting!

Mother of Thorns partial TPK

Seven days to the grave - remove disease

Blackjack as built in the hardcover

Cleric of Abadar Backstory - Looking for Feedback

House Jeggare

Spells Cast

The Crown Legend Lore

(Spoilers) What's the deal with Grau Soldado?

Are there enough tentacles?

Gaedrin Lamm question

Shiver in Korvosa, illegal or not?

The Green market ghost encounter

Dr. Davaulus captured my PCs.

Players want more Intrigue (New Campaign)

Gray maidens armor

Vivified Labyrinth maps (high res)

Brotherhood of Bones Background

CotCT Beginning

Is a vigilante going to be viable in this campaign?

Battle for Korvosa (Big Spoilers!)

GM Help: Old Korvosa in Crown of Fangs (Spoilers)

Ward Layouts

Gray Maidens as cavaliers

Ideas for a possible Shoanti "wise man" type character to introduce

What year is Curse of the Crimson Throne? (Spoilers)

NPC to replace Amin Jalento?

Shoanti shaman PC searching for Gozrehs forgotten spring under Korvosa...

Recommend a Party Fourth: Ranger+Paladin+Bard+... ???

CotCT trait update for PF2.

Murder's mark as an intro?

How do you pronounce Jeggare?

Adjusting the final battle for a strong party. (Spoilers)

Paizo Blog: The Path

Can this AP be cut short?

Rakshasa Raktavarna dagger identification

Converting CotCT to 2E and Starting with Book 2 (Spoilers for CotCT)

High resolution map of the Hospice of the Blessed Maiden

[SPOILERS] Kill It, Loot It, Sell It: An Itemised and Valued List of Curse of the Crimson Throne, Updated Edition

Complete Korvosa Castle map set (vector)

Help in shepherding a new group along the plot

Map for the Longacre Building?


Bonus from Harrowing

Gaedren saved

Harrow Deck (Book 6) Changes (SPOILERS!)

Harrow Deck (Book 6) Changes (SPOILERS!)

Interactive Maps

Eodred's Walk; Description vs Map

only one can wield Serithial, items for the rest

The Sable Company as allies?

Andaisin, Greater Magic Weapon and Magic Vestment

Planning a new CotCT Campaign

Start Crimson Throne with existing characters

PFS Chonicle issue

The Korvosan Carrier; A Newspaper for Korvosa

Has anyone tried redeeming Cinnabar?

Question about Jolistina (spoilers)

"Do we have to?" or giving the players a reason

Seeking Castle Scarwall 3D model

Emperor of Old Kovosa-Piltz- Waging Guirella Warfare

Blood Pig for the Animal Friendly

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