Beginner Box

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Pathfinder Intro Game

How about a Sandpoint Box?

I want a Pathfinder Basic not an Intro

Picture of Pathfinder Basic


Paizo Blog: The Beginner Box

Did your kids like it? Mine did

Paizo Blog: Nobody Expects an Intro Set!

More Beginner Box style products?

Could there be a Beginner Box 2?

Beginner Box errata / corrections / questions

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder RPG Beginner Box Preview!

I found a great way to store the pawns

How do I divvy up items?

Paizo Blog: Beginner Box Sneak Preview

Modules in the style of the Beginner's Box

Starting a middle-school Pathfinder club!

Expert Rules. Please. Please. Please.

To all those parents here checking this game out to see if it is for your kids...

Beginner Box Class Conversions Complete

Why is the BB impossible to find ?

The Bash was great! Now release the scenarios

Paizo Blog: The Beginner Box Bash!

[Hero Lab]: Free character creation software for the Pathfinder Beginner Box Coming Soon!

Starting gear: what can you not live without at lvl 1?

Question about diagonal movement

Handling Detect Evil / Sense Motive on a plot-twist character.

Have you moved on from BB to the core rules?

Beginner campaign

Who wants a Barbarian PreGen?

Translations? Will there be a German PF Beginner Box? When?

Form-fillable BB character sheet

Brand new to RPG - GM-ing for my kids - need advice

Beginner Box contents pic

General Question about things in the game

Wilderness Adventures

Painless way to transition from Beginner box to PF core rules?

Black Fang's Dungeon - Player killed Black Fang, help?

Too Much Treasure?

Looking to buy the BB in the UK

Noobie to Pathfinder and Tabletop RPGs in General, two questions...

Did half-orcs make it in?

Calculating a monster's attack bonus

Please more Classes Pack for BB

Society Scenarios for use with Basic Box?

I'm impressed. Thanks Paizo.

Possible BB Campaign Series

Beginner Box as Core PF Experience?

Spell and Item Cards?

I want more

taking a stab at DMing and such stuff got questions

Help for a COMPLETE noob?

Never Played D&D 3+; Just Bought BB Today (1 / 16 / 12)!

First adventure with a bunch of RPG noobies!

Beginner Box d20s

Worth buying - 2 players???

Demand for Beginner Box Style Modules?

New Guy want to start Pathfinder RPG

New GM and new to PF

When to Roll for the Players as the GM

Good non-AP Pathfinder adventures?

Questions before GMing my first session this Sunday

PC's constantly retrying actions?

Seeking advice and answers for a few questions about beginners box

Take the box on a BSA camping trip?

Rule Differences

DMing a non-stop-stealth party?

Release date for Advanced Kids Track adventures?

Making their Dad proud! A BB beginning...

Best AP for a newbie DM?

Standard-rules classes in a Beginner Box game?


Beginner Box backorder

Need 15 minute adventures

Lack of Gear Dependency in the Beginner Box

Other adventures located near Sandpoint?

The goblins are OP? I think we were doing something wrong.

For Paizo: Ranger information

Power attack with +1 Dragon Bane Longsword

Should I wait to get the new printing

First time DMing and the BB

First Experience

Solo play...loving it !!

Am I doing it right? PCs seem (as sons would say) OP.

Kids on the Borderlands

shield and mage armor

Soon GM'ing for the first time

Must new players buy the Beginner Box?

How do you read a d4

Using Pathfinder Beginner Box for a Kingmaker Style Game

building campaign + cr

Gauging interest for a CUP Sandpoint Beginner Box expansion

Solo play adventures Ie No GM.

Out of Stock / Print

New Beginner Box Fan Website @

[Advice needed] Am I going to kill my characters?

Some beginner questions

Cloak of Protection?

New Guy Needs Help

Beginner Box and Kids - questions about product

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