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[Starfinder Conversion Saturday?] — The SF Mechanic Converted to PF2e

[Paizo / Legendary Games] Encounters that need fixing in Kingmaker Anniversary Edition?

[GMing Question] What PF 1 Rules are you going to try to import nto PF2?

Yeth hound

With the PDF sale going on right now, what's a good PF1 AP to buy and convert?

The Whispering Tyrant Stats?

What would the second edition equivalent to the 1e "Forbiddance" spell encompass?

What to convert during the pandemic

what is the name of the weapon for the monk hand. Hand wrap ?

Weaverworm Conversion

We be goblins series to PF2?

Waters of Lamashtu

Warlock Conversion

Warlock 5e ---> Pathfinder 2

Warlock 5e ---> Pathfinder 2

Warlock 3.5e -> 2ePF

Warlock (5th Ed. Version)



War For the Crown conversion

video on how to convert items

Unarmored Barbarian / Ostog the Unslain

Tyrant's Grasp 2E Conversion


Treasury of Dragons conversions?

Tomb of the Iron Medusa (lv14 module)

Tarondor's Pathfinder 2e Conversion of the Emerald Spire Superdungeon

Tarondor's Pathfinder 2e Conversion of Monte Cook’s The Banewarrens and Night of Dissolution

Summon the molydeus for PF2

Stripped down Strix down

Strange Aeons Campaign Traits please?

Starfinder's Solarian

SPELLSTRIKE - how should it look like?

Sin schools / Sin magic

Shardfinder 2 - tools and conversions for Eberron Setting for PF2

Shadowdancer Conversion (Link in Post)

Second Darkness

Savage Pathfinder

Running Fall of Plaguestone with P1E rules.

RotR Nualia as Lvl 5 Cleric (warpriest) of Lamashtu

Rise of the Runelords NPCs

Rise of the Runelords conversion (creatures / encounters)

Rise of the runelords 1e to 2e

Rise of the Runelords 1e or 2e?

Return of the Runelords conversion to 2E [NO SPOILERS]

Reprisal Conversion

Real talk: how do you substitute the missing classes in P2E?

Ratfolk Conversion

Rate my Gnoll ancestry

Quick and Dirty Arcane Archer

Psychic (Occult Adventures)


Pricing Conversion Question for PF1 Items That Offer Non-mechanical Benefits

PFS1 Converted Scenarios

PF2e Warlock class

PF1E Warlock vigilante archetype conversion to 2E

Pathfinder Second Edition Planetouched

Pathfinder Celestials converted to 5e?

Pathfinder 2E Hell's Rebels Player's Guide

Party Conversion Ideas

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder Second Edition Conversion Guide

P2 to P1

P1 to P2 Conversion Guide

Ogre Companion

The Oblex, a D&D 5e monster in PF2

Nine Ringed Broadsword: Is forceful too strong on a monk weapon?

Need help converting a creature from Acq Inc's Storm Tower

My conversion of RotR to P2

Mummy's Mask AP Conversion

Monster Conversions: 1E to 2E

Monster conversion

Mindflayer statblock — Comments and Advice?

Mesmerist as an Archetype?


Mammoth rider conversation.

Lizardfolk homebrew

Levels equivalent between 1e and 2e?

Lava Child?

Kineticist in 2e

Is there a 1e to 2e DC chart somwhere?

Iron Kingdoms Archetypes + Ancestries

input requested for 2E Players Guide, Skull and Shackles

Iconic 5e Monster Conversions?

I'd like to Convert Wendy's Feast of Legends to Second Ed

I want to convert the Promethean Alchemist

How would you go about converting 3.5 Invocations to 2e?

How to handle more “loaded” Ancestries in 2e?

How do you envision your favorite prestige class being implemented?

Honestly for real, how easy is Runelords

Homebrew D&D

Help me build Bronn from GOT

Hazard Conversion

Has anyone taken a swing at converting world of warcraft stuff yet?

Has anybody done a conversion for kitsune or gnoll yet?

Half Celestial

Guideline for running encounters from PF1 published adventures using PF2

Foxglove Manor Conversion Help

The Enthroned King: A PF1 intelligent item conversion.

The Elemental Wizard

The Dwaves from the Hobbit movies in 2e

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