Pathfinder Second Edition Planetouched

Kineticist in 2e

[GMing Question] What PF 1 Rules are you going to try to import nto PF2?

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder Second Edition Conversion Guide

Mesmerist as an Archetype?

SPELLSTRIKE - how should it look like?

Anyone doing other settings? Eberron?

Levels equivalent between 1e and 2e?

Unarmored Barbarian / Ostog the Unslain

How do you envision your favorite prestige class being implemented?

Converting loot hauls

Party Conversion Ideas

Real talk: how do you substitute the missing classes in P2E?

5e Warlock Conversion

Any good level 1, one sesion module yo convert to 2e

P1 to P2 Conversion Guide

Shardfinder 2 - tools and conversions for Eberron Setting for PF2


Alchemical Weapon Concepts

Running Fall of Plaguestone with P1E rules.

Rise of the Runelords 1e or 2e?

Return of the Runelords conversion to 2E [NO SPOILERS]

Rise of the Runelords conversion (creatures / encounters)

Edition Conversion Content in PF2 CRB?

Beginner’s Box adventure converted to 2E?

Converting skill DCs - is there a 1E baseline somewhere ?

Advice updating We Be Heroes?

Homebrew D&D

Could Wolf / or Canine folk come to the game possible.

PFS1 Converted Scenarios

1e conversion for 2 partys

"Hollow's Last Hope" for Pathfinder Second Edition

How to handle more “loaded” Ancestries in 2e?

Action Economy Conversion Guide

Fey bloodline arcane trickster

Warlock Conversion

Converting Pathfinder 1st edition to 2nd edition

Converting the Troop rules to PF2

Monster Conversions: 1E to 2E

Pathfinder 2E Hell's Rebels Player's Guide

Conversion of ROTRL rulebook to 2E

P2 to P1

Lizardfolk homebrew

Guideline for running encounters from PF1 published adventures using PF2

Has anybody done a conversion for kitsune or gnoll yet?

[Paizo / Legendary Games] Encounters that need fixing in Kingmaker Anniversary Edition?

Chitchat about making PF1 concepts in PF2 mechanics

Ancestries based on point-cost


Fey bloodline arcane trickster

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