Second Edition

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Pathfinder Second Edition Subscription Questions

What NEW classes do you hope 2e brings?

[PaizoCon] "Moving on from the Playtest"

Paizo Blog: Tales of Lost Omens

Is there any info out yet how many skills made the cut?

PF2: What Do We Know?

Rules Reveals from the Oblivion Oath Twitch game! (was sleepy sea cat)

Paizo Blog: Iconic Encounter: Fire in the Hold

Spell Strength

Paizo Blog: Iconic Encounter: Hold My Beer

Speculation: Will school specialist wizards go away?

Paizo Blog: Iconic Encounter: Whispers in the Blood

NPC-building rules in CRB?

Pathfinder Second and Gishes

Chitchat about making PF1 concepts in PF2 mechanics

Would love to see Runelords 2e hardcovers

Third Party Support

2e - How much will it cost over time?

Side By Side Iconic Evolution Comparisons

World Guide 2

Important viewpoint

The Kingmaker Anniversary Edition will be released for second edition.

Paizo Blog: Iconic Evolution: Seoni

Paizo Blog: Iconic Evolution: Valeros

Gah! Anticipation overload! Can we please start getting Blog reveals / teases?!?!?

Book Requests

Pathfinder Second Edition Planetouched

Pathfinder Version 2 at Gen Con???

Pathfinder 2nd edition half Outsiders

Dedications able to be taken at 1st level?

PF2-What-Do-We-Know? **Discussion**

Explain 2e to an idiot (and some other discussion on 2e)

What to do until Aug?

Streaming and how it can help Pathfinder 2

Paizo Blog: Iconic Encounter: One Last Miracle

Paizo Blog: Iconic Evolution: Seelah

Paizo Blog: Iconic Evolution: Amiri

Downtime and Exploration mode

Concerns about Experience in a Mixed Party

Gen Con Pickup

Seoni: Temporary Home for an Orphaned Iconic Evolution

Sign language and casting

Paizo Blog: Iconic Encounter: Test of the Hidden Peaks

Pre-order at Amazon is now up!

Paizo Blog: Iconic Evolution: Kyra

How pricey will second edition be and how well will it be supported online

Fantasy Grounds?

Let's focus on Focus

Male versions of archetypically female monsters

Paizo Blog: Iconic Encounter: Party Crasher

Chewing on Champions

The God of Prophecy is Dead?

How does PF 2E handle the power of high level casters

Gusnlinger - An archetype prototype

New Class or New Archetype?

New Weapon Ideas

Paizo Blog: Iconic Evolution: Sajan

Community use for Pathfinder logo, action symbols, etc?

Switching to Second Edition

Possible ideas for PF2 Summoner

Age of Ashes Players Guide

Fate Shards - a homebrew hero point system inspired by Deadlands

What optional rules would you like to see?

Can Bards no longer heal?

Open Golarion IP for commercial self-publishing?

What do People want in Age of Ashes (Possible Spoilers)

A Sojourn with Sorcerers

Unironic Cleric Change Hype

Do you think they will release quick rules sheet before launch?

A Test Run on Custom Ancestries: Kobolds

New kobolds

So this is how Paizo treats longtime fans & customers?

What the heck is this? (Why in the 9 Hells did they put politics in the game?)

Paizo Blog: Meet the Iconics: Fumbus

Paizo Blog: Iconic Evolution: Merisiel

Buying English Books In Non-English Countries

A Matter of Life and Death

Do we get rid of the loading property?

Paizo Blog: The Oblivion Oath Begins!

Paizo Blog: Iconic Evolution: Lini

Paizo Blog: Iconic Encounter: The Green Within

Paizo Blog: Iconic Encounter: Tough Crowd

Difficulties in the final version?

Official conversion tool for PF1 AP's?

Do we get to keep our pfs number?

First Session of Oblivion Oath is now on YouTube!

Item Quality versus Potency Runes

Paizo Blog: Iconic Evolution: Lem

Current state of Ancestries

First class you'll try

Resonance (A Lack Thereof)

Non-multiclass Archetypes such as Cavalier?

No Finesse Monk weapons?

Expanded skill list?

What is Age of Ashes about?

Any sorcerer news?

PF2 Homebrew: My Take on Pact Magic

Garycon Pathfinder 2E Seminar: Did anyone attend and was anything cool revealed?

2nd Edition Reviews.

Paizo Blog: Iconic Evolution: Ezren

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