a sudden loss of history that affected the entire galaxy and resulted in the disappearance of the world of Golarion—the Starfinder Society formed and became one of the preeminent organizations of the Pact Worlds. The Starfinder Society is helmed by the elected First Seeker, and advised by Guidance, the digital amalgam of all past First Seekers’ consciousnesses. In addition, a group made up of prominent Starfinder agents known as the Forum helps decide matters of importance within the organization, and individuals known as venture-captains handle mission briefings for lower-ranking agents.

Using the Drift, the machine god Triune’s gift of rapid interstellar travel, Starfinder agents explored worlds far and near. The treasures they found and knowledge they recorded secured the Society’s prestige and wealth for generations.

317 AG: The Society’s age of prosperity abruptly ended with a failed expedition into the trinary system known as the Scoured Stars. An armada representing most of the Society’s agents and assets disappeared as a result. Under the leadership of First Seeker Luwazi Elsebo, the recovering Society orchestrated a massive rescue mission several years later.

319 AG: After defeating threats from the Scoured Stars, including the militant jinsuls, the Society turned its attention closer to home when it became the target of a misinformation campaign orchestrated by a corporate mastermind named Datch. What followed was a year of struggle that ultimately led to Datch’s detainment and imprisonment within the Lorespire Complex. After this victory Luwazi voluntarily stepped down to allow a new First Seeker to assume leadership.

320 AG: As part of a new age of exploration and prosperity ushered in by this new First Seeker, Ehu Hadif, Society membership continued to swell.

321 AG: This newfound prosperity was threatened by the Data Scourge, a mysterious digital attack on the Pact Worlds orchestrated by Historia-Prime, the controlling ex-leader of the Dataphiles faction. With the help of a digital fragment of Prime’s personality, a famous hacktivist, and many other allies, the Starfinders thwarted the plot and saved their organization from hostile takeover.

322 AG: In the aftermath of the Data Scourge, the Starfinder Society fractured along faction lines, driven by suspicion and doubt. First Seeker Ehu Hadif embarked on a year of organizational change, opening the floor to all agents, giving them a platform to voice concerns, plans, and ambitions, and lobby for change. New factions were founded, reforms were enacted, relationships were mended, and trust was reforged.

But the Starfinders’ plans for a brighter tomorrow weren’t without opposition. The Starfinders faced off against opportunistic criminals, internal corruption, and uncovered clues involving a secretive criminal organization with a centuries-old connection to the Starfinder Society. The Starfinders dubbed this unidentified group the Organization.

323 AG (current year): As Ehu Hadif’s term as leader of the Starfinder Society nears its end, a violent attack at a museum gala perpetrated by the Organization launches the Starfinders into open conflict with this criminal group. Believing that the Starfinders stand the best chance of bringing the Organization’s crimes to an end, Ehu Hadif vows to investigate, determine the identity of the mysterious Organization and its leaders, and bring the entire criminal enterprise to an end. Yet, there’s more at stake than the Starfinders realize. As the Organization’s ominous “Project Dawn” enters its next phase, millions of lives are threatened. The Starfinder Society will need to act fast, put their trust in an old enemy, and hope their luck doesn’t run out if they hope to defeat the Organization in time.


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