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Owlcat Pathfinder CRPGs

Pathfinder Kingmaker Video Game Builds

WotR on Humble Bundle

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous is out on consoles

Paizo Blog: Crusade Comes to the Consoles

Paizo Blog: The Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Computer Game is Available Now!

Paizo Blog: Inevitable Excess – DLC For Pathfinder: Wrath Of The Righteous Is Now Available

Moral choices and trying to play a paladin in Kingmaker

Question about Radiance

(Kingmaker) Kingdom Alignment Colors

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Now On Kickstarter!

WotR: Romancable Characters

Kingmaker *just* for Kingdom Building?

Restoring my DLC. (Tech issue)

please make pathfinder kingmaker mmo

Kingmaker PC and Consol RPG from Owlcat

Additional classes.

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder: Kingmaker Definitive Edition Available Now!

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder: Kingmaker coming to consoles!

Chris Avellone's module The Puzzle Box was released December 19th?

Turn Based Mod HELP!!

Paizo Blog: Owlcat Games Announces “Pathfinder: Wrath Of The Righteous” Computer RPG

Wrath of the Righteous CRPG announced

Looking for the Endings

Was Zuddiger's Picnic cut from CRPG?

Owlcat's Next AP: Wrath of the Righteous!

Owlcat Games Announces Wrath of the Righteous!

Kingmaker Video Game Question

Has anyone received their physical rewards?

Own Sub-Forum

Paizo Blog: Kingmaker--Assembling the Perfect Party

Planning and Guides (Spoilers Welcome)?

Computer-Game Newbie Questions

DO NOT UPDATE to latest patch if you are on Steam and have a Mac.

IIdb command line developer tools?

Loading Black . . . (Tech Issue)

Monk / Rogue - Which Comes First?

New Kingdom Building Tutorial [Official]

Non-Character Advisors & Kingdom checks

Plot developments and Advisor position: Councillor [spoilers]

Problems with Owlcat forum...?

Future DLC ideas!

Wild Hunt Archers: Tips for Dealing with them, Please?

Disappointed, but hopeful

How do I claim my in-game items?

What's Next? :)

Character Build to solo Challenging Mode

Let's Play Videos with the Paizo Staff

Companion Reactions: Two Timing

Companion Reactions: Religion

Possible spoilers BEWARE! Quests Help!

So... the Wiki is really horrible commercial site, is that acceptable? Community needs quality Wiki.

Game Questions: LOTS of spoilers

King Maker: After the Escape - Possiible Spoilers

Custom Party

Cleric Opposition Schools

PSA - Core Rulebook Pathfinder Difficulty

Was this bug fixed?

An interesting bug...

Custom Companions Background?

PITAX HATES HIM: Irovetti doesn’t want you to know that you can stabilize your early game with this weird trick!!

You can sneak attack with Alchemy flasks like acid flask or alchemist fire.

2 Questions

This game needs a save editor

Pathfinder kingmaker. What's your party like?

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder: Kingmaker Out Now on PC and Mac!

Pathfinder: Kingmaker (Owlcat) Imperial Edition Content...

Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Paizo Blog: The Makings of the Kingdom

PSA: The Importance of Manual Saving

Announcing Barbarian Am Play - A blind playthrough of Pathfinder:Kingmaker

Guess I lost

Super excited for this game!

Game story

NPC Companions (spoilers)

Planning your main character already?

Playing with a controller?

Do you need to signup to a third party site if you bought the boxed edition

Difference in Digital and Premium digital copy for PF: Kingmaker-CRPG

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