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Level up your Pathfinder experience by adding Pathfinder Accessories to your game! Keep fast-paced combat moving with the Combat Pad and have the rules at your fingertips with rules reference cards. We've got tools to help GMs including stylish GM screens, as well as helpful references for players like condition cards. Whatever you need to bring your campaign to life, we've got the perfect accessories for your game.Paizo releases Pathfinder accessories on a roughly bi-monthly basis. With your ongoing Pathfinder Accessories Subscription, we'll send you each new installment and charge your payment method automatically as we ship each product. You only need to sign up once, and never need to worry about renewal notice or missed products.

Aside from automatically receiving the latest gaming accessories, you'll also receive:

  • A free PDF copy of each product as it becomes available (when applicable).

Each release in your Pathfinder Accessories subscription will be automatically bundled with any other Paizo subscription items you've subscribed to releasing in the same month.

When you start an ongoing subscription, any existing preorders for products covered by that subscription are automatically cancelled (or have their quantity reduced by one if you've preordered more than one of an item).

Get the Paizo Advantage!

This subscription can help you qualify for the Paizo Advantage, a discount program that grants you a 15% discount on most products available on Subscribers to four or more lines receive the discount, plus their choice of a complimentary subscription to either Pathfinder Society Scenarios or Starfinder Society Scenarios. Sign up for six or more subscriptions, and you get BOTH complimentary scenario subscriptions!

More details about Paizo Advantage can be found here.

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Pathfinder Condition Card Deck

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Pathfinder Critical Hit Deck Pathfinder Critical Hit Deck

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