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This is a spoiler-filled resource thread for GMs running the Dawn of Flame Adventure Path, specifically for the third adventure, "Sun Divers."

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The Photonic Anomaly's "Quantum Movement" had my group laughing in tears tonight. Before combat it was "heading straight for them", and yet in combat it always moved in the worst possible direction.

We will forever refer to it as a "Solar Roomba".

I'm curious to hear how other GMs ran the alien in "Event 1: A Situation of Some Gravity" (SD 5 - 6).

To prepare for this encounter, I reread the Pact Worlds entry on the khizar (PW 212), but this time with more attention to the details of the species since I would have to bring one to life as part of the gaming session. I noticed that they "have no eyes or visual senses, other than the ability to perceive the presence or absence of light. Khizars have blindsense (vibration) and blindsight (life), each with a range of 30 feet".

This, in turn, required me to reread the Core Rulebook descriptions of blindsense and blindsight (CRB 262 - 3).

My conclusion is that these aliens are literally unable to perceive or interact with the world outside of a 30 foot radius. Inside that radius, they seem to be quite disadvantaged, too; their blindsense only provides 'imprecise' non-visual input and their blindsight does not provide enough contrast to distinguish colours or read text.

If you've run this encounter (or have playing experience with this species), how do you handle the world beyond their 30 foot range?

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Yeah, khizars aren't great vs anything 30+ ft away. There was a thread about it a while ago, and the general consensus was that since they have no senses more than 30 ft away, they can't really target anything that far out. Within 30 ft, at least, their blindsight counts as a "precise" sense vs anything living, at least?
https://paizo.com/threads/rzs42hgq?Can-characters-without-sight-be-effectiv e

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