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Netflix's SANDMAN TV series

Westworld teaser

Let's Talk About Anime

CW Gotham Knights show in development

Paper Girls

Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal

Last episode of Better Call Saul

The Arrowverse is dead

Nichelle Nicholas - Rest In Peace

Tony Dow - R. I. P.

The NPC Reviews: Record of Lodoss War Episode 5

Stranger Things

Garth Ennis' "The Boys"

Ms Marvel

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

Obi-Wan Kenobi

The book of Bobba Fett

Willow on Disney+

New Ghostbusters Animated Series Coming to Netflex

Moon Knight


Love, Death & Robots: major SF authors in a new anthology Netflix series

Kids in the Hall

Star Trek: Picard (on CBS All Access)

14th Doctor Who announced

Favorite Power Rangers


Legends of Tomorrow


The Expanse - I'm already hooked!

Pop Culture for Pen & Paper: The Hollow


Futurama's Back Baby!



LOL: Arcane

Legend of Vox Machina

Mitchell Ryan - R. I. P.

Warner Brothers and Amazon developing a Lord of the Rings TV show

New D&D Live-Action Series Underway

Raymond Feist's Riftwar series in development for TV

Halo: The TV Show

Titans trailer


Star Trek: Prodigy

Justice U

Netflix announce cast for live-action COWBOY BEBOP

Hit Monkey on Hulu

Wheel of Time TV series officially in development

Percy Jackson Series on Disney+

The NPC Reviews: The Owl House Episode 5

Cobra Kai

Witcher TV series from Netflix

Bob Saget

New Star Trek Series Premieres January 2017

Hawkeye on Disney Plus

Betty White R.I.P.

The Stand TV mini-series (1994)

Marvel Studios' What If...?


Alex Rider TV Series

[Trailer] Lost in Space. New Netflix show.

Masters of the Universe Revelations

A Viking Funeral? Hitler On Ice??? JEWS. IN. SPAAAAAAAACEEE!?!?!?

Doom Patrol

Lovecraft Country

Earth Worm Jim


She-Hulk and Ms Marvel on Disney+


Werewolf by Night

Asimov’s ‘Foundation’ series

Young Justice News

WandaVision on Disney+

Bablyon 5 reboot

Star Trek: Lower Decks

The Flash TV Series

Joss Whedon joins forces with HBO for new SF show

Star Wars: The Bad Batch

Superman & Lois

Loki (Disney+)

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Invincible Animated Streaming Series

Gaiman and Pratchett’s “Good Omens” on Amazon

Netflix's The Haunting of Hill House

DOTA: Dragon's Blood

PIG. Starring Nicolas Cage

Netflix: Kingdom (Korean Drama)

Netflix's Castlevania anime

INSIDE: A Bo Burnham Netflix Special

Sleep Sound

MODOK on Hulu

Batman: Caped Crusader

The Mandalorian

The NPC Reviews: Record of Lodoss War - Episode 4

Jupiter's Legacy

Pop Culture for Pen & Paper: Open for Suggestions

World of Darkness shared universe

RIP Mira Furlan

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