Legacy of Fire

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Haleen as an Ifrit Dervish of Dawn

Akus compiled changes to the original campaign. SPOILERS galore!!!

Tempest, the magic staff

Map for the ruined fort?

The Carrion King and The Witch

The Secret City of Glim

Memrach in The Impossible Eye

Player needs advice: race choice

Lava Cavern Maps and Tokens

Legacy of Fire Fiction (Spoilers)

Interlude: Onyx Hall

Templar Weapon Advice

Legacy of Fire Journal in all it's Madness

Clues in The Impossible Eye.

Wrapping Up Legacy of Fire: SPOILERS

Suggestions for continuing the campaign after "The Final Wish"

Undrella the Alchemist

A question concerning players and the Scroll of Kakishon

Help with Jackal's Price plot

Yellow NPC picture background

The Jackal's Price - One Source Warehouse - Extended

Finished our LoF campaign (SPOILERS)

RPG Superstar Wondrous Items in LoF

The Jackal's Price - Set Piece small battle map

Soundtrack for the Final Wish [Possible Spoilers]

Fate of NPC's in the Final Wish *SPOILERS*

My Howl of the Carrion King report, long and SPOILERS

Kelmarane Inside Maps

Chapter Quotes

Best Thing Ever (Minor Spoilers)

Where should they go in the Manor? (Impossible Eye Spoilers)

Continuing the Path (spoilers)

Some Epic Moments

Mr Baron's LoF / Necropolis Campaign

Sarenrae Temple in Katapesh

OT: Saudi Arabian Family Sues Djinn For Theft, Harassment

Templar Handout?

2 NPC's for use

LoF True 20 Conversion?

Coin Denominations in Katapesh

Confusion over LoF Release Date

Hints on FJ?

Sentinel Scorpion (New Wondrous Item in LoFpg)

Pathfinder Adventure Path Preview

Suggestions for Dark Sun Conversion? (Players for my Legacy of the Dark Sun PbP kindly avert your eyes :))))

City of Katapesh Tax Rate

Shiz rewrite and The Jackal

Useful spells to throw at the party wizard (and magic items in general)?

moldspeaker and Wealth by Level

Efreeti bloodlien sorc

Hero Lab - Legacy of Fire NPCs and Bestiary....

Shirak's Crypt - HotB (possible spoilers)

Continuing Refuge of Nethys

Additional Encounters for Overland Trek in The Jackal's Price

Moldspeaker, Important?

Languages in LoF

Wierdest hunting trip ever. (Spoilers, duh)


Character raised in Andaran

LoF Question: Who do Osirioni dwarves worship?

Interesting Combat Situation

LoF for 2 Players, one a 10year old

The Moldspeaker (Spoilers - GMs only - current players keep out)

Serpent Isles Map

Highlights of the AP without spoilers please

Which class would you recommend?

Shirak's body

Katapeshi Merchants

I got a strange idea AGAIN: integrate 'Crucible of Chaos' into 'Legacy of Chaos'

Legacy of Fire Brazen Tower map for 3d

After "Howl of the Carrion King" a Kingdom building phase?

The Schir - And how the hell do they calculate its Jump skill?

Pit of Screaming Ghosts in Miniature (Spoilers)

Genie wishes and limitations

Jhavhul's Titles

[EXTENSION] Howl of the Carrion King - The Thunder Trial

Backstory question

The Jackal's Price - Ruined Temple of the Dawnflower battle map

[I Blame the Dice!] - Levi's LoF Campaign!

(Spoilers) custom wandering monsters for End of Eternity

L O F Game underway

Templars of the Five Winds

Legacy of Fire - Complete: A novice GM brain dump

Kakishon Quest

Final Wish? Good for more than hacking?

HotCK Player Handouts

RE: Memrach (Impossible Eye, possible spoilers)

Question for James in regards to Legacy of Fire (could have spoilers)

Starting Legacy of Fire

Legacy flashback

Legacy of Fire @ Amazon - Different Artwork.

Fun with king Mokknok

Pathfinder Terrain

Game aids for Howl of the Carrion King

LoF Setting Inspiration?

End of Eternity Inspiration

Unluck Mishaps (spoilers)

The Sultans Claw

Wishcraft, fate, and djinn [SPOILERS]

Legacy of Fire - thematic observations

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