Legacy of Fire

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The Impossible Eye (GM Reference)

The End of Eternity (GM Reference)

The Final Wish (GM Reference)

Howl of the Carrion King (GM Reference)

House of the Beast (GM Reference)

The Jackal's Price (GM Reference)

LoF 1 - What do the mercenaries do?

Converting "Gnoll Killer" to PF 2E?

A question of slavery

Starting a campaign with LoF as a framework

Post your LoF group!

Kelmarane and the Kingmaker Kingdom Rules

What if my players want to go with Kardswann?

What if my players want to go with Kardswann?

Abadar or Irori?

So what good is a ruby tuning fork, anyway? [Spoilers for The Jackal's Price and The End of Eternity]

Fuji Sempai's Campaign Journal (GM Perspective)

Starting LOF which books has the weapons

Hardcover Anniversary Edition

NPC needed?

Paizo Blog: Battle in Kelmarane

Legacy of Fire obituaries

What if the party allies with Ezer?

Occultist Object Reading and the Scroll

Haleen as an Ifrit Dervish of Dawn

Akus compiled changes to the original campaign. SPOILERS galore!!!

Hooray for pugwampis!

Legacy of Fire - thematic observations

Legacy of Fire Audio Files

Suggestions for Dark Sun Conversion? (Players for my Legacy of the Dark Sun PbP kindly avert your eyes :))))

City of Katapesh Tax Rate

Tempest, the magic staff

Legacy of Fire suggested class / archetype index

How to get to "Open Sesame" Street?

Map for the ruined fort?

My Legacy of Fire Conversions (and NPC Stat Blocks)

Music for LOF

New PF Material in an old AP

Adding a Part 7

Scroll of Kakishon and Eidolons

Skill Monkey VS. Support?

Templar Weapons (Spoilers Ahead)

Legacy of Fire: Mythic Adventures game report

Players guide?

Death in Kakishon, help in bringing in a new character.

Homebrew: Alternate Backstory for Haidar

XP level milestones in LoF Book 1

Playing Up the Harrow

Question about Sammadar in Impossible Eye

Altering The End of Eternity

The Impossible Eye and the City of Brass

Mythic Legacy of Fire

Question about allowing a Janni PC.

Has LoF aged well? Does it deliver the desert arabian nights feel?

Legacy of Fire Loot Level Low?

Add ons to Legacy of Fire

A Story Ends

Healer's Touch

Kasatha Player Character [Potential Spoilers]

Onyx Hall

Starting LoF at level 5 / 6

Songs of Shazathared

Legacy of fire Adventure path help (spoilers)

Suggestions for Added Content for LoF

[Kobold Press] Southlands

Exp. rate for AP

[Player Question] Healer Question

Panic mode: Cannot access to the Pit of Screaming Ghosts [HotB]


The Carrion King and The Witch

Adding to the End of Eternity

Good Class / Race / Archetype / PP for flavor?

Newbies and lycanthropy

Night 6 in the Kelmarane Hinterlands. Gnolls attack.

Fate conversion of Legacy of Fire

Shiz rewrite and The Jackal

The Secret City of Glim

Alternative to Moldspeaker

Useful spells to throw at the party wizard (and magic items in general)?

Advancing Ghartok

PF Legacy of Fire -> Mythic City of Brass

Memrach in The Impossible Eye

moldspeaker and Wealth by Level

How to scale weapon for moldspeaker

After the Legacy: Epilogue Adventures

What should I wish for? (Spoilers)

Speculation about PC choices...

Help needed: A quest in Kelmarane beetween book 1 and 2

A suitable ending to the Legacy of Fire [spoilers abound]

Trade Route Mission - Year Between HoCK and HoB

Efreeti bloodlien sorc

Player needs advice: race choice

Hero Lab - Legacy of Fire NPCs and Bestiary....

Pathfinder RPG Conversion?

PC's are starting Jackal's Price at level 8! Help!

Lava Cavern Maps and Tokens

Best way to remove the Impossible Eye

Shirak's Crypt - HotB (possible spoilers)

Legacy of Fire Campaign Journal with Pathfinder Updated NPCs

Continuing Refuge of Nethys

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