Legacy of Fire

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Channa Ti, Pathfinder

The End of Eternity (GM Reference)

Legacy of Fire for lower levels than previous APs?

Howl of the Carrion King (GM Reference)

I need N'wah's Minis for this AP

The Impossible Eye (GM Reference)

My Legacy of Fire Conversions (and NPC Stat Blocks)

Legacy of Fire obituaries

Tiefling Prostitutes

Post your LoF group!

The Final Wish (GM Reference)

WorldWorksGames and Legacy of Fire

Is LoF the least popular Adventure Path so far?

Gimme those old time titles!

Twelve Choose Four, Place Your Bets!

House of the Beast (GM Reference)

Legacy of Fire Audio Files

The Jackal's Price (GM Reference)

Pathfinder #19 out yet?

Hooray for pugwampis!

Savaging Legacy of Fire

To both players and GM's - What is bad in Legacy of Fire?

Legacy of Fire Adventure Path Announced

Half-orc + Harpy = babies?

Legacy of nonplot?

Kelmarane and the Kingmaker Kingdom Rules

Nick Herold's Pseudo-Set Piece: The Fortress of Ghouls [Long; My Players Stay Out!]

Litorians and sibbecai in LoF (and PRPG)

WorldWorksGames "House of the Beast" Teasers

Gnoll PC's?

Music for LOF

What if Zayifid lives? (SPOILERS)

Help Fix a Potential GM Goof

Thanks Erik Mona! (Preview of the LoF Players Guide)

Legacy of Fire: Mythic Adventures game report

Direct to Ghartok - WARNING (Spoilers)

Howl of the Carrion King... WOW!!!

Best way to remove the Impossible Eye

Legacy of Fire Jumped the Shark when...

XP chart to use

Good Minis for this AP?

[HotCK]Worries about Xulthos

Pathfinder RPG Conversion?

Refuge of Nethys

Main Language in Legacy of Fire


How to get to "Open Sesame" Street?

Alternative to Moldspeaker

Resources for running Legacy of Fire

Overzealous Characters

SPOILERS Advice on situation during The Jackal's Price

Question about traits

Ouat Caste Dwarves

Paizo Blog: Battle in Kelmarane

Monsters of Osirion

Help, My Players have a Very Strange Plan

Picked up #19 yesterday;

Complete at last!

CR too high for the Hydra? (Semi Legacy of Fire spoilers)

LOF.... Do you dare accept my challenge?

Conversions of Nethys - Legacy of Fire

Run through 4 books of LoF (spoiled a lot)


Undead PCs [spoilers]

Elemental Planetouched?

On Wishes

Four-Armed Slave Girls

GMs: Help Me Create a Duskwalker Guild Side Adventure (plus bonus stats)

Pathfinder Paper Minis needs your input!

Pactmaster's Favor?

Genie PCs in LoF?

After the Legacy: Epilogue Adventures

PC's are starting Jackal's Price at level 8! Help!

Essential Classes

What were your favorite / least favorite elements about Legacy of Fire AP?

Group with over 4 players in LoF

Reading material

Minis for pugwampis?

Iconics in Legacy of Fire and how it got me thinking about previous AP's Iconics.

LoF Monster Question


Legacy of Fire 4-6 Announced

Has LoF aged well? Does it deliver the desert arabian nights feel?

New classes in LoF?

New Iconics?

Is Rombard statted?

New PF Material in an old AP

[Kobold Press] Southlands

Sell Me / Unsell Me on Legacy of Fre

Becoming Moldspeaker, 2nd Try

Cutaway View of Kelmarane Battle Market and the Brazen Tower

The PCs do what?!

Suggestions for fifth-level Pale Mountain mini adventures?

Kardswann's Greaxe

Best way to up CR in Battle Market?

The Alternate Jackal's Price

LoF - Any Good?

How to turn a PC into a [spoiler] from Pathfinder 19 "The Refuge of Nethys"?

Return of the Sha'ir

Mmmmm ... Legacy of Fire Goodness :)

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