Kingmaker Second Edition

I did what I would consider a "win" with my players, but now I regret it so much. I'd like some advice.

Did anyone else just get the "order has been shipped" email?

Paizo Blog: Introducing the Kingmaker Player’s Guide

Kingmaker's Final Boss ***Spoiler***

questions about "Focused Attention" (Leadership Activity)

Kingmaker 2e (GM Reference)

notes for theoretical TURN ONE

Kingmaker Adventure Path 2E Errata

Kingdom Building Tools

Kingmaker on Roll20 Questions

Kingmaker 2e Hexploration Hidden Trait

Control DC scaling, Untrained Kingdom skills, and preventing eventual guaranteed failure

Kingdom Skills Questions

The Nymph, post-campaign? (Major Spoilers!)

Share your Foundry VTT tips for this AP

Share your Kingmaker 2e characters!

Companions in Leadership Roles

Army Sizes

Terrains of the Stolen Lands?

Kingmaker Player's Guide Review

Army Sizes

Rules that hamper a fledgling kingdom in the AP

Kingmaker: Freeform city building

Starting Date

Baron Mik's Charter of Theming (Heavy Spoilers)

Baron Mik's Timeline Checklist

Can a Wild Order Druid PC Work In the 'Kingmaker' AP?

Smoke-filled hallway - Question about hazard

BBEG Idea for foreshadowing *spoilers*

Players guide street date?

Why does Jamandi Aldori allow adventures to settle and rule instead of enlarging their lands?

How am I misreading the camping rules?

Chapter 2: RL4 / RL5

Can anyone tell me what the word charter means? PF2 kingmaker

Aldori Manor Great Hall Map

Is this getting

Don't even know where to start

Am I missing something? Kingdom roles for PCs / NPCs...

PDF Availability

Dudemeister's Party Origins and Party Roles (2e)

Campaign adjustment for difficulty?

Kingdom XP

Spoiler Free Kingdom Rules

Technic League timeline?

Updating 1st edition KM AP Player’s Guide

Thoughts on building some of the under-specfied companions

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