Advice and Rules Questions

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Arcaknight help?

Umbra Class - Shadowstrike

[Frog God Games] Sword of Air - Starting, DM Set up, Questions, Advice and Stories

"Assume Equipment" as an Uncarnate

"Beachfront Property" or Making a Monster's Lair Your Own Stronghold

'Current Level' for feat benefit

(advice) Martial Speaker for the past Shaman with monk dip build

(Contest) Find the Highest Manifester level Possible

(Dreamscared press) RP cost for 1 / 2 giant Powerful build race trait

(Dreamscarred Press & Hero Lab) Soulbolt damage

(Dreamscarred Press) Aegis>Ranged Attack Customization

(Dreamscarred Press) Half Giants and the new Giant-Subtype feats.

(Path of War) Look at my first build?

(Please clarify rules) Issue with enchancement bonus on unfinished 3rd party product.

(Spheres of power) Mana siphon and vancian casters.

(Talented Classes) Knife throwing Rogue / Monk

1-1 / 2 + 1-1 / 2 Strength.

2nd "element" for a telekineticist?

3.5 to pathfinder-- what to watch out for?

3.P Feat Question (Extra Smiting)

3pp for expanding underwater rules

3rd party Scholar class trouble

3rd-Party Character Samples

3rd-Party Start-Up Advice and Questions

Aberrant Aegis and Damage Reduction

Ability Focus and Martial Maneuvers Question

Activating Ambush Hunter's Ambush Tactics with ranged ranger? (plus other Ambush Hunter stuff)

Adamant Warlock Abilities

Adaptive Gunner Question (Akashic Arch. of Psionic Marksman class)

Adding a Ghost template to the kraken

adding new abilities to existing item, time

Adding Spheres of Power and Path of War to my game, need advice.

Advanced Bestiary Inveigler charming falsehood Supernatural Abilities DC

Advanced Weapon Training (Item Mastery: Weapon Evoker Mastery)

Adventure in the Deep...

Adventure lead in to the Red Hand of Doom (need low level up to 5th or so)

Advice for "Way of the Wicked"

Advice for Beguiler Magical Damage

Advice for Wizard in group (feel kinda useless)

Advice on Artificer item creation rules?

Advice on building a Psionic Dread

Advice on Cryptic Archetype Idea

Advice on Deck of Many Things Ace of Diamonds

Advice on DMing a great wyrm red dragon and super-intelligent and wise NPCs

advice on Razor Coast

Advice on The Race Creation Cookbook?

Advice Request on the Highlord class

Advice / Suggestions on magic items for a (White)Necromancer.

Aegis / soulknife armored blade stacking question

Aegis and Customization quick question.

Aegis astral suit questions

Aegis astral suit questions

Aegis Customization Points and Armor Forms

Aegis Flight Customization questions

Affordable Pathfinder stat block making programs other than Hero Lab?

Ageless Racial Trait from Bloodforge (RP cost)?

Agent of the Grave 3pp?

Akashic Alchemist Advice

Akashic Characters Tread (TM)

Alternate Animal Companion Advancement

Alternate favored class bonus for human fighter

Alternate Kitsune Racial Trait

Alternative to Boon Companion


Ambush Hunter Build Help

An army of familiars. (Involves a 3rd party feat)

An Immovable object tries to attack...

An Paladin Archetype that Replaces Divine Bond?

An utopia ruled by a super-intelligent magic user council. How do I crash it?

Anachronistic Adventures in "traditional" Pathfinder?

Anchored Navigation & Skull & Shackles Teleportation Rules

Android Anomaly Trait Interpretation

Androids in fantasy settings: Are they overpowered

Animate Weapon


Any class / archetype similar to a psychic armory?

Any good diesel punk settings out there?

Any Good Modular Magic Systems?

Any good political modules?

Anybody have any experience with the Metaforge (Psionic) PrC?

Anyone play Way of the Wicked book 2?

Arcaknight help?

Are all artifacts made by deities?

Are tangle foot bags ever bad?

Are there any spells that would make DR apply to Supernatural abilities?

Are these 3rd party Kineticist options balanced?

are third party paladins a thing?

Art Domain Masterpieces and Effective Bardic Performance Rounds

Artificer / Weird Science Question

As a GM, Do you reveal curses / ailments?

a big question about Psions

A couple of questions regarding Psychic Chirurgery

A Few "Into the Breach" Questions

A few questions about the Metamorphosis power from Psionics

A Malefactor and Luckbringer in a Party

A NEW question about multiple archetypes...really.

A question about multiple collectives

A Question Regarding Sales

A Stealthy Antipaladin

A third party class

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