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Advice and Rules Questions

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Mind Knight (psychic warrior) questions / help

Spheres of Might - Hindering Projectiles

Are there any archetypes that let you play a CG paladin?

Dragon Turtle Shell spell and Unarmed Strikes

Did anyone publish simple class templates for the psionic classes?

LOTS of questions with Draconic Exemplar (Rite Publishing)

Akashic Characters Tread (TM)

Ultimate Spheres of Power Hedgewitch – Question about Spiritualist Path Power

[Dreamscarred] Lost Mind's Swift Trapper seems unnecessary

SoP Mass Enhancement

Help me find an ability or feat.

Why does the magister have the Armor Proficiency (Medium) [Rogue Genius] as a bonus feat?

Signature Weapon feat does it apply to attack roll spells?

Help to find a 3PP spell

Is Rogue Geniuses Talented Monk or Talented Rogue good for this concept?

Looking for a feat, maybe feat chain, that lets you stack rages.

Knight Disciple in need of Advice

Crimson Countess - Dampir (FEATS)

Spheres of Power - Telekinesis Questions

Raven-Blooded Sorcerer Questions

Dervish Defender / Dragon Fury Advice

Warder Feat Advice

PoW: Umbral Blade Questions

Monster Cohort and Non-Key Class

How does spell resistance work?

Spheres of Might - Sphere Specific Drawbacks

Spheres of Might: Brute Sphere, Drop and Hammer

The Slumbering Tsar - Starting, DM Set up, Questions, and Advice

[Kineticists of Porphyra IV] Has anyone tried an Entropist?

[Dreamscarred Press] Strategos + Augmented Blade Ammunition query

Your OP Spheres of Power Character

[Spheres of Might] Barrage and Fencing Talent

Help a stuck researcher

Soulknife - Armored Blade enhancement bonuses

Spheres of Might Acupuncturist investigator suggestions and advancement.

Legendary Games Iajutsu adept + mythic

Multiclassing and initiator levels

Pyrokineticist's Fire Lash

PoW: Discipline Focus feat

Turning my 3.5 SwiftBlade in to a a Path of war Mythic

Another POW Character Thread. Spear and Shield Build

Path of War Desperado: D20 modern Gestalt

Path of War Desperado: D20 modern Gestalt

[d20PFSRD.com Publishing] The Fisherking Open Playtest- Akasha, Hexes, and Kingdom Building

Hawk guard advice, this game uses D20 modern rules

Derwyn's Herbalist and Alchemy Guidebook

Tengu Stalker

Path of war Investigator (Polymath)

Drow Noble Dervish Defender build

Another POW Character Thread. Spear and Shield Build

Path of war Character help

Psionic disguise self?

Thrashing Dragon Advice

Rappan Athuk - Starting, DM Set up, Questions, Advice and Stories / Run Through Experiences

Path of War Hidden Blade Un-Rogue feat Advice

Level 5 Steel Fist commando in need of Advice

Level 5 Steel Fist commando in need of Advice

[Spheres of Power] Weather Sphere Underwater?

[Sandy Petersen Cthulhu] Can insanity WORSEN over time?

(Spheres of Might) Scholar questions and advice

How does PoW Dragon fury prestige classe interact with Multiweapon Fighting?

Orb Of Light Identifying if creature is undead.

Way of the Wicked advice / tips

Way of the Wicked - Things you changed and things you should've

Monk of the Silver Fist - Trading out one of my paths for another - Advice needed

(Contest) Find the Highest Manifester level Possible

Rubato Bard vs Normal Bard

[Spheres of Might] How do you use it with Consolidated or Grouped Skills?

Any class / archetype similar to a psychic armory?

Question for anyone with Legendary Planet

Path of War - Skills in place of Attack Rolls? (Especially for Tempest Gale)

Path of War question?

Mulltiple Animate Tattoo Spell

Silver Fist Monk Advice (POW)

Taninim Character

Trying to Find a Good +Con +Dex Race for my Kineticist

[Spheres of Might] Brawler / Monk and Unarmed Damage.

Publishing something based on official Pathfinder content

[Sphere of Power]

Counter Maneuvers?

Mixing Spheres of Power with "magic" systems other than core?

Akashic Alternate Racial Traits

(Path of War) Can the bonus Move Action for Pride Movement be used for anything other than moving?

Vitalist Spirit of Many / Network powers

Pathwalker's Primal Fury Maneuver: Can it be used on a maneuver?

Primal Fury Slash: This attack a bonus or

Mythich shapeshift feat, trying to find.

Path of War: Disruptive Wave

Path of War - Ranger Archetype "Ambush Hunter" gets Spells replaced but...

Help New Player, Build Advice Armiger / Hell Knight

SoP Spells, Saves, and Timing

[Spheres of Power] creating a Spell Engine

Spheres of Power metamagics

Spheres of Power and "Regular" Pathfinder 1e

[RGG] The Magister's "Second Bond" Advanced Mystic Talent

Simple class templates for non-Core classes?

[Spheres of Power] Famine Spirit - advice and questions

[Spheres] Enemy is "flat-footed against your attacks" - do you provoke AoOs?

Snatch Ruling

Tie Up DC

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