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[DSP] [UltPsi] [PsiAug: Comp 2] Psychic Warrior, Reaver Archetype & Martial Power Ability


Questions regarding Psionic Tattoos

Viscera+Machine Fuson Kineticist vs. Promethean Oracle Curse (Just the Fluff)

Spheres Magical Gleaning Question

[DSP] [UltimatePsionics] Increasing range for a Ranged Weapon

Rappan Athuk - Starting, DM Set up, Questions, Advice and Stories / Run Through Experiences

1e Legendary Wizard

Warrior Poet Graceful Stike + Piranha Strike + Bladed Brush + 2handed?

Wild Talent or Psionic Talent

Can Path of War stances, and Path of Magic techniques be used at the same time?

Midgard Campaign / World Setting - Which Paizo Bestiary Best Compliments / Expands it?

Staff-Like Wand for Arcanist

Whirlwind Attack & Touch of Law vs. Swarms

Akashic Characters Tread (TM)

Spheres of Akashic Archtypes

How long to reload a cannon?

[DSP] Psionics questions (many about the Vitalist class)

Spheres Swash.

How to entrap a creature into an extradimensional prison?

Spheres of power is there a point to fount of life or is it a trap / waste of a talent?

How does this Magus advice work? Does using a touch spell charge count as 'casting a spell'?

The Slumbering Tsar - Starting, DM Set up, Questions, and Advice

Question about the blade barrier spell

Spheres of Power Archetype Compatibleity Question

Spheres of Power Archetype Compatibleity Question

Building Ranged Viscera Kineticist

Mega Frog God Campaign, Advice and Discussion? [Stoneheart Valley, Bard's Gate, Rappan Athuk, Slumbering Tsar]

Increasing Treasure for a larger party??

Advice on building a Dragonrider with archery

In search of 3PP tech.

Persistent Focus + Telekinetic Athleticism ?

Lostling Template: Undead or Not?

How many attacks do I get with a Bite attack + Greatsword attack with a BAB of 7?

New Paths Compendium: Skin-changer, Errata?

Evoker class, possible re-balance needed (Rogue Genius Games)

vital strike


The cantrip "Mishap" and multiple uses of it

Path of War Bladecaster Builds?

Armiger And Alchemy (Spheres of Might) SoM


How Bracers of celestial intervention work ?

How do visual trigger traps work!?

Pathfinder Versatile Performance question

Young Vampire & Full Vampire templates & Greater Vampire Prestige Class Review

Caster level vs class level

Battle Scion (Force Blaster)

Question: vitalist sadist bleed class ability and astral constructs

hit dice vs templates

[3.5; Dreamscarred] I need some help with a gestalt build, please!

Rule Question: Warsoul / Soulknife.

Bannerman Warlord Aoe Buffer

Deep Magic: Toolkit Spell

Path of war Guidance needed Mithral Current Sneak attacker

Sandy Petersen’s Cthulhu Mythos for Pathfinder Ghoul

A question about the Vitalist Sadist ability Lingering Pain.

Psion Assistance

Trick Riding and heavy armor.

Path of war Zweihander Sentinel

Lizardfolk POW PC

sphere of power and sacred geometry

Arsenal Sniper and Damage

One punch man

Psychic warrior builds, & dex or strength based?

Veiled Moon Style

[ Publishing] The Fisherking Open Playtest- Akasha, Hexes, and Kingdom Building

Greater Make Whole weaker than original?

Pure steam - technological bike


templates !

Would you allow this 3pp kinetcist archtype? Necrotech master

Running Snow White (AAW Games)

Shaman - Monstrous Insight

What Are The Best 3PP Adventure Paths

Interface Zero and Psionics 1st Edition Pathfinder

Haste, Mythic Haste and Actual movement

Is there a template to convert a non-construct into a construct, while keeping the same general CR?

Advice on Adding Path of War to Core Classes without Archetypes

Mindblade Magus Psychic weapon

Mind Knight (psychic warrior) questions / help

Spheres of Might - Hindering Projectiles

Are there any archetypes that let you play a CG paladin?

Dragon Turtle Shell spell and Unarmed Strikes

Did anyone publish simple class templates for the psionic classes?

LOTS of questions with Draconic Exemplar (Rite Publishing)

Ultimate Spheres of Power Hedgewitch – Question about Spiritualist Path Power

[Dreamscarred] Lost Mind's Swift Trapper seems unnecessary

SoP Mass Enhancement

Help me find an ability or feat.

Why does the magister have the Armor Proficiency (Medium) [Rogue Genius] as a bonus feat?

Signature Weapon feat does it apply to attack roll spells?

Help to find a 3PP spell

Is Rogue Geniuses Talented Monk or Talented Rogue good for this concept?

Looking for a feat, maybe feat chain, that lets you stack rages.

Knight Disciple in need of Advice

Crimson Countess - Dampir (FEATS)

Spheres of Power - Telekinesis Questions

Raven-Blooded Sorcerer Questions

Dervish Defender / Dragon Fury Advice

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