Blood Lords

Thrall Life...

1 - Zombie Feast (GM Reference)

Geb-themed Magic Items

Blood Lords Leshy character concept - Would this be fitting? - no spoilers please!

Character concepts?

The Wraiths, their touch, it does nothing!

6 - Ghost King’s Rage

2 - Graveclaw (GM Reference)

Bring out your dead, bring out your dead.

Changes to Graveclaw

Poison only works on the living right?

5 - A Taste of Ashes (GM Reference)

4 - The Ghouls Hunger (GM Reference)

Geb's Laws about Positive Energy.

Question from a GM about to run Blood Lords

Music for Bloods Lords? (GM)

For Those Interested: Our Actual Play of Blood Lords!

3 - Field of Maidens (GM Reference)

Elixir of Unlife?

Paizo Blog: Introducing the Blood Lords Player’s Guide

Party Healing in Blood Lords

Tyrant Champion - Good or Bad PC Concept

Web of Intrigue - Traditions missing

Possible Spoiler Question for Book 2 Chapter 1, Monster / Opponent replacement?

Nice to see the Iconic Magus get some love

6 - Ghost King's Rage (GM Reference)

Prepping miniatures to run

hope geb himself gets a statblock in book six!

Intrigue?! Urban Roleplaying?!

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