What"s your Drift crew going to look like?

Drift Crashers

My group has it all settled now

1. Human Solarian (Ranged)

2. Formian Nanocyte

3. Forlorn Elf Ghost Operative

4. Brenneri Envoy

5. Human? Mechanic Experimental Explosives

I'll be GMing this crew myself :)


only NPC picked is an estranged Mystic medic wife so far,LOL and a couple of the extras for the ship



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One thing I found really interesting about the players guide was that the PCs could play this as an up-and-coming musical band. Having the players get to pick the ship's NPCs lets the party specialize in skills a normal party might not be willing to do.

Got a couple of tables for the Starfinder One-Shot #4: Before the Storm going:

Mechanic Tinker Vlaka
Precog Themeless Ysoki
Soldier Death-touched Pahtra
Operative Themeless Dromada

Mystic Cult hunter Vlaka
Operative Icon Ysoki
Operative Paranormal Investigator Pahtra
Vanguard Themeless Grippli

Very animal-oriented people...


Let me know how it went and how long it actually took when ya can.

My crew is just chomping at the bit for Monday nite to roll around for this to get this all kicked off!!


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So when i read the book, i had a thought about what if the Skittershot skitters were playing this, so i got in touch with a group i'd run through that and asked if they wanted to play the AP, the only condition was they all needed to be their own Skittermanders this time, and so far it's been as chaotic as i'd hope it would be :)

Nanocyte, Vanguard, Operative and Mechanic + Protocol Drone (face of the party)(One of the players drew the art for the skittermanders)
NPC Crew - Grippli Doctor, Human Witchwarper, Pahtra Security Chief and the Ryphorian mechanic, Husband of the Nanocyte.

They're about to finish chapter 2 this week and move onto the final chapter, just as book 2 comes out :)

Crew Photo

Zraxis, Shirren Roboticist Soldier from Verces, soon to be multiclassed into Technomancer
Reg Ilvox, Svartalfar Starwalker Operatvie from Apostae
Tykus, Stellifera Battle Medic Biohacker from Akiton

with 3 Key NPCs a Damaya Lashunta Sage, a Korasha Lashunta Technician and a Ysoki Socialite.

They are about to begin chapter 2, and I'm looking forward to see their reactions to the rest of the story.

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