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Additional Resources Updates

Welcome to Society Boon

Starfinder Society Programs - Retail & Promotional Boons (Perks)

Starfinder Society Scenarios - First Wave Clarifications & Errata

Starfinder Society FAQ Updates

Starfinder Boon Trading Thread

[RP]The Zo! Jr. Experience, #720 - Calder Soren - Upcoming First Seeker Elections

New VidShow - Pirates of the Veskarium

Paizo Blog: Enter The New Seeker

Upcoming SFS Scenario information 2019-10-09

SFS 2-09 Bluerise Breakout : Incorrect Faction Tag

Upgrading Things vs. Buying a new version of the next version

Dawn of Flame AP

Note: Please use a spoiler tag when discussing specific plot points or events in a scenario.

Doubt about split sessions

Drone - Questions on Riding a drone

Application of Race boons.

So it turns out hirelings have changed a lot...

Zo! Jr. Podcast sponsorships

Are Brenneri legal in Starfinder Society?

Downtime AP / campaign mode credit

What's your Starfinder day job?

Paizo Blog: September 2019 Starfinder Society Releases

Definition of a new character

Character grew wings 1-17

Computers in SFS Play

Replaying Adventure Paths

Problem with online character creation

Fillable PDF of Starfinder Character Sheet

Problems reporting my events

Has anyone done up ship sheets for the Gorgon yet?

Paizo Blog: Choosing the Future Path

Official Campaign Clarification or FAQ on the Ring of Fangs, Please?

Absalom Station: The Spike

Level 12 Club!

Is Khefak Armor (alien archive 2, 79) legal for play?

Basic Question

Strange Flavor question

It's 319 AG, and it's Election Time!

Skitter Shot (Free RPG Day 2018)

Looking for Items

New to starfinder / Pathfinder society, little confused

Stellifera and Gill Sheathes

updated additional resources for AA3?

Starfinder Society featured on Starfinder Wednesday (August 28)

Interspersing Campaign Mode AP Chapters with Society scenarios

AP7 Multi-table experiment

GenCon 2019 Reporting

Paizo Blog: August 2019 Starfinder Society Releases

Problems with event reports

How many terrestrial pilots do we have in the Society?

Any reason to go over 45 reputation with a faction?

Copied Chronicles(Race & Rescued Starfinder) Question

Gen Con 2019 Feedback Survey

Next scenario descriptions??

Paizo Blog: Gen Con Recap

Discussion on replays and community building

Missing Starships in Starfinder Society RolePlaying Guild Guide v.2.0 download

Played at GenCon... what?

Jung Love - Shades of Archetypes

How do you advance from VA to VL?

Alien Archive Player Reward #1 "race" boon question

SFS Guide 2.0

Paizo Blog: Starfinder Society: Ethical Anthropology

Getting a GM number

Paizo Blog: July 2019 Starfinder Society Releases

I have a Slotless Boon that grants 4 Fame

Paizo Blog: Starfinder Society Year 2

Mustering 2-00 at GenCon

Starfinder Society Season 2 Guide Update (Feedback Wanted!)

Can a player add a prostetic limb to add a flavor limb?

Vanity boon comrade-pet-ally and injuries and death

Changing Organized Play Number

Questions about applying a home game of Dead Suns

Can a player use slotless boons without informing GM of them at the start of session?

PVP Rules and Mechanic Drones?

Can we get the critical effect saving and throw added to the stat blocks?

SFS Deck Plans

Season 2

No Disabled PCs?

Society sub-dermal graft

Paizo Blog: Free RPG Day 2019 Sanctioning

Lower Stats for no Benefit. Is it allowed?

Corner Case of Upgrading Rules and Computers.

Paizo Blog: June 2019 Starfinder Society Scenarios

Paizo Blog: Faction Overview: Wayfinders

SFS Unofficial Official Assassins

Funniest SFS Moments

Starfinder Beginner Box - Sanctioned for Society Play?

2019 Online Region Boon?

Reputation Miscalculation

"Campaign Journal" for Society?

Legacy Heritage Boon questions

Transferring Skitter Shot Nufriend Skittermander Boon

Who is Dhurus?

Question for the Department of Expectations Management

On the topic of the elements

Pregens and APL, now in Starfinder

Rp: Abslom Dive down and out (anyone welcome to join)

Looking a gift golem in the mouth

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