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!OMG! !OMG! !OMG! It is Coming! You can preorder your tickets for the tour now!!!

"Beaky Mark IV" starship boon

# 1-00 "Claim to Salvation" GM Thread [SPOILERS]

#01-00 Claim to Salvation Chronicle Sheet Clarifications

#1-00 tie-in to #1-09

#1-04 - Cries from the Drift question

#1-05 First Mandate Report

#1-09 reactions

#1–04 chronicle sheet errata

(New SFS member) Help me understanding Organized Play

(New Society Player) Experience and Rewards breakdown

**Official** Gen Con 50 Feedback thread

*Ahem* Semi-important GMing question for Scenario 1-01 (Spoilers)

A *BIG* Thank You for Ally Boons!

1-00 Applying credit to non-pregen afterwards clarification...

1-09 Secondary Success Condition Clarification *Spoilers*

1-16 and Faction Champion boon

1st Level Character Rebuild and Race Boons

1st level starting equipment for an operative

2 and a half questions about the mnemonic editor

2018 Regional Support Program question

2018 Regional Support Program SFS Player Boons

About Registering a new Starfinder Society Character

Abysshead Tinfoil Hat Thread

Additional Resources Updates

Adopted Trait

Adventure Path Levels

Adventure Paths?

Advice for a new Starfinder

Against the Aeon Throne sanctioning documents

Alien Archive - Clearing Up A Misconception

Alien Archive 2 boon

Alien Archive AR ETA?

Alien Archive Barathu Boon question

Alien Archive Languages

Alien Archive Player Reward #1 boon expired

Always Available Items VS Items on Chronicle Sheets.

Am I missing something?

Am I missing something? Question for 1-19

Am I the only person in the SFS world that can play a Contemplative?

Any Starship Combat Defeats?

Anyone else runnng in a school?

AP sanctioning schedule

Applying "Society Shepard" and other "Meta-"Boons

Applying Extra Rep

Applying Level 1 Pre-Gen Credit

Applying pre-gen xp (SFS guide contradiction)

Applying Race Boons

Archetypes and group membership in SFS

Are (any of) the special materials in the CRB always available?

Are pregen characters Society-legal?

Are space stations "vehicles" for ace pilot theme knowledge?

Are Underwater Weapons Always Available

Armory -- What's Legal in Society and When

Armory AR is Active

Armory Ribbons

Awarding Credits for two Professions

Barathu get Aberration type stuff?


Begginer Starfinder Macros for Roll 20

Blackrose Space Museum

Blank Starfinder flyers

Blue Whinnis - Query?

Bone Sages Inquiry, 1-18 question

Bonuses to Day Job Question

Books and SFS organized play

Bounty Hunter theme knowledge and Sfs

Bring em back ali...oops.

Call for the GenCon 2018 Coloring Book.

Campaign Mode and Boons for New Characters

Can we get a clarification on how to fill out the Reputation section of a Chronicle?

Can you play two different sessions of the same module with two different characters?

Can you use sanctioned content as soon as you get the PDF?

Cannot Add Dead Suns to Event

changing race boons...

Character Building in SFS

Character death in the Society

Character Registration is open

Charli Poshkettle's Legacy Race Boon Contest!

Chronicle Sheet for Dead Suns AP2?

Claim to Salvation with own characters

Clarification for the Manifold Host?

Clothing is custom, no labels. Nothing in his pockets but knives and lint.


Commencement Errata Credits

Complete play-through of #1-10: The Half-Alive Streets podcast

Concern about PF Flip Maps usage in SFS

Creating Rideable Drone

Credits and items found during scenario...

Crit Arc Weapons + PVP in SFS?

Custom Rig is armor slot or brain data jack

Day Job Clarification

A Different Request (Second Seekers)

A fundamental problem with the Society Shepherd boon

A little help please, new potential SF "Society" GM and player

A Merc with a Really Angry Look On His Face Walks In...[RP]

A plea for Energetic fusion

A Question About Playstyle

A Question for one of the Organisers Please

A Stellar Thank You

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