Hell's Rebels

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Turn of the Torrent (GM Reference)

In Hell's Bright Shadow (GM Reference)

Breaking the Bones of Hell (GM Reference)

A Song of Silver (GM Reference)

Dance of the Damned (GM Reference)

The Kintargo Contract (GM Reference)

My group finished Hells Rebels!

Hell's Rebels Obituary Thread *SPOILERS INBOUND*

A Song of Silver for A Song of Silver

Starting date?

Hellknight PC - Order of the Torrent

Rebel XP Bonus Replacement?

Player wants to use [redacted] before it's destroyed in book 6

Help with playing Rexus and his gender!

My players want to goad the Chelaxians into attacking Ravounel

Completely unnecessary anthems for Barzillai's Kintargo


Can Blosodriette be de-imp-ified?

What to do with Luculla?

Dealing with exceptionally high stealth and deception

Hell's Rebels Timeframe

The Gardner

Silver Raven Chronicles Part Two: From The Ashes!

Silver Raven Chronicles Part Two: From The Ashes!

Unofficial conversion of Hell's Rebels to PF2e now available!

The Silver Raven Chronicles Part One: Devil's Night

Where in Ravounel should PCs find Barzillai's Soul?

Added Villegre Haunt for Haunting of Kintargo

The final boss battle (advice / potential rebuild)

How do I run the Haunting Of Kintargo (book 6)?

The Vyre Accord

How did you explain the negotiations (book 6) to your players?

Geheimdienstberichte - Intelligence reports in german from our supposed double agent Vergylius Aulorian

Hell's Rebels: The miniseries / movie casting.

Applying Ex-Asmodean Bonus (GM perspective)

My experience with Menador Keep

GM advice for the Song of Silver / blocking Dimension Door

Dance of the Damned experiences? (Spoilers)

PCs Defending Menador Keep

Help with Menador Keep and difficulty in general (spoilers chapter 3)

My players want to sell an Aboleth corpse :P

Brainstorming Chelish State Secrets

Sanctioned Doghousing Question for James Jacobs

Find the Path podcast: Hell's Rebels 2e

Converting Hell's Bright Shadow to Second Edition (spoilers... obviously)

This AP freaking rocks!

Rebuilding Menador Gap with Lyre of Building

TK's 2E Hell's Rebels Campaign

Hell's Rebels in 5e?

Players (in book 2) are super interested in the broken Cubic Gate, and are looking for an NPC to help fix it

Killing Vyre's King of Keys

Ending early at book 4

Rural response to the Silver Ravens (book 3+ spoilers)

Inserting a timeskip in the late part of the adventure? (spoilers)

Rebellion Tracking Spreadsheet

The Silver Doves

I don't understand how I should run Storms Over Ravounel Forst (Grundlescorn hags vs strix tribe in book 5)

The Haunting of Odde & Daughter Herbs

Pathfinder 2E Conversion

Is Barzillai incompetent?

How Barzillai Lost His Role as the Party's Archnemesis

So I finished GMIng Hell's Rebels a few months ago...

Our tweaks and music for „Hells Rebels“ (SPOILERS!)

Need advice for an idea I had (replacing Shensen) (Spoilers)

Updates to Ravounel from Age of Ashes & Lost Omens World Guide

The BBEG goes down for the count... [spoilers]

Sarini County Seat

Thoughts about the dragons of Ravounel (Spoilers)

A question on morality and killing in the AP

Soundtrack to Hell's Rebels

Election brainstorming

Party after book 4

Q about bringing the Rebellion into 2e

Kintargo's Danger Rating [Spoilers]

Prior works performed by Shensen?

Replacing Skinsaw Cultists with the Whispering Way?

Total Party Arrest [Book 1]

Political implications of Killing Aluceda Zhol

Lore in Shadowsquare Temple

Raynulf's Rebellion (Spoilers)

Sewer Encounters

Huntress of Heroes

Rivozair tactics

The Shadowsquare in Kintargo

Rivozair battle map

Nolly Peltry

Advancement of Certain NPCs During and After Hell's Rebels

More Faction Interaction

Automated Rebellion Sheet (Excel)

Bringing Back Rexus' Parents

Roll20 Hell's Rebels

Rumble in Songbird Hall

Doghousing in Hell's Rebels

Question on Alternative Team Advancement for Freedom Fighters

All is Calm Event with a Double Event Roll

Doghousing and rescuing victims

Notoriety and Batmanning through Hell's Rebels

Reaction of the Nobility to the zombified Victocora nobles

DM Livgins Campaign Journal

What do you think of the optional NPCs in the 'A Song of Silver' campaign.

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