Hell's Rebels

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In Hell's Bright Shadow (GM Reference)

Dance of the Damned (GM Reference)

2015 AP is Hell's Rebels!

A Song of Silver (GM Reference)

Turn of the Torrent (GM Reference)

The Kintargo Contract (GM Reference)

Breaking the Bones of Hell (GM Reference)

Who will you worship in Hell's Rebels?

DM Livgins Campaign Journal

Glorious Reclamation in Hell's Rebels.

Who are your rebels?

Is this campaign going to change Cheliax forever?

Rural response to the Silver Ravens (book 3+ spoilers)

What archetype sounds good for Hell's Rebels?

My players have become a cult of Milani

Updates to Ravounel from Age of Ashes & Lost Omens World Guide

Paizo Blog: You Must Don a Costume That Strikes Fear into Them...

Hell's Rebels Obituary Thread *SPOILERS INBOUND*

This AP freaking rocks!

My players want to goad the Chelaxians into attacking Ravounel

Lyrics for the Song of Silver?

Secretive Ravens (spoilers)

Hell's Rebels: CoT Redux?

Flavor Revisions

Would using the Unchained Automatic Bonus Progression rule work with No issues in this AP?

(Curiosity) Why are there Proteans?

Hell No! Thrune Must Go!

Raynulf's Rebellion (Spoilers)

Thoughts so far?

Paizo Blog: Let the Rebellion Begin!

So... Nox.

Proclamations: Wait, what?

Help with playing Rexus and his gender!

Chaotic Good Paladins.

Nuts and Bolts: how does the rebellian stuff work?

NPCs / Encounters / Sub plots from other APs or Modules

Paizo Blog: Behind the Art of Hell's Rebels

Dealing with an overpowered barbarian

Converting Hell's Bright Shadow to Second Edition (spoilers... obviously)

Help Me Kill This PC (or at least give him a challenge).

Paizo Blog: Inside Pathfinder #100

Non standard races in this AP

Prelude to Hell's Rebel, "Night of Ashes" LIVE onstage in Portland, Oregon

The Vigilante Group!

Is Barzillai incompetent?

Uneven portrayal of the Silver Ravens status in the Player's Guide

A question on morality and killing in the AP

Cult of Mahathallah

Book 2 Rewards Ending ::Spoilers:: (Obviously)

Mythic Rebels?

Hells Rebels vs Hells Vengeance

Characters GM's would play in this setting if they could

Any real disadvantage to playing Evil?

Bad Starts

How to handle animal companions?

Access to magical healing items

Blowing up the Opera House :)

How screwed are my hell's rebels players?

Additional content for Kintargo and Hell's Rebels

Pre-Protest Exposition

A different take on Barzallai Thrune (SUPER spoilers, GMs only)

Player confusion - aim of the game / AP (spoilers)

Degausser's Hell's Rebel's Log

Race diverisity in Cheliax (or more specifially in Kintargo)

How would you make Londo Molari as a Pathfinder character?

Killing Vyre's King of Keys

Rebellion Tracking Spreadsheet

Advice for starting a new game of Hell's rebels (spoilers possible)

Hell's Rebels - Dark Sun Conversion -Hell's Rebels Spoilers & Prism Pentad Spoilers

Hell's Rebels: The miniseries / movie casting.

Manor of Sarini--Ideas wanted

Organization vs. Organization

Suggestions / Houserules for GMing Hell's Rebels

Election brainstorming

Changes to Silver Star (Book 4, spoilers)

Rebellion Rules

Downtime Subsystem - Worth it?

Allowing players to name their team?

GMs Out There: What Races and Classes are You Hoping For / Allowing?

A read-through of a solo play through (Spoliers)?

Paizo Blog: A Silver Centennial

Famous in Kintargo

The Gardner

Ending early at book 4

What else would a Soul Anchor be good for?

Vyre shopping spree

Destroying Hell's Rebels

[SPOILERS] Combining the Menador Gap with Deepmar


Changing names in AP's

Soundtrack to Hell's Rebels

Total Party Arrest [Book 1]

Night tea in Pathfinder

Underpowered class levelled enemies (spoilers)

Random encounters / patrols / the ‘sandbox’ (spoilers)

What to do with Luculla?

Hell's Rebels: A Rebel Song

Finished It! (Spoilers)

New day new AP new character. HELP(choice anxiety)

Advice for running with two PCs

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