Hell's Rebels

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A Song of Silver (GM Reference)

Turn of the Torrent (GM Reference)

Breaking the Bones of Hell (GM Reference)

In Hell's Bright Shadow (GM Reference)

The Kintargo Contract (GM Reference)

Dance of the Damned (GM Reference)

A question on morality and killing in the AP

Political implications of Killing Aluceda Zhol

Sewer Encounters

Huntress of Heroes

Rivozair tactics

The Shadowsquare in Kintargo

Rivozair battle map

Nolly Peltry

Advancement of Certain NPCs During and After Hell's Rebels

More Faction Interaction

Automated Rebellion Sheet (Excel)

Bringing Back Rexus' Parents

Roll20 Hell's Rebels

Rumble in Songbird Hall

Doghousing in Hell's Rebels

Question on Alternative Team Advancement for Freedom Fighters

All is Calm Event with a Double Event Roll

Doghousing and rescuing victims

Converting Hell's Bright Shadow to Second Edition (spoilers... obviously)

Prior works performed by Shensen?

The Gardner

Notoriety and Batmanning through Hell's Rebels

Reaction of the Nobility to the zombified Victocora nobles

Updates to Ravounel from Age of Ashes & Lost Omens World Guide

DM Livgins Campaign Journal

What do you think of the optional NPCs in the 'A Song of Silver' campaign.

Rebellion actions book 5 - 6

Buying expensive magic items in later books

3D Kintargo Opera House Map

Taking Castle Kintargo

Help my dumped Cha Inquisitor be a good leader.

Any issues with changing the year Rebels starts?

Soul Anchor effect on replacing PC's spirit guide

Starting AP at 3rd Level

What else would a Soul Anchor be good for?

Rural response to the Silver Ravens (book 3+ spoilers)

Octacio Comes Back Wrong... But How?

Shensen: What and Who does she know? (spoilers)

Mapping the Temple of Asmodeus

Rebel XP Bonus Replacement?

“Why are we only fighting women?” (Spoilers)

Hetamon Haace

Eureka! Tying the OG Ravens to the party (plot spoilers).

Night tea in Pathfinder

Hell's Rebels Rebellion Teams

(Spoilers) Replacing the Urvis family with one related to a PC

Removing Barzillai’s Heart before he dies?

Our tweaks and music for „Hells Rebels“ (SPOILERS!)

Hell's Rebels Obituary Thread *SPOILERS INBOUND*

Maps for the Alabaster Academy

Uneven portrayal of the Silver Ravens status in the Player's Guide

Bringing back enemy NPCs (spoilers)

Masks and outfits for the Ruby Masquerade

Chuko Sharpbeak and *Hooks*. What *Hooks*!?

Silver Raven Factions

Nobles and Marriage politics

Food thread

What a CN revolution might look like (spoilers!)

Legend Lore (potential spells)

Changes to Silver Star (Book 4, spoilers)

Eww... (Book 4, Silver Star, SPOILERS)

Advice on a side mission for Book 4 (spoilers all books)

Solo Vigilante

How to handle animal companions?

Underpowered class levelled enemies (spoilers)

Introducing replacement PCs later in the AP (spoilers)

Adventuring Nobles and Cost-of-Living in the Silver Ravens

Who are your rebels?

Shurshogot, be silent!

"Failed Protest" and "Successful Protest" brainstorming

Hell's Rebels: A Rebel Song

Re-using ex-PCs (for evil...) (Spoilers)

Vyre shopping spree

Any real disadvantage to playing Evil?

Random encounters / patrols / the ‘sandbox’ (spoilers)

Alabaster Academy

Gangs from Book 2 (spoilers)

DM Help, I don't understand the layout of the Smugglers' Tunnels under the Lucky Bones (Spoilers)

Tracking time (for Rebellion)

The Kintargo Caucus

Barzillai’s actions - Alignment discussion (spoilers)

"Evil Interlude"

Kintargo Real World inspiration

Red Mantis Assassins

Why would the military join or split over the revolution?

Capturing leaders: What would they know?

The Vigilante Group!

Court of the Coin / Kintargan government

(Homebrew Addon) Devil's Nursery tavern: "The Pit"

Ambushing the Diviner

Infernal summoning

Rebellion DCs

The Songs of Kintargo

Re-statting / Re-building characters and enemies (spoilers)

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