Hell's Rebels

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Dance of the Damned (GM Reference)

Turn of the Torrent (GM Reference)

A Song of Silver (GM Reference)

In Hell's Bright Shadow (GM Reference)

Breaking the Bones of Hell (GM Reference)

The Kintargo Contract (GM Reference)

Rural response to the Silver Ravens (book 3+ spoilers)

DM Livgins Campaign Journal

DM Help, I don't understand the layout of the Smugglers' Tunnels under the Lucky Bones (Spoilers)

Tracking time (for Rebellion)

The Kintargo Caucus

Barzillai’s actions - Alignment discussion (spoilers)

"Evil Interlude"

Kintargo Real World inspiration

"Failed Protest" and "Successful Protest" brainstorming

Red Mantis Assassins

Why would the military join or split over the revolution?

Capturing leaders: What would they know?

The Vigilante Group!

Court of the Coin / Kintargan government

(Homebrew Addon) Devil's Nursery tavern: "The Pit"

Ambushing the Diviner

Hell's Rebels Obituary Thread *SPOILERS INBOUND*

Gangs from Book 2 (spoilers)

Infernal summoning

Rebellion DCs

The Songs of Kintargo

Underpowered class levelled enemies (spoilers)

Re-statting / Re-building characters and enemies (spoilers)

What else would a Soul Anchor be good for?

Random encounters / patrols / the ‘sandbox’ (spoilers)

NPC romantic relationships

Cult of Mahathallah

Kintargo Rumour Mill

Introducing the lieutenants

Extra missions / revolutionary activities?

Introduction of the Kintargo Contract (spoilers all books)

Gambling Devil

Asmodeus in Kintargo

Opera house Maps

Umbral Court Agent

Player confusion - aim of the game / AP (spoilers)

Rebellion gifts

Access to magical healing items

Keeping track of NPCs / Rumours etc...

Paper Minis

Online Rebellion Management Sheet

The Shadowsquare in Kintargo

Blosodriette poison, what is it?

Non standard races in this AP

Zella's divinations

The Gardner

Chellish Citizens Group (spoilers)


Kintargo day-to-day

Kintargo nobility in early books

Asmodean Redactors

Kineticists of Kintargo

Putting on a play

Glorious Reclamation in Hell's Rebels.

NPCs / Encounters / Sub plots from other APs or Modules

Dealing with guards (spoiler )

Book 2 Rewards Ending ::Spoilers:: (Obviously)

Destroying Hell's Rebels

Gather Information rebellion action

Help with Book 1 written events ! (Spoilers)

The Ethereal Realm in and around Kintargo

[SPOILERS] Combining the Menador Gap with Deepmar

Silver Ravens Schisms


Alabaster Academy

Some questions on the Rebellion / Rebellion Rules

Kintargo Magic Item market

Skipping the Mendor Keep

Ideas for encounters on the way to the protest.

Player reasons to attend the masquerade

Fun Fact

Minis for Hell's Rebels

[SPOILERS] Help with Introducing a Mission

So... Nox.

Need help replacing a Boss Monster with a creature from the Dark Tapestry

What was Barzillai up to pre AP

What did you do with the tengu?

Corruption in Hell's Rebels

Please help connect my Player's backstory to the AP

Buying Poison...

Sixfold Trial

Tooth fairies

The Shops of Kintargo

Rebellion Team Leaders Need Help

where in kintargo would you buy a folding boat?

Replacing Skinsaw Cultists with the Whispering Way?

Gameplay time ...?

Starting at Level 2?

Odds and Evens

Gifts (Book 2 spoilers)

Recruiter Rebellion Title and NPCs

Help with playing Rexus and his gender!

NPCs to introduce early and recommendations on how...? (Spoilers)

Manor of Sarini--Ideas wanted

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