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Questions about Iconic Character Art?

Poll: What part of Pathfinder do you want to know more about?

What aspect of the Pathfinder universe do you dislike?

Exploring Nex

What god has the most followers?

Another divinities theme song thread

God (or goddess) of Cartography

Conspiracy Theories of Golarion

What was the paladin code of a paladin of Aroden?


Monks in Golarion - research

Is there any country in Golarion where only smart people are allowed in positions of power?

Cosmology (Outsiders, Alignments and Souls) Question

Dragons in Cheliax

what being smuggled in magnimar?

What exactly does the Starstone test entail?

East of Iobaria


I Bless the Rains Down in Rahadoum

Other places on Golarion for kingdom-building?

Giants of Thassilon

99 meals of Golarion

what kind of outsiders would have served Aroden?

What happened to the Valashmaians exactly


What's your favorite Easter egg in Pathfinder books?

Pirates adventure for level 7th and more

Druidic Circles: Questions and Creations

Who is your favorite NPC? (not including gods)

Why doesn't the Verthani (Vercites) trade with Golarion

Questions about the different Sphinxes

Is there anything stopping me from being a Oracle of Tiamat?

Did Thassilon influence Tian Xia? (Rise of the Runelords Spoilers, maybe)

Question about skin color for various races (or ancestries) in Golarion

Distance question - Vigil to Cassomir

Magic school stat blocks for Cypher Lodge and Twilight Academy in Varisia?

If Ahriman exists in PF, does Ahura Mazda as well?

Question about quasits

Black Butterfly's Name

Female Tyrants in the Settings History

Unmapped North

War in Tian Xia

Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye Cathedrals

The pathfinder lodge in Kalsgard (land of the linnorm kings)


Odd Religious Character

Backstory help with Assassin's Guilds in Golarion

Estimated Levels / CRs of the Runelords *SPOILERS*

Where can you find the innocent and naive?

Abraxas and Aeons

Origin of divine heralds?

What happens to people who worship gods (and similar beings) who live on the Prime?

Vigilantes and Gods

One Step Away Clerics

Languages of Golarion?

Cheliax: Other Deity

Empyreal Lords and Archfiend Pantheon

Is there any kind of sign language in Golarion?

Molthune Empire

Why are the Iconics so badly built?

Clerics, healing, and undead, setting-wise.

What Level Would a Really Powerful Wizard Be in Golarion?

My new project - Mapping Golarion's Night Sky

GM question

What Happens When Undead Change Alignment?

Where would I find information about the Shoanti?

The Lumber Consortium

Questions in Planning to run / convert WotC Dungeon of the Mad Mage

On the Origins of Brigh

Do any non evil countries allow slavery?

Racial Coding of Tian Xia

Stats for all the runelords?

Maybe a weird question but is there anyone in Golarion equivalent to Acerererak?

Collated Notes on Azlant and the Azlanti [Spoilers]

Female Devils?

1001 Rules of Golarion

Why do most of the core gods have nationalities listed?

Do any religions kill people who quit?

GM looking for a high level campaign setting

Best sources for information on Lastwall?

HERMEA: Utopia or Dystopia

What would be the worst country to live in on Golarion?

Hellknight PC's - party-breaker?

Fantastic racism in Golarion?

Core Rulebook race illustations: How do their clothes stay up?

The Changeling Corruption

Stat block for Vigil

Is there a god / demon lord / whatever of jealousy?

Whispering Tyrant question?

Are there any gods that explicitly deal with the “Stupid” alignments?

Interviews with the Faithful

Winlas Oracle Mysteries

Nidal... Any who have ran it as their setting?

Education in Golarian

Adapting a party from a different setting

Is there any country like this in Golarion?

Andoran intelligence (question)

Book of the Damned

101 Things That Might Be In Sarusan:

Arcadia: Resources & Brainstorming

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