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Happy Holidays From Paizo!

Once again, it's you, our fans, that constantly push us to strive for a better game, and as a thank you, we're giving you 10% off your entire order! This discount stacks with the Paizo Advantage discount you receive from subscribing to Pathfinder Adventure Paths—or being a Starfinder Superscriber—but it does not apply to subscriptions, backorders, preorders, or downloads from companies other than Paizo. All you have to do is enter holiday19 as a discount code during checkout—but remember—you can only use this code once through January 31, 2019!

Introduce friends and family to Pathfinder with the Beginner Box or to Starfinder with the Starfinder Core Rulebook! Complete your Pathfinder collections as many products are Going, Going, Gone!

The holiday19 code applies to more than just Pathfinder or Starfinder products! Pick up some Chessex or Koplow dice, or some board and card games from our friends at Fantasy Flight Games (Star Wars: X-Wing), Rio Grande Games (Dominion), Iello (King of Tokyo), or Steve Jackson Games (Munchkin Starfinder).

For more inspiration for the holiday19 discount code, look no further than the Golem Sale & Clearance! The code stacks on most products here as well. We routinely add new products to the sale, so check back often!

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