Did you inherit a play-by-post?

If you are the GM for a play-by-post campaign but didn't start the thread, please email customer.service@paizo.com.

We need:

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  • A link to the gameplay and discussion threads for the campaigns you have inherited.

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Play-by-Post Discussion

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PF2e Crown of the Kobold King + Discussion

Adventure Path Reign of Winter Discussion

The green room at the Rusty Dragon. Or a more savage Sandpoint discussion thread.

The Rusty Flagon Inn Discussion

Sheila Heidmarch's missions for Pathfinder Society Discussion

Venice by Night - Bloodlines - V20 Dark Ages Discussion

V20 - Chapter One - Clan Tremere - To Tame the Red Dragon Discussion

Clebsch GM Wrath of the Righteous Adventure Path Discussion

Volcano's Land - Beyond the City of Light Discussion

The Ironfang Invasion: Trail of the Hunted Discussion

Sky King's Tomb Discussion by Lia

Wrath of the Righteous PF2 Discussion

GM S's "5-08: Tarnished Legacy: Star Sugar Superstar!!!" Discussion

Cottonseed PbP PFS 2E Playtest Discussion

PFS2e 5-01 - Year of Unfettered Exploration (KS) Discussion

GM Sphen Rise of the Runelords: (Clever Subtitle) Discussion

Longroads Coffeehouse 2.0

[PF2 / GMGlyn] B.Box - Menace Under Otari Discussion

One Interesting Year Discussion

GM Brenael's Q15 In The Footsteps of Horror (Table 1) Discussion

[Gameday VII][ACG] BR skizzerz's Season of Faction's Favor Discussion

[ACS]BR Akaitora's HEROIC Year of Reborn Strife Discussion

GM Valen's Starfinder Society Scenario #1-12: Ashes of Discovery (December 2023) Discussion

Eclipsed Faith Discussion

Into the Borderlands (5e) Discussion

GM JaceDK's Mummy's Mask: The Half-Dead City Discussion

Zombie Outbreak! Discussion

Doom of Cormanthyr Discussion

GM Jhaeman's PFS1 Module: "City of Golden Death" Discussion

Kingmaker. The shadows behind the throne. Discussion

[Gameday XII] PFS2 #4-10 Arclord's Abode Discussion

Jade Regent, the Unexpected Journey Discussion

Ironperenti's Rise of the Runelords Campaign Discussion

Chronicles of the Silver Rose Company discussion thread

GM Valen's PFS 1e 0-20 The Devil We Know Part I: Shipyard Rats (CORE) Discussion

GM Fuzzfoot's Emerald Spire Core‘ Discussion

GM GuardYourPrivates' Shards of Golarion Discussion

(#B-21) "Against the Unliving" w / QM rainzax (Discussion)

GM Xavier Kahlvet's Strange Aeons 2e Discussion

Luke's Crimson Throne Campaign Discussion

Coldwater's Abomination Vaults Discussion

Wrath of the Righteous Team 1

Carrion Crown Blues Discussion

GM ShadowLord's Rusthenge Discussion

Discussion for Wrath of the Righteous

Brvheart's Skull&Shackles Discussion

GM Peachbottom's War for the Crown Discussion

Temporal Agents 2023

Gm Elfriede's Curse of the Crimson Throne Discussion

GM Jhaeman's PFS1 # 1-03 (#31) "Sniper in the Deep" Discussion

Protectors of Golarion (Wrath of the Righteous AP) Discussion

Thron's Altered Kingmaker Campaign

[SFS] Redelia's 6-06 Tomorrow's Seeker Discussion

Carrion Crown- closed

GM Xavier Kahlvet's Hell's Rebels 2e Discussion

TL;DR - A Pathfinder Society Campaign Discussion

‘Eκάτη's Endless Night Discussion

GM Zoomba's Trapping the Hag's Claw [High Tier] Discussion

Ruins of Azlant: a wonderful journey awaits! Discussion

Volcano's Land - Mercury Morn Discussion

PFS2e 5-01 - Year of Unfettered Exploration - Take 2 (KS) Discussion

KC's Age of Worms Discussion

GM Cellion's Devastation Ark Discussion

GM Wolf's Carrion Crown the Bard's Epic! Discussion

Boston Theoretical PbP Discussion

War for the Crown with GM Placeholder of Doom! Discussion

Black campaign Discussion

5E Adventure's in Midgard – North (Reaver's Spring) Discussion

Hope of the Hollow

GMDQ's Forces of Nature Discussion

GM Shady's Carrion Crown Discussion

Sic Semper Tyrannis! (DM Barzillai Thrune's Hell's Rebels) Discussion

The Seven Silvers: A Discussion thread for DM Salsa's The Price of Immortality

Discuss Season of Ghosts w / DM rainzax

GM ShadowLord's Tyrant's Grasp Discussion

The Mummy's Mask OOC Thread

[Gameday XII]PFS The Gauntlet Discussion

War for the Crown AP for PF2e - by DM Doctor Evil (private game) Discussion

Kingmaker: Blood for Blood! Discussion

[SFS] DMK's space that is safe from space monsters jumping out from the shadows and eating your face. Guaranteed.

DM Brainaic’s Rusthenge Discussion

[OPVI] PF2e B12 - Somewhere Below (P7) Discussion

GM Miteke - The Twisted Circle (7-12) Discussion

Overlord 2, the Other Guild Discussion

Thread for #3-08: Foundation's Price and #3-12: Fury's Toll

Castamir's Flaxseed Station

GM_DBH's Shattered Star Discussion

Zoomba’s Secrets Long Submerged [Gameday XII][SFS] Discussion

The Tower of Ages [discussion]

Legends in the Making: Slayers of Renown Discussion

Dragon’s Demand Discussion

Dark Tower Discussion

Legacy of Fire: Module 3: The Jackal’s Price Discussion

Revival of the Runelords Discussion

GM Quirk's Threefold Conspiracy


[ACO] PF2e Q15 - In The Footsteps of Horror (P5) Discussion

Arcanium Discussion

The Little Game Master's Kingmaker (Table 1) Discussion

Dreadfulness in Dunwhich PF1e+ Discussion

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