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If you are the GM for a play-by-post campaign but didn't start the thread, please email customer.service@paizo.com.

We need:

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  • A link to the gameplay and discussion threads for the campaigns you have inherited.

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Play-by-Post Discussion

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DM Eric's Hell's Vengeance Discussion thread

Doc, Sleepy, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Bashful & Sneezy Discussion

Longroads Coffeehouse 2.0

The Rusty Dragon: A discussion thread for DM Salsa's Rise of the Runelords

Quest Run 16~18 (PFS 2e Series 2)

GM Cellion's Devastation Ark Discussion

⚔ BATTLECRY! PLAYTEST @ (#1-01) "THE ABSALOM INITIATION" ⚔ (Gameplay) Discussion

[PaizoCon] Zero's 5-17: Stranded on Yesterday's Tide Discussion

The green room at the Rusty Dragon. Or a more savage Sandpoint discussion thread.

GM Peachbottom's War for the Crown Discussion

Ravenloft - Crown of Aeons

Ruins of Azlant: a wonderful journey awaits! Discussion

[Paizocon 2024] 05-12 - Mischief in the Maze (P2) Discussion

‘Eκάτη's Endless Night Discussion

Venice by Night - Bloodlines - V20 Dark Ages Discussion

Outlaws of Alkenstar 1E Discussion

Star Wars Saga Dawn of Defiance Discussion

Chicago by Night (V5) Discussion

GM Blake's PF2 Extinction Curse Campaign Discussion

Overlord 2, the Other Guild Discussion

Akarna Awakens Discussion

TL;DR - A Pathfinder Society Campaign Discussion

GM I like runes' RotRL

Discussion for Wrath of the Righteous

Ebon Fist's Ruby Phoenix Tournament Discussion

GM qstor's Emerald Spire 7 & 8 Discussion

GM Fuzzfoot's Emerald Spire Core‘ Discussion

Protectors of Golarion (Wrath of the Righteous AP) Discussion

Constellation Conversation

DM Brainiac's Dungeon Crawl Classics Discussion

*! Rise of the Runelords !* Discussion

Thread for #3-08: Foundation's Price and #3-12: Fury's Toll

Ed's Rusthenge Discussion

DM Brainaic’s Rusthenge Discussion

Sky King's Tomb Discussion by Lia

Space Coast PF2 Campaign (Private)

[Paizocon 2024] 02-15 - A Dirge for Sarkoris (P1) Discussion

The Journey of a Thousand Miles (Jade Regent AP) Discussion

Out of the Abyss Discussion

Of Kings and Commoners - Kingmaker AP Discussion

Moths and Flames

GM Wolf's Carrion Crown the Bard's Epic! Discussion

Discuss Season of Ghosts w / DM rainzax

[SFS] 6-15 Extraction from Azlanti Space Discussion

5E Adventure's in Midgard – North (Reaver's Spring) Discussion

[SFS] DM Kludde's Year of Fortune's Fall Discussion

[PF2 / GMGlyn] B.Box - Menace Under Otari Discussion

Into the Borderlands (5e) Discussion

ORCy Beginner Box Discussion

GM Chadius presents: 5-05 The Island of the Vibrant Dead (Table 1) Discussion

Seven Dooms over Sandpoint Round Robin Discussion

[PACS] Season of the Shackles by Nathan Discussion

[GMAndrewW] PF2E Stolen Fate Discussion

Coldwater's Abomination Vaults Discussion

DM DoctorEvil's Curse of the Crimson Throne Discussion

Curse of the Crimson Throne - Foxy Quickpaw Discussion

DM Shisumo's Why Can't Fighters Have Nice Hobgoblins? Ironfang Invasion

Beacons of Hope:Wrath of the Righteous! Discussion

GM Parrot's Sea Change Discussion

Eclipsed Faith Discussion

The Ironfang Invasion: Trail of the Hunted Discussion

Decisions of a Rouge Trader

The War of the Lance Discussion

TOZ's Last Call

DM RichD's Serpent's Skull: Book 1-Soul's For Smuggler's Shiv (Closed Recruitment) Discussion

GM Pinvendor's Kingmaker 1e Discussion

Zero's Q18: Student Exchange Discussion

Against the Cult of the Reptile God Discussion


[GM School 2024] GM Takeyabue's Cleanup Duty Discussion

Rise of the Runelords with a Twist Discussion

GM Cellion's Rusthenge + Seven Dooms for Sandpoint Double Feature Discussion

GM Cody Age of Ashes~ Discussion

Savage Rifts and the Tomorrow Legion Discussion

"Necessary Evil" - supervillians save the world! Discussion

Curse of the Crimson Throne Discussion

Season of Plundered Tombs with eddiephlash [ACG] [NostalgiaCon 2022] Discussion

GL's Shattered Star. Discussion

GM Frost's S05-12 Mischief in the Maze [PaizoCon Online 2024 PbP] Discussion

GM ShadowLord's Tyrant's Grasp Discussion

Mummy's Mask Discussion

Braving the Borderlands

GM Xavier Kahlvet's Hell's Rebels 2e Discussion

[PaizoCon] Zero's 5-09: Equal Exchanges - Skymetal Hoard Discussion

Violant's Iron Gods Discussion

Shifting Sands Discussion

GM Foxy's 2nd Legacy of Fire Discussion

Expedition to the Ruins of Castle Greyhawk [3.5 D&D] Discussion

To Push the Fates.... Zakhara... You Jewel! Discussion

A Tiny Part Of The Dimension Wars (Interdimensional Spy Follies Discussion

Age of Ashes (Team Alseta) Discussion

A Fistful of Flowers + A Few Flowers more Discussion

SFS 1-16 - Dreaming of the Future - Take 2 (KS) Discussion

GM_DBH's Shattered Star Discussion

Kingmaker: Blood for Blood! Discussion

GM Kamro's Curse of the Crimson Throne Discussion

DM RichD's Giantslayer Campaign Discussion

DM Fern's Age of Ashes Discussion

GM Abraham's Emerald Spire Discussion

War for the Crown with GM Placeholder of Doom! Discussion

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