Ironfang Invasion

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Vault of the Onyx Citadel (GM Reference)

Prisoners of the Blight (GM Reference)

Fangs of War (GM Reference)

Siege of Stone (GM Reference)

Assault on Longshadow (GM Reference)

Trail of the Hunted (GM Reference)

How are your APs doing?

Running Ironfang Invasion as 2-Player Gestalt

Kraggodan. What do I do with this city?

What is the level of immunity to mind affects in this AP?

Anyone find a good mini for General Azaersi?

Hex map for Ironfang Invasion

Equipment for Starting PCs

levelling up

Forced Goodness (Trail of the Hunted)

How can I remove slavery from Ironfang Invasion?

Casting Ironfang Invasion

Start date for Ironfang Invasion?

Adding to Militia - Targets

Ironfang Part III "Troops" (Phalanx, Warmaze Disciples, etc)

Assault on Longshadow: Caustic Gap (spoiler)

Heroes of Golarion

Aubrin The Green *SPOILERS*

Trail of the Hunted 2e Conversion

Ironfang Invasion Obituaries Page (Obvious Spoilers)

Introduction to Trail of the Hunted

Redeeming the Ironfang legion?

River Shipping from Longshadow

Pathfinder Society integration - GM ask

What did your parties do with excess magic equipment?

Ironfang VTT?

Shaking up the 'Invasion' and escape for an in-person play gimmick

Influence Encounter Finale

Character backstory help

Spreadsheets! Get your Spreadsheets Here!

Marideth River and major map disparities

Which deity is the most relevant?

Ironfang Invasion: Skipping 2 whole books (Spoilers ahead)

Problematic player ideas and running tie-in adventures

Traveling to the Blighted Depths

Final showdown with Malga Dreamstalker

Siege of Stone. Morlock Creeper how to use Blowgun Sneak Attack Swarm abilities

Skipping the Siege of Stone and making sense of Taurgreth / Sardonyx Shard

Roll20 / Fantasy Grounds

The fey of the Fangwood

The Refugees after TPK

Militia - teams


Converting Ironfang Invasion to playtest rules. (spoiler)

Festival attendance

Paizo Blog: On Hobgoblins and Hairpieces

PF Module "Gallows of Madness" tie-in to Ironfang Invasion

Camp Red Jaw maps [SPOILERS - GM ONLY]

Any other parties save Gristledown? What else has gone very differently for you so far?

A more proactive way to start II?

Struggling to picture Nimarthas as a nation and how to present it in this AP

Tamaran During the invasion? Status?

And Completed (Spoilers Obviously)

Divine Party of Milani

The Hemlock Banner

Compatible Support for Ironfang Invasion, What Do You Want to See?

Formulae Books? (spoiler)

Orcs instead of Hobgoblins

Won't someone think of the children?

Advice on tracking time. [Spoilers]

New character intros

Preparing to Run Ironfang

Suggestions on how to dredge up motivation

Options for Espionage / more RP

Iammars' Ironfang Invasion Information

Foreshadowing Giantslayer, Kingmaker, & WotR in IFI

Ironfang Invasion and the Militia system. {SPOILERS}

Maps for tabletop

Aubrin changes to create more drama.

The Radya's Hollow Monkey-Trap Dungeon

Cutting Out Prisoners of the Blight

Using the militia system

Dying and Raise Dead access in the Ironfang Invasion

What music playlist did you use to run this module series?

Qa’al stats

Ironfang Invasion Maps

Hobgoblin minions

More stump remover

Npc stats

Onyx Citadel details?

The Onyx Key

Plot Synopsis / Aftermath?

Post Your Ironfang Invasion Characters Here

Moving AP to Garund?

About Cavlinor and Sivron Nal

Let’s build in the woods.

Animal Companion / Mount - how do they survive the invasion?

The Fangwood Forest

Ironfang Invasion Chapters

Pthfinder society chronicle

Question about the Troglodyte Cave

Intro Session: The Ramgate Massacre

Chernasardo Warden prestige class requirements

Running Ironfang for more than 4 players

Fangwood Keep

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