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Starfinder Comprehensive Guide to the Guides

Advice Subforum Guidelines

What do you put in your Nanocyte Gear Array?

Getting Back Into Starfinder.

Aquatic Companions

Blitz Bear Build Advice

Melee Solarian Guide!

Seeking Help with a Levelling Issue

Emotivores in Adventure Path?

Battleflower Operative build help

Vlaka ... Ace Pilot?

What to make with a Worlanisi?

Why Can't My Redeemed Products Download?

Which AP's to choose that will lead to the Devastation Ark

Any method to get alt stat to intimidate?

Spell Ampoule Choices? Discussion and a rule Q or two.

Operative S&S build questions

New to Starfinder, New to GMing, Looking for advice..

Fight Defensively, buffs or tips?

Playing the Starship encounter from Skitter Shot

A Quarlu as a chacter race? Please explain...

What PC Race reskins as a Fallout Super Mutant the best?

SFS A Time of Crisis question.

Shopping for Spell Gems

Advice: Magitech themed Mechanic Ideas

How would you make Buzz Lightyear in Starfinder?

Reducing the Minimum Crew Compliment on Starships

Str check to break

Yoonki's Ultimate Guide to Vanguards

I need help Optimizing the Solarion's Heavy Landing Ability

Building Serenity

Operative finetuning

Advice on characters

Designing encounters for 7 characters

Need Help Building Witchwarper

How much do things cost to run? Details inside.

Need Help Building Solarian

How to build a good Shakalta?

How to build a good Shakalta?

Hey got A question.

How to beat Charm Person

Bleed vs. Staggered

Calling All Builders!!

Quick Advice for Vanguard

spells for junkomancers.

Cryo Pods

Making Junksword More Affordable?

Multiclassing Mystic+Instinctual Biohacker?

What Classes get the most out of Heavy Weapons besides Soldier and Exocortex Mechanic?

Infinite worlds damage boost

When would you use medium armour (NPC large scale organizations)?

Best way to get grenade prof on a Biohacker / Mechanic?

Closest Starfinder analog to githzerai?


Magic Academy Student Archetype

Good Theme for Labor Organizer...

advice on limiting Ready to draw items

Inhaled Poisons - GM Inquiry

Which is more Cliché?

A frankenarchetype, is it balanced, could it be made official?

Can a drone plug into a tree to recharge?

Pahtra character for beginner

is a kitsune phrenic adept operative viable

Help to build Stroheim in Starfinder

What do I do?

Lawful Vanguards?

What do people think is the best longarm?

Half-elf Name?

Archaic weapons help, Bows, Arrows

did paizo think this threw

Why bother with Medpatch or Sprayflesh?

What am I doing wrong?

Which exocortex upgrade seems better? Details inside

Caster Items?

Advice On Some House Rules

Water Spells / Superheated Spell. Feats.

Witchwarper Shaped Infinities

Mechanics and Unwieldly Weapons

Starship Operations Manual combat tricks

Backstory Block - Writing Advice?

Escape from the Prison Moon - Miners Edition

Starship Tactics (GM)

Any methods to help reloading Crossbolters?

Abandoned Ship Encounter

Help building my punchy boy

PDFs and How Best to View Them

What’s the point of the second half of the vanguards mitigate ability?

Anyone run a cyberpunk game on Verces?

Vanguard Build Advice

Abysal Bloodrager Feat selections

Starfinder books to digital books

hi im a noob what are good starting equipmment for vanguard

Mystic and heavy armour

Starship Attunement (an idea for starship upgrades and modifications)

Is Spring Attack worth it?

Is there a way to gain telepathy aside from specific races?

Methods for free or discount grenades?

Dex to Damage

Mechanics Drone and Personal Upgrades

Technomancer Shopping Advice

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