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Advice Subforum Guidelines

Are bombard soldiers any decent at melee?

Running urban adventures

Does a Ferran Healer Mystic add Momentum damage to Steal Life?

Question about a Astrazoan

Random destination suggestions?

Large Character Tactics

Let's Queer Up Starfinder!

[Help] Technomancer Face?

Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium (Starfinder Edition)

Melee Mystics


Mechanic action economy

[Help] Character Inspiration (Against the Aeon Throne SPOILERS!)

What Longarm is Best Longarm?

How much should adopting this pet cost?

First time gm and poster. Grenade cover question.

Top 20 Starfinder characters you can play based off pop culture

Couple Questions about a Trox Blitz Soldier with Power Armor

Sonic the Space Cow

Strong Absalom Movement Resources

Aliens too... alien?

Ship Upgrading

Most Common Creatures

Android alternative racial traits

Any great new options for melee soldiers?

Arcanimirium Sage: Good? Bad? Ugly?

Dead Suns Operative Advice for new player

Cryo / Entangle weapons

Rules YouTube channels

How do you build an "arm cannon"?

Advice on 7th level Technomancer

Advice on Using the 3 Action Economy in Starfinder

Let's Dumb it Down

Advice on first character - Operative with guns blazing?

Help Soldier or Operative?

Character build help

[Help]Solarion Hellknight

Summon Creature Spell - Direct Line to the Gods?

Best Long-Range Class

Android Mechanic & Backup Generator upgrade?

Halfling gear stealth check only, Max stealth all LV+

Good uses of Sense Through

Technomancer Advice

How to buff Flamer Pistol (and i guess other line weapons) ?

Dead Suns Shopping!

Sarcosuchus stats

How to Train your Squox

Combat Drones, Riding Saddles, and Survival.

Need help mapping out a city ship!

How do you keep your attack bonus up to speed at high levels?

Optimized or Impossible

Advice for a Tanker Technomancer

Pregens In Case Players Die - Droids / Robots

Skill bonus scaling

Build Advice For a Celebrity Chef Themed PC

Is Blitz soldier the only soldier?

Would a melee Mystic be viable?

Good profession for a Technomancer?

GM Advice - Starships and Starship Combat

Stealthy Hacker Sniper Mechanic, drone or exocortex?

Longarm drone mechanic advice.

Help with Coming back to SFS since GenCon 2017

just hit 5th lvl.....

NPC crew of a PC starship

Basic character building advice?

Anything available to disguise or overwhelm a scent?

Take the pain out of starting gear!

GM asking for help in creating diseases

Give me ideas on building a dragon kin combat biker.

Nuar Pilot, but which class

Applying a template to a PC

Alien Archive PC Races

New Item pricing and Lv

Advice on a build for pet based character!

Ranged Solarian Controller Build Help

Build Advice: Combat Maneuvers

Seven skills

Good level to use as a sample game.

Getting Powered Armor to Fly

Drone Movement and Running Encounters

How long was "The Swarm War?"

Ranged Soldier Stat Spread?

How do I boost the damage of line weapons?

Fusions for a Solarian

Bedrolls and Cots

Envoy + Star Knight?

What is the best controlled substance to put into an injection weapon?

What Upgrades should take for my Heavy Armour?

Could Simblend's be Used as Spell Cache / Capaciter?

Computer Brain Implant Possible For Non-Mechanic?

General Solarian Guide

Icon theme PC and character wealth.

Let's build NPC for everyone to use!

Optimizing the Sunrise Maiden

thinking of making a melee drone

R.U.I.N. What does it mean?

How do Prestige Classes above level 10 work?

Where's the "missile volley"?

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