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"Battle Chaplain" Mystic

(SFS build) Old Kung-Fu Solarian

(SFS)A Technical Soldier

1st level build: Soldier or Solarian

5 Reasons to Take Skill Focus on an Envoy

6th-level priests of Abadar(Corp)

60 attacks in one round at level two?

Ace pilot technomancers build

Adding a computer to a mechanic's drone?

advantages of a Solarian's Solar Weapon?

Advice for a Tanker Technomancer

Advice for new(ish) DM

Advice on a build for pet based character!

Advice on characters

Advice on First Pathfinder Character

Advice on melee and ranged drone mechanic build

Advice on Soldier icon build

Advice on Ysoki Outlaw Mechanic build

Advice Subforum Guidelines

Advice / Evaluation

After my build was done... I realized something... About Solar Armor

Alien Archive PC Races

Allocating Treasure: Finding the Mean?

Amplified Glitch

An idea for a Witchwyrd mechanic

Analysis Request: When is Deadly Aim Beneficial?

Android Mechanic & Backup Generator upgrade?

Android Mystic Bounty Hunter (level 1) SFS build

Android Solarian R / R Please

Android Solarian?

android technomancer feats?

Android Upgrade Slot


Antagonize feat vs Intimidate - Demoralize

Any good Tiefling write ups?

Any great new options for melee soldiers?

Anyone good at acronyms?

Anyone Tried a Melee Drone?

Anything available to disguise or overwhelm a scent?

Applying a template to a PC

Arcane Assailant Question

Arcane Assailant with vesk unarmed

Are necromancers viable yet?

Are these ships okay?

Armor as Space Suit

Armor Comaprison

Artillery Mechanic

Automatic weapons specialist

Balancing a Budget


Base Ability / Spell DC's. Monster Saves, and thoughts on making DC target numbers

Basic character building advice?

Becoming a lycanthrope?!?

Bedrolls and Cots

Best Class for Pilot

Best Combat Feats

Best Fighting Style for a melee soldier?

Best Long-Range Class

Best spells for Technomantic Dabbler?

Best Starting Longarm

Best Technomancer Races

Best Weapon for Mechanic and Overcharge?

Best written stuff for a one-shot?

Bestow Curse ideas

Biology / Xenobiology

Blast Weapons, any experience / advice?

Boba Fett?! BOBA FETT?! WHERE?!

Bonus language for a Ysoki Pirate

Boost Weapons... Best Use?

Boss using turrets Ideas

Brand New DM - Help

Bringing a gamer out of their shell

Build a Better Computer (Artificial Intelligence Helper Monkey)

Build Advice For a Celebrity Chef Themed PC

Build Advice: Combat Maneuvers

Build Guides

Build Operative with dip in Blitz?

Building a Digistructer (a BL2 Angel inspired character)

Building a Slapcaster

Building a Solarian: Blitz Soldiers need not apply.

Building a techpriest

Building an optimal "good at starship fighting" starship for four 2nd-level PCs

building Link from Breath of the Wild

Building Serenity

building ships at a larger scale, the numbers and features dont add up

Cadence Envoy

can a Borais worship Pharasma?

casting spells in public [Charm]

CC Tank Solarian Viablility

Character build help

Character Name Help.

Character survival

Colony Ships

Combat Combinations and Tactics

Combat Drones, Riding Saddles, and Survival.

Combat Medic build help?

Combat Tactics, Mechanics, and a Drone

Comm Upgrades

Compulsory buying list :(

A party of Grey

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