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Stealthy Hacker Sniper Mechanic, drone or exocortex?

Is Blitz soldier the only soldier?

Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium (Starfinder Edition)

GM Advice - Starships and Starship Combat

Longarm drone mechanic advice.

Help with Coming back to SFS since GenCon 2017

Build Advice For a Celebrity Chef Themed PC

just hit 5th lvl.....

NPC crew of a PC starship

Basic character building advice?

How do you build an "arm cannon"?

Anything available to disguise or overwhelm a scent?

Take the pain out of starting gear!

GM asking for help in creating diseases

Give me ideas on building a dragon kin combat biker.

Nuar Pilot, but which class

Applying a template to a PC

How to Train your Squox

Alien Archive PC Races

New Item pricing and Lv

Advice on a build for pet based character!

Ranged Solarian Controller Build Help

Build Advice: Combat Maneuvers

Seven skills

Good level to use as a sample game.

Getting Powered Armor to Fly

Drone Movement and Running Encounters

How long was "The Swarm War?"

Ranged Soldier Stat Spread?

How do I boost the damage of line weapons?

Fusions for a Solarian

Bedrolls and Cots

Envoy + Star Knight?

What is the best controlled substance to put into an injection weapon?

What Upgrades should take for my Heavy Armour?

Could Simblend's be Used as Spell Cache / Capaciter?

Computer Brain Implant Possible For Non-Mechanic?

General Solarian Guide

Icon theme PC and character wealth.

How do you keep your attack bonus up to speed at high levels?

Let's build NPC for everyone to use!

Summon Creature Spell - Direct Line to the Gods?

Optimizing the Sunrise Maiden

thinking of making a melee drone

R.U.I.N. What does it mean?

How do Prestige Classes above level 10 work?

Where's the "missile volley"?

What weapons would be appropriate for a powered armor?

Fixing Starship Combat

Melee Mystics

What is the most versatile ranged weapon?

5 Reasons to Take Skill Focus on an Envoy

Automatic weapons specialist

Jack Burton Big Trouble in Little Absolom build advice

Bestow Curse ideas

What to do after dead suns path is complete

Picking a Fist 2 (Armory Edition)

Ravingdork's Armada Panolopy

The Impact of Cheating

New to Starfinder - Character validation

Talk to me about ranged Solarian.

Making Monsters Tougher

Faction and Organizations views on each other

SFS Human Sharpshot Soldier Exo-Guardian build suggestions

Online play, organized or homebrew

A party of Grey

GM Advice: NPC Spellcasters

Help Me Pick a Fist?

Balancing a Budget

Help: Space Cop Build

Roleplay suggestions for Deadsun Campaign

I built a sword and named it. How can I keep it relevant?

Would a melee Mystic be viable?

which feat should i take asap?

Bringing a gamer out of their shell

Multiclassing 101?

Docking ships in densely populated areas

[SFS] Nuar 'Shadow Caster' Build Assistance Request

can a Borais worship Pharasma?

Amplified Glitch

Character survival

Mystic Healer feeling useless (Help needed)

Rate My Build: Operative Weapon Solarian

Tips for a spear fighter?

"Battle Chaplain" Mystic

Solarian revelation advice

[SFS] What are some good Mystic builds / plans / guides / spells?

Combat Medic build help?

Where to start?

He may be completely insane, but he's looking more innocent all the time

Brand New DM - Help

One Shot Idea

Finding Creative and Inventive Ways to Deal with Player / Players that like to use Vents and Ducts.

Solarian Stellar Revelations

Weapon Fusions

Intimidation Envoy Advice

Hellknights in Starfinder

Marilith Monster Build

Morlamaw tank: Tailstrong

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