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Return of the Runelords

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3 - Runeplague (GM Reference)

2 - It Came from Hollow Mountain (GM Reference)

1 - Secrets of Roderic's Cove (GM Reference)

6 - Rise of New Thassilon (GM Reference)

5 - The City Outside of Time

4 - Temple of the Peacock Spirit (GM Reference)

Need help. The party has no high INT characters and it's starting to hurt (City Outside of Time)

PCs joined the Peacock Cult to try and infiltrate

Changing the Early part of chapter 6 - Any advice ?

The Graveyard -- deceased in Return of the Runelords

Askar Avari's Resources for Unusual Parties (Return of the Runelords)

(SPOILERS) PCs Keeping Baraket the whole AP?

Wait...so you're saying this wasn't in the book?

Garvok in play thanks to previous campaigns

Brainstorm more Corla backstory with me


GM looking for advice to run part 6 of this Adventure Path

Recententering on Sandpoint?

Custom monsters never playtested

Syrinscape Custom Soundsets for Return?

How Well Does Return work on its own?

"Return..." support on Roll20

Random Lore Question *Very minor spoilers*

Battle report, final Alaznist battle in Return of the Runelords (spoilers!!)

Useful Languages

Why is the Gecko called that?

Running the Runelords Trilogy together?

Size of Northeast Varisia map

Thoughts on changing Book 1 to make Roderic's Cove a neighborhood in Riddleport?

Spoiler-filled mash up plan for Book 1

Runelord Theme Song

*SPOILERS WITHIN* GMs, how do you keep your PCs alive?

Sorshen and mythic / Alaznist and mythic fireballs

zerrund - kinda confusing build... need help validating (poss. spoiler)

What deity should my cleric choose?

Modifying the AP

thoughts on combining the Runelords trilogy?

Thybidos (spoilers)

Concern about Inquisitor Spellbreaker and Final Boss

Secret Doors

We finished - comments and opinion on the campaign [spoilers]

Alden's Door (spoilers)

Poltergeist? (spoilers)

Final combat with final boss, Vol. 6

Zutha and Xanderghul Alara’quin

Will we ever return to Thassilon / Azlant?

Viralane (spoilers)

Can you play Return without having have played rise?

Confused about Sorshen (spoilers)

Thoughts Temple of the Peacock Spirit as a standalone? (for Runelord Saga mash-up)

Sorshen and New Thassilon (SPOILERS)

Return with only 3 Arcane Casters, viable?

[Spoilers] How does the death of a PC affect the AP?

I'll take "Runelords Named Aethusa" for $1000!

A Theory I have about Sorshen (Spoilers for part 3)

Running without a social character (no spoilers)

Time Lost trait

Wizard Backstory - Thoughts wanted

How much travelling is in this AP?

Xanderghul > favor from James Jacobs

Redeemer Queen follower PCs and Deific Obedience?

Are the runelords Atzlant? Minor Spoilers

Sorshen and Sorshen a question of SPOILERS for two adventure paths.

(Spoilers) Thybidos

Quick question about the gauntlets (Many spoilers within)

Milestone Advancement

Windsong Abbey's Poem

Becoming a Runelord

References to other APs (Possible Spoilers)

Need some campaign trait ideas

Constraints on character creation?

Quick lore question: Why not "Create Greater Demiplane"

I don't understand the timeline (Spoilers)


Wallpapers or posters of the assembled Runelords

Return Maps PDF

Inconsistency of Xin's Seven Virtues of Rules

What is common knowledge in Varisia regarding Thassilon, the Runelords and their domains?

Retroactive punishment & the Primary Antagonist (Spoilery)

Player's Guide

Champion of Wrath

Sorshen stats question > Rise of New Thassilon

Alara'hai with no Master

(Spoilers) Should I run the Sihedron Heroes' you-know-what?

How do I pronounce these words.

Has anyone bought the module from FG?

Circle Market

Plot Summary - Spoilers

Regarding the Altered Timelines and the Library in Crystilan (SPOILERS)

Sihedron Heroes (GM Resource)

Xanderghul and The Peacock Spirit

PCs marked with Runelord rune

Thoughts on the AP so far?

Post Your Return of the Runelords Characters

PDF Downloads of part 4

1 file per chapter download on part 4

Paizo Blog: Return of the NPCs!

Character advice for a Druid

Is Return a better sequel to Rise than Jade Empire? Or an exercise in DM insanity...


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