Rules Questions and Gameplay Discussion

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Adamantine Weapons are really powerful now.

Ausetitha and recharge checks

Can you use a weapon card to acquire a weapon?

confused on "Here comes the flood" and villian Black Magga

Cure spell timing

Henchmen in final two scenarios of Worldwound Incursion (errata)

Here Comes the Flood

Incendiary and Toxic Cloud - Both Can be Played at Once ?

Possible need for Errata or FAQ for Haste from Summoner Class Deck

Set-up for Akhentepi's Legacy (Mummy's Mask, Adventure 1, Scenario 1): additional barrier in each location?

Sihedron Medallion. Question

What Basic & Elite boons have you kept around?

"a" versus "your"

"Affecting the Situation" sidebar, Rage and Silver Raven Figurine

"Any movement restrictions still apply."

"At the end of your turn" character powers

"Before you act" and "Cannot be evaded"

"Burnt Offerings" Path Starting Decks

"Cannot Be Reduced"

"Cloud" spells current working?

"Display" rule question

"farming" for boons

"If you aren't proficient in Weapons, difficulty for this check is increased by 4"

"Increased by your Divine bonus"

"Owner" mechanic and power level

"Summon and Acquire" as "When Closing" instruction

"Time Stop" and "relevance"

"Traits on a boon vs a check" - Questions about Emil and Mogmurch

"Welcome to Blackburg" and Crazed Cultists

"Wet Cleanup on Aisle 3," or "Shopping for Villains"

"What is a Power?" - Questions about Zelhara and Linxia

"Worst Fale Evar!!!1" Bad rolls and such...

'At This Location' Powers

'If you don't have the arcane / divine trait, banish this card' Question

(Fighter Class Deck) - Rogue Ape is not an animal?

(S&S) Alahazra's Stargazer boon ability

0-1A: Ghosts of the Deep reward question

1 Scale of your choice and only 3 scales?

2 characters in a location advantage

2 Cohorts in the hunter deck

2 Questions about the Divine Skill

2 Questions on Potion of Flying

2 quick questions

2 Quick Questions Regarding Combat

2 quick questions.

2nd Character Add-On Deck

2nd half of deck 4 too easy?

4th Box Set??

7 or more players?

8 Questions

214: The final blow...

Abattoir location (WotR)

Abattoir location power

About dying / draw from deck pile and discard pile.

About Redeem a card and rewards of adventure 2

About Rite of Heraldry

About the Mendevian Crusader's first power

About traits

A Badger and a Crow Walk into a Game Room

A Card You Used to Hate, But Now Find Useful

A character in my group just died... and now what ?

A collective term for cards / powers

A couple more questions

A couple newb questions ...

A couple of card checks

A couple of questions about skulls and shackles

A couple of questions...

a couple quick questions

A couple takes on the Runelords - A New players experience with RotR

A few beginner questions.

A few MM questions

a few possibly obvious questions

A few questions about Damiel

A few questions about Skulls & Shackles (just started base adventure)

A few questions I've had playing solo.

A few questions

A few questions.

A Few Quick Questions Not in FAQ

a few rules questions

A few rules questions...

A few rules questions: damage, dying & amulet of mighty fists

A few WotR questions

A few Wrath Questions (Shamira, Nocticula, and confusion about adding mythic charges to checks)

A further variety of questions

A heroic death?

A look at armor

A noob question on combat checks.

A question about categoies and subcategories to acquire

A question about monster traits

A question about the Garrison.

A question of class.

a question of procedure

A question on firearms in SnS

A question regarding “Banish this card”

a ROTR question about traits

A rule thought

A suggestion about loot cards

A traits question about Fire Sneeze

A very basic question about dice rolling, encounters, etc :D [Newbie]

a wide array of questions, etc. ...

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