Rules Questions and Gameplay Discussion

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Converting Classic wands

Trail Location and Lem

Conversion Request - Bikendi Otongu & Spinel Sage proficiencies

Should Accursed Priest's non-combat check be double veteran?

Sufferring an existing Scourge (Dazed)

Quinn and Finesse

Displayed Cards Question

Core: Rumble Road: Caravan

We Be Heroes questions

CoCT 6D Unwinnable Solo with Kess?

Ignoring Before-Acting and After-Acting effects

Ultimate Magic Staff of the Scholar

Barghest at the Bridge

When this is the hour question

How does Spiked Half-Plate work? (Drawing while displayed??)

(SPOILERS) Missing cards?

DD - 2B question

Kess character card?

Can you play a display card at any time on anyone's turn?

Different Favoured Card Question

Flame Staff and spell roll caculation

The Perils: Confusing

Damage questions

Closing multiple locations in a row

PSA: Card traits and their card text consequences

Examine 2 is causing me issues

Fire Bolt missing attack and fire trait?

Elixir of Energy Resistance

When does your turn end?

Cave Lizard

Playing 2 shields on the same check

Varian (CotCT) Scion of Cheliax

Rounding up or down ?

Hordemaster (CotCT 5)

A few questions regarding the new core set.

Banshee (CotCT 5) minor typo

Emperor Scorpion (CotCT 4)

Does using the hour effect count as playing a blessing?

Making sure I understand Harrows

Core Set typo?

Symbol of sleep

Question about card levels when joining other Base sets with the Core Set

Confusion about Core:Confusion

Kess' Last Feat

Locked Door - Core

Does using a skill count as using a skill that it's based on?

CotCT 2A Location Ship

Priority of "examine and replace" vs. cards that get encountered when examined

What does the "Drained" scourge do?

Curse of the Crimson Throne questions

Bastion of the Inheritor - recharge itself?

Seelah character power on displayed armor?

Core - Cultist

Angelic Armor (CotCT)

Curses (maybe minor spoilers)

Upgrading the Vault in CotCT

CotCT - Scourge 0 - Honor-Tested

Elven Curve Blade and Finesse

Hakon's Power: A Question

Lady Tula's lament question

Grazzle + Voidglass Armor = 22 card heal almost every turn

Avenging and closing

Some confusing things

OK now I need some help with a specific point.

Starting Dragon's Demand, add all level 1-3 boons to vault?

Full Plate Armor

Seelah, Honor Shield

Thre "may" be a real issue with the wording used in the new Core Set cards

Handling starting decks for 6 player dragon's demand group

Mother Myrtle and banish shenanigans

Recovery on other players' turns

Damage or undefeated monster power first?

Random story bane is already in location...

Story book encounters checkboxes

DD 1C Henchman and Story Bane overlap

Displayed during an encounter

Danger! Danger!

Powers that determine the check not playable ruins characters?

Skull and Shackles - Two Character Party Ideas

Some compatibility issues (Core - Transition Guide)

Reward from DD Scenario 1⭐: Rumble Road (very minor spoiler)

Dragon's Demand & Curse of the Crimson Throne

Is your recovery pile faceup or facedown?

Building the Vault

Significant rules change: blessings on a check?

Can you acquire summoned cards?

New Core Set: Multiple Dangers

What character benefits most from being a Blackjack?

Mythic Archmage and Immunities

Groaning Gate and Ivory Labyrinth

Recharging random cards - Drelm Keymaster

Cheif Sull and Pauper's Thighbone

MM5 Lamp of Fiery Visions

sequential checks in closing condition

Vision and villains with a trigger

WotR - Bilious Bottle

RotR Seoni's fireball: are the traits part of the "spell" you're playing?

Skill Replacement Powers and Check Types

OA1 + UM - WotR Enora vs OA1 Rivani.

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