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Display armor when resetting hand

Balazar's Powers

Tips on using Balazar please

Completing the "B" scenario

Closing a location

CotCT 2B Life of the Party

"check or step" - which type of step?

0-2D - Location's can't be closed except by a villain?

How does a character avenge bane?

couple of questions.

Add a skill question

How does anybody actually succeed in WotR ACG?

question for The Lady's Favor of Skull & Shackles

Does "Enhance" help you recharge spells?

Two separate clarifications: (1) Bury a card, (2) You may heal

Erasmus's Spirit Relatives

Curse of the Crimson Throne 7A - The Base

Mavaro - a beast combo of +13 to ANY check

Harrow and hand size

Incredibly stupid question: "Hand Size"

Modifying Diplomacy Check with Charisma?

Modifying Diplomacy Check with Charisma?

Rise of the Runelords Rules Clarification

Traitor's Lodge Scenario Reward; Thurl and Inhaz Villain Question

Stained Glass Elemental Question

Mongrel mage

Combining Core and Pre-Core blessings in hour deck

Boggart questions

Timing on playing Armor / Shields

Converting Classic wands

"When commanding" ship effects - always apply?

Embiggen: all dice, or just dice on checks?

"When you fail a check" timing

Errata needed for Alase - God Caller feat?

Character Add-on Q...

(CoCT) Can The Tall Knife defeat Troll and Shadow?

Call for feedback to the next PACG Society Guide

DD - 2B question

Question about duplicate trait.

"The Lost" blessing - counts itself?

Three Questions about CoCT

What if only one local character?

Question on Wrath of the Righteous Cards

CD-Oloch question

Scenario Dangers

Returning Totem Spear

Before you act

Locked Door - Core

Closing the Dunes if top card of hourglass isn't a blessing

Core Conversion: Can I use the spell "Remove Curse" to remove a Core set Scourge?

Adjust # and Bane Level

how play card Teamster

Weapon proficiencies on pre-Core cards

MM - Lanterns of the Bone Fields - Encounter a scourge?

Mummy's Mask #6 - I don't understand Glass Boat

Alchemical Laboratory

lvl2 eldritch guardian, lvl1 monk and hands detachment


CotCT 3B: Blood Pig Bout rules oddities

Weapons vs Spells

Mummy's Mask, 5 Activating the Skrepheres - Dusk-taker

Koren: Moving banes displayed by another character

Armies question

critical hits and / or fumbles

WOTR Any way to redeem Amulet of the Abyss

Dragon's Demand scenario 1c: Wizard's Estate setup questions

Season of Wrath, but not as organized play

Location effect when assisting remote character

Question about skill modifiers

City Gate vs. Longspear

Blessing of Osiris with type-limited heals

Character powers that still need rulings? (attempt at comprehensive list)

Core set Valeros drunken avenger role and liquid boons

Are deleterious end of turn effects avoidable if I move to the location during EOT?

Confirming my interpretation of 'display'

Sufferring an existing Scourge (Dazed)

New PAC Game Edition: Sajan Combat Damage Power Q

New PAC Game Edition: Boggart Monster

New PAC Game edition: Lini Combat Power Q

Healing option?

Simoun Barrier power

Ring of Godless: gain the skill Divine Wisdom +2 | the die too?

Collapsing Scaffolding Trap Damage???

Seltyiel Power Question

Set-up- not enough cards

Increase Difficulty: Roll Die for each check?

WOTR Warhorse Power Question

Red Reaver's "when encountered" power (frightened)

Erzren + Fortune Teller interaction

CC 7A Confusion

Help! CC Adventure 6A Confusion

Quinn First Power Question: Use Weapon for reveal and then for power?

Completely stuck in Core AP 2a and not having fun

Boomshaker Fumbus - spell 0 recharge power

Adding Class Deck Cards (1st Edition)

Core: Normal, heroic and legendary mode vs change the hourglass size

Nyctessa's "Once Per Turn" Base Power

When to add cards to the base set.

Walking islands

Do older blessings "match" all blessings of the appropriate god?

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