Rules Questions and Gameplay Discussion

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The Ghoul and ending your turn

Urgraz - how does this power work?

Can characters replay won scenarios?

How to use effectively Deck Ultimate Intrigue - Character Eric / Ravin

Is Pirate's Favor Divine?

Seltyiel Qs.

Can Merisiel evade face-up cards? And what happens to them if she does?

Ranzak and boon acquisition for closing locations.

question about building Arueshalae

Between two session

Winning Muminofrah's Amusement

Confirming rule about adding skill affecting check

What kind of check am I making?

What are people’s thoughts on Athnul

sequential checks in closing condition

Character powers that still need rulings? (attempt at comprehensive list)

Deckbuilding advice for Tarlin OP

Shark skin armor+nine ring sword

Elemental Construct and siege deck scenarios

Question about Shapechange

Alahazra Qs.

Grazzle strategy: How much healing is too much?

Cannot Get Through "The Ruins of Sumitha"

Aspect of the Bull (Ult. Wilderness)

Aspect of the Tiger (Ult. Wilderness)

PSA: Card traits and their card text consequences

Card questions: Cloak of Winds / Sedja

Executioner Zadim + Tears of Death

Corner Case Questions: Codex of Conversations / / Raise Dead / / Holy Phlyactery


Mavaro strategy discussion

Nok-Nok's damage prevention

Can another character attempt to defeat an undefeated monster?

Can another character attempt to defeat an undefeated monster?

Can you Examine an empty location deck?

Short question - Playing cards and powers during the end of your turn.


Replaying scenarios with new characters

Best season to play through?

Do ranged weapons add traits to combat checks at other locations

Wrath of the Righteous 2-player ???

Need opinions on party set up:

Before / after you act damage.

Best Class Deck add-on for Red Raven / Aric?

MM Yoon feels broken

Is a surprised / backstabbed target subject to Coup de Grace?

Justifiable Deacide questions

Meligaster Egotist Role question

Double Chicken Saber +1 and Shuriken +1 (Ultimate Equipment)

Clockwork Butterfly + my "free" explore

Life Drain

S&S questions about "Imp" ally and Damiel

Erasmus's Spirit Relatives

Dryad Sandals (Ultimate Equipment)

Looking for deckbuilding advice for Lini.

Wand of Flying (Ultimate Magic)

Radovan's damage + monster displaying abilities - multiple triggers?

WOTR Commander's Field Plate

"What is a Power?" - Questions about Zelhara and Linxia

"Traits on a boon vs a check" - Questions about Emil and Mogmurch

Mythic Hierophant

Birdcruncher Moot

Cape of Escape

Two class deck questions: Improvised Monster (Barbarian) and Mavaro (OA2)

Choosing Fell Viridio and auto-losing to undead

Ship damage when not on a ship

About Redeem a card and rewards of adventure 2

Advice on a partner for Adowyn in a 2 player WotR game.

Detect Thoughts

Best Served Cold

Set-up for Akhentepi's Legacy (Mummy's Mask, Adventure 1, Scenario 1): additional barrier in each location?

Opportunity to reset hand?

Mattock question

Question on Varian's Spell-shuffling Power

Are encountered cards still on top of their decks?

Masterwork (Fighter deck)

Class Decks: "Improvised Monster" question and "Mother Myrtle" power clarification.

Defeat by X or more for multiple checks

two WotR questions

HV2: "Hungering Staff" and Melee trait

Class Deck Loot cards in Organised Play (OA1 Honaire)

Stone Golem (WotR 4)

Vika - Blacksmith in Season 4 of OP

Timing of "When Playing" Effects

Fasciculus Labyrinthum

Duration of displayed cards

Estra's examination power

OA1: "Dream Voyage" missing Divine trait?

Qualzar's evasion power

Ghoul in WotR

Does attacking with Athez and her Cold damage make it magical?

Pillar of LIght VS Minotaurs

HV1 / HV2: "Blessing of the Princes of Lies" traits

Justifiable Deicide: Herald's Heart and Inger-Maggor

Why is Estra's ghostly husband Honaire classified as Loot?

So what's up with those class decks?

Sawtooth Sabre VS Armies

Loop: Animate Dead / Robe of Bones

Alain Glory Hound clarification

Pauper's Thighbone (WotR deck 3)

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