Rules Questions and Gameplay Discussion

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False Life and Mirror Image - not played freely?

Minor Harrowing in Dragon's Demand

Old locations, new errata, and closing

Valeros Kicking the Bucket

What character benefits most from being a Blackjack?

Dragonhunter Harsk and undefeated villains

The Peacock and Stars Harrow

Blackjack Power 3

Does "a random location" include the base?

Does using the hour effect count as playing a blessing?

CotCT - Blackjack Role

Achaekek's Claws level

Ill Tidings and the Hourglass

Two newb questions

CotCT 3B: Blood Pig Bout rules oddities

Spiked Gauntlet timing

The Tall Knife timing

Should the Unveiling have a Craft check to acquire?

Cave Bear and before acting weapon use

[Core Set FAQ] I strongly disagree with Melee and Ranged skills adding proficiency

How to reveal a displayed card? Third Eye item.

Ashbringer CotCT Weapon 6


Wolf Pack question

Chase the Quarry random scenario


Two questions regarding the rulebook (Core Set, new version)

CoCT 4A - Displayed Loot ally Lyrune-Quah Moon Maiden

Closing the Dunes if top card of hourglass isn't a blessing

Recharge to heal

Dampen presence feat and the sights and senses

Valeros and avenging

CotCC 3B - The Emperor of Old Korvosa

Third Eye and Erzen power

CotCT 3A: Red Mantis Orange Flames question

Can Ascetic's Belt be allowed to be played Freely?

"check or step" - which type of step?

Pixie Gang question

Gaining respect points in Crimson Throne (AD4)

Angelic Armor (CotCT)

Wrath of the Righteous Mythic Paths expending Charges to replace a dice

"Search"ing for an answer (Blessing of Rovagug and insufficient blessings)?

Fumbus (Fumbler) - Power Question

CoCT 4A Hourglass Setup

Dragon's Demand & Curse of the Crimson Throne

CotCT - AD5 - Wildcards

Dire Lion, Pack Landshark and Mist Horror

Lini Pack Lord Clarification

Conversion with Quinn is... odd.

Conversion for Alchemist's Fire

Orange War Paint and Grenek

CD Oloch "Avenge" Power

Mavaro strategy discussion

Spell wording question

Crimson Throne 3D - Where is the Lair?

Curse of the Crimson Throne 7A - The Base

Barghest at the Bridge

[Transitions] - Should "Villain or Henchman" become "Story bane"?

Converting Classic wands

CotCT 2A Proxy closing henchmen

Alley Question (CotCT)

Curse of the Crimson Throne - 5D - Setup Question

bless the check by the deity

During an Encounter, when can you play a Healing spell?

Hide Armor (Core)

Adding cards to vault

There’s always a Danger CCT1A

Story of Rumble Road

Combined utility+explore cards, Detect Magic on others turns.

Rules Query - Replacement Effects vs Impossible Powers

Quinn's power to use Knowledge in place of Acrobatics / Stealth

DD - 2B question

Core 1C

Tip for Core Set 2C

Curse of the Crimson Throne 3b: Squealing Pig?

Fumbus's exploration power

A couple of unrelated rules questions

Dragon's Demand 3c: The Wandering Way Reward

Damage questions

[Conversion Guide] Spells and the new Myrtle

Ezren Mystic Divinier (core) -explore ability

Ally bonuses on explore

Newbie Question: When or how can one player assist another

Small typo in CotCT 2D

Do "displayed" cards count as being used when their effects are applied?

Totem piles in Scenario 4D of CotCT

[TransitionGuide] - Items that have rerolls or adds / subtracts

Examining Burglar in character decks

Core Rule Help. Party Encounter Card Play and Multiple Check Banes

CotcT Scenario 1B: Evidence VS The Golden Rules

Two small questions on about the core set

Replaying RotR - What's a decently balance party?

Scenario 1B: The Blood vow

Harrow Cards Question

"Move then explore" on an ally.

Do older blessings "match" all blessings of the appropriate god?

MM Vaultkeeper Drelm question: Draw a random boon from the box

Mother Myrtle and banish shenanigans

Giant Fly in a Siege Deck

Dragon’s Demand 1C Move question.

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