Rules Questions and Gameplay Discussion

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Dandasuka and Rakshasa - forced reroll applies to Before Acting?

False Life and Mirror Image - not played freely?

Questions about animated object

Keen Spiked Chain - evade power correct?

Core: 2a Lady Tula. What is the danger?

Question about some harrow abilities

Does the closing text on locations apply to all characters at the location?

What character benefits most from being a Blackjack?

Core scenario 1C: Wizard Estate set-up question re: henchman

Can Mavaro recover spells?

Paizo Blog: PACG Core Set Class Strategy #4: Amiri the Barbarian

MM Two-Man party seems broken...

Mummy’s Mask - Speak with Dead card

Playing weapon, spells, and ally cards

Lini exploration mecanics

What is a "check against a monster"?

Is closing the location after defeating a closing henchman part of the same encounter?

Uses for the Scrying spell

Curse of the Crimson Throne - 5D - Setup Question

Conversion Guide Request - Alase (Summoner CD)

Trifaccia‘s Mantle

When exactly do "At the start of your turn" powers occur?

Channel the Gift during an encounter?

Surviving the Siege

Saving Power Feats for your Role Card

Attempting to Recover pre-Core boons

The Hidden Truth as the Hour

Klar and proficient

Question about OA2 Mavaro's rebuild power

Character powers that still need rulings? (attempt at comprehensive list)

Crowe's power

Abyssal Rift

Board game - the card from UE-B

Melee weapon for distant check?

Story banes and the Vault

Embiggen: all dice, or just dice on checks?

Acid Flask as a Diplomacy or Knowledge Check?

Question about Kess

Mist Horn and proficiency

Minor Harrowing in Dragon's Demand

Base location strategy (Curse)

Increasing difficulty when using characters from Dragon's Demand in Curse of the Crimson Throne

Should the Sick Child barrier have the Disease trait?

Can you use the feat "Vital Strike" or "Improved Vital Strike" during...

How does Entice work?

Does using power on displayed War Paint count as playing an item?

Alahazra (class deck)

Hand Size setting effects versus Hand Size modifying effects

Party continuing to other adventure paths question.

Blessing of the Gobs vs The Crows

Questions from a new player

Fortune Tellers

SS Deck 2 - The Lady's Favor Question

Edge Case Question

Nok Nok role question

Locked Door in a siege scenario

Should Spider be a trait?

S&S Bizarre Love Triangle ... strategy?

[Gameplay Discussion] The double standard of Banish

Character Powers

Compatibility Between 1st Edition Products and 2nd Edition

What happens to pre-Core cards displayed next to a location when the location closes ?

Enora deck vs season 1 advice

[CORE] - Location Recharge confusion

COTCT Scenario 4A move question

Giant Fly in a Siege Deck

Ill Tidings and the Hourglass

Which Class Deck(s)?

"Move then explore" on an ally.

CotCT 2A Proxy closing henchmen


Some more Rules Questions

CotCT 3B: Blood Pig Bout rules oddities

Ships: Pirate trait

CotCT 6D

Should the Unveiling have a Craft check to acquire?

[Conversion Guide] Spells and the new Myrtle

Help me understand recovery and the lack-there-of consequences.

CotCT 4B: "Fail a check to defeat" vs. "undefeated"

PACG Organised Play Guide - "Removing Cards from Play"

Old locations, new errata, and closing

mutiple checks to defeat in a card with both "or" and "then"

Valeros Kicking the Bucket

Dragonhunter Harsk and undefeated villains

The Peacock and Stars Harrow

Blackjack Power 3

Does "a random location" include the base?

Does using the hour effect count as playing a blessing?

CotCT - Blackjack Role

Achaekek's Claws level

Two newb questions

Spiked Gauntlet timing

The Tall Knife timing

Cave Bear and before acting weapon use

[Core Set FAQ] I strongly disagree with Melee and Ranged skills adding proficiency

How to reveal a displayed card? Third Eye item.

Ashbringer CotCT Weapon 6


Wolf Pack question

Chase the Quarry random scenario

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