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Rewritting the start of the AP

Would the Real Elluvia Maure Please Stand Up

Welcome Scarab Sages



De-Imperialisming Blackwall Keep: Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying...

Converting Savage Tide to Pathfinder?

Witchwarper Clarifications and Questions

Character Operations Manual speculation

More Maure Mysteries

Changing Adimarchus for my Home Brew

First Impressions Thread

My One Major Question About the Vanguard

Lantern puzzle at whispering cairn

Daily Resource Pools: a Fundamental Design Problem for Biohackers?


Are we going to see 3 new core races as well?

Paizo Blog: Paizo’s YouTube Week in Review

Zenith Trajectory - The Statue of Blibdoolpoolp

Savage Tide Obituaries

Thesselar Needs Some Help.

A Happy Medium (Alternate Medium)

Final Encounters in Shackled City

Foxit Reader can't open the Playtest.

Any Savage Tide storytellers still out there?

Some additions and errata for Lightless Depths

Love for The Automatic Hound (Spoilers)

Paizo Blog: Paizo announces Paizo Game Space

Report and Thoughts from 15th Level Playtest

Are the names set in stone?

Age of Worms Obituaries

#142 - Bright Mountain King

Lotus Dragon Traitor Map

The Savage Tide Actual Play stream

Just got through playing a Witchwarper, here's how it went

Should a Witchwarper be able to bring dead allies back from different dimensions?

Biohacker, observations and proposed solutions.

Multi-Classing with new Classes

Savage Tide Eberron Conversion

Low level Vanguard experiences

Capstone superserum

Instinctive Biohacker needs help

Build awkwardness

Aligning a shield (question / proposal)

My thoughts and suggested changes for consideration

What adventures are people playtesting with?

Concerns regarding having to roll to buff a teammate

Paizo Blog: Starfinder Class Playtest: Last Call!

A Crazy Idea: Use Prepared Casting as an idea on how to fix with Witchwarper

Vanguard Feedback for #1-23 Return to Sender [spoilers]

Biohacker Clarifications and Questions

Vanguard Clarifications and Questions

Clarification re: Custom Scanner Identification Action

A couple of questions about the Custom Scanner's creature ID

The tale of Steve the Witchwarper

Vanguard feedback for #1-27: King Xeros of Star Azlant [spoilers in spoiler tags]

General Reportage from Playtest Sessions: Dec 23rd and 30th

Field Dressing, Custom Scanner, and the problem with range.

Adjacent ally has some issues for a defender

Playtest session with Biohacker and Vanguard

What Does the Resize Creature Paradigm Shift Do?

Can the item level requirement for using a weapon with entropic strike be relaxed?

Anyone thought about a Strength Biohacker?

Can you use Entropic Strike to reflect any ranged attack with Deflect Projectiles?

non lethal damage with Vanguard?

Fixing the "Spell List issue"

Weapon spec just a feat tax?

Paizo Blog: Starfinder Playtest Launches!

Vanguard Playtest for Lvl 4 and 8 [potential very minor spoilers for SFS 1-18 and SF AP 004]

Playtest Session with Vanguard and Witchwarper

A PFS playtest report for the Witchwarper

Shield Bashing

Play test experience feedback (1-26 spoilers)

Our Vanguard Playtest

Mythic Pathfinder in Age of Worms

Shield Proficiency For Core Classes

Aspects and Skills

Biohacker playtest report - 4th level

Changing the Shape of Infinite Worlds

Starship Skills & Playtest Classes -- do not 'pooh-pooh' our need for 'pew-pew!'

Witchwarper vs. Mystic & Technomancer

Old Classes Vs. New Classes...Literally

Injection weapons list

Most optimal races

Wraith-Sting Rifle

Cisco Ramon and Witchwarping

Sequence breaking scenarios and adventures.

How I would change Biohacker

Conserving Fusion and Injections

So what does a witchwarper look like?

Entropy Points should be able to be gained before DR and Resistances are applied

Ranged and melee biohacker characters

My experience with a Level 4 Vanguard in playing 1-26: Truth of the Seeker

Biohacker......what's going on?

Something I'd like to see with Vanguard and Witchwarper

Entropic strike and weapon properties

Significant Enemies and Entropy Points

Initial Vanguard Thoughts

Instinctive vs. Studious scientific method

entropic strike and the polarize quality

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