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Reins of the Unstoppable Stride

Riverhelm (Ranger)

Gozreh's Thunderer

The Scrollmaster's Ransom


Dragon: Monster Ecologies

Prince of Redhand-Seriously offending Zeech

Diagram of The Wreck

Location changes and plotholes

Paizo Blog: Bells for the Dead

Eizenholt, Abandoned Duergar Mining Outpost

Bloodroot Vine


The Quiet Ones

Oathkeeper (Ranger)

Paizo Blog: The Fencing Master

Alchemical Familiar?

Novels and Paizo

Savage Tide Obituaries

Oathlorn (Cavalier)

Six Freedoms Acolyte

Skinchanger (Witch)

Gloves, Tree Frog's

Some additions and errata for Enemies of my Enemy, Dungeon #149

Wignalzik and Sons Lumber Camp

Egelsee Cocktail

The Pools of Iridescence

Alternative to The Test of the Smoking Eye

Class Feats are my group's biggest problem with PF2e

Converting Savage Tide to Pathfinder?

Elemental languages and writing systems?

Mienka’s Cauldron

Thorn Manor

Floodwalker (witch)

Spectral Lampblack

Ethersnare Dust

Trick Shot Glove

Flagellant (Inquisitor)

AoW adding a twist to the campaign with the Rod of Seven parts

Who built the first three levels?

And the true name of Y is.......

Sepulchrals buying necrograft version of biotech and cybernetic augmentations

Removing the Aztec from the Olmans

Download Request: Savage Tide Encounters PDF

Erik Mona's Latest Secret Project

Age of Worms Obituaries

Replacing Kyuss as BBEG

Near-complete rewrite of the Kineticist playtest! Feel free to peruse!

PTBC - Forge of Ashes

Paizo Blog: Kineticist Playtest Analysis

Inventor Thoughts

Age of Worms - Where in Golarion?

Dynamic Skill Checks

All the Age of Worms Maps as jpegs

Savage Tide Eberron Conversion

Age of Worms Handbook

Anyone know if added in book

Pathfinder Age of Worms...

The Vise

Top 9-16 Locations

They really nerfed guns from 1st edition

Kim Mohan, Roger Moore, Jeff Dee Etc???

Walking Stick of Concealed Thaumaturgy

Age of Worms Content Warnings

Gloves of Flame Command

4e Conversion

Age of worms 4e

Formating question

Your Vote Counts!

RPG Superstar

RPG superstar 2012...when to apply

Age of Worms 5E

Age of Worms Maps and other resources

Conversion to 5e

Evolutionist Playtest

Paizo Blog: A Knightly Mission

starting the Age of Worms... again, Mad God's Key as Zero Session!

Diamond Lake Intrigue - What did you use?

Elemental damage on the base attack feels core to the fantasy

Mythic rules

What are Perception DC, Reflex DC, & Will DC for monsters?

Burn or action cost option?

Collin, playtest kineticist

Some additions and errata for Wells of Darkness

Cannot Afford Impulses

Main Issues with kinetic blasts

Paizo Blog: Kineticist Playtest Ending Soon

Wood and Metal: where's the Wuxing?

Level 1-2 Kineticist actual playthrough Doomsday Dawn ch 1

Golems and elemental impulses.

Issues with single element fire kinetesist

Extracting element is a lot of fun

Please fill out the Playtest Feedback Survey!

Assembling a blaster out of feats

Playtest Report: 11th level melee fire kineticist with dedicated gate

Saedar's Playtest

Lvl 10 - Dark Archives One-Shot - Actual Kineticist Play

Reimagining the Kineticist because

Aether / Void in Rage of Elements?

Kinetic Blast - Shifting Rune?

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