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Novels by region - a GM resource

Converting Savage Tide to Pathfinder?

Feer’s Crossing

Six Freedoms Acolyte

Another story of how Dragotha goes down like a chump

Age of Worms AP Pathfinder conversion document

And the true name of Y is.......

We are Officially Off the Rails!

Some additions and errata for Wells of Darkness

Player-Friendly Maps

The Vise

Beautiful Whispering Cairn and Three Faces of Evil Maps

New ST 5E Campaign!

starting the Age of Worms... again, Mad God's Key as Zero Session!

Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan or Isle of Dread Preludes

5E Converted Bonus Sasserine Feats

Wait, shields use both your action AND your reaction? What?!

Witchwood Comb

Forum Restructure: Customer Service Forums

Adventure Subscription 'Malevolence'

Humble Bundle Frequently Asked Questions

December 2021 New Releases and Subscription Shipping

Unable to post in gameplay after deleting initial post

Unable to order Beginner Box from Humble Bundle

Subscription Cancellation

Sub cancellation

Please cancel all subscriptions

Double charged

Orders 36745568, 36684661

Delete account

Does the Print Edition Come With PDF? (ANSWERED)

Order 36740289

Product replacement

Order 36736187

Order 36736986

I'd like to cancel my subscription.

Please cancel my subscriptions


Removing and Item from my sidecart

Please cancel my Rulebook subscription

[CANCELLATION] Pathfinder Lost Omens

Suggestion for mods: please add (banned) suffix to the names of posters that have been banned.

Shipping for January items

Order 36680641

Cancel order 36753149

Order 16779117

Missing Lost Omens: Monsters of Myth from shipment

Accessories subscription required both Spell Cards and Alchemy Deck

Order 20986766

Started subscription to Lost Omens and thought I was getting 3 books before Map Folio

Order 36739481

Cancel Subscriptions

Please cancel these subscriptions

Player ID

Order 36736914

Please cancel subscription

Cancel Starfinder Subscriptions

Delete Account

Delete Account

Can't change address on Cart order (FIXED)

PDF from sales glitch

Books updates

Order 36709506

Changes to subscriptions

Cancel My Subscriptions

Order 36692392

Demand for complete refunds of all PDF products.

Card charged item not in order history

Order 36734394

Subscription Cancellation

Cancel My Pathfinder and Starfinder AP Subscriptions

Order 36698352

As of December 31, please cancel all of my subscriptions.

Order 36736319

Humble Bundle Redemption - Missing Physical Order + Payment issues

Please cancel my subscription

Please Cancel All My Active Subscriptions

Tracking for order #36737357

Adventure Path subscription - please remove #174

Payment issues

Names of Digital Downloads - please add them to the PDFs!

Conversion Information

Test of Resolve problems

Order 36735880

Cancel My Subscriptions

Order # 36707360

Piazo Rulebook subscription

Please Delete Account

Sidecart Items

Order 36739465 and 36739466

Order 36696866 shipping rate

Order 36732767

Items in sidecart

Order 36737041

Order 36735369

Humble Bundle did not include digital copy of Starfinder Core Rulebook as shown on Humble's site.

Order 36701430

Order 36735304 Payment

Inquiry about shipping delay / christmas sale

Temporarily suspend my subscriptions

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