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New Avatar Updates

Unable to find message board avatar for a rabbit

Thank you for the new Avatars!

Less functional avatar choice menu?

Signal of Screams Subforum

PFS Event Coordinator Tab Blank

Delete new character seems broken

Problem downloading latest SFS Guild Guide

Visible Screen Width, cause unknown still?

Return of the Runelords - Chapter 4 (#136) - Temple of the Peacock Spirit

Error page when attempting to edit a specific campaign

Product Reviews issue...

Preorders (Belated feature request)

Download issue...

error editing alias

"Edit This Campaign" option not available...

Multiple Review Glitches

Defaulted Icons, Phone Viewing and Uneditable Campaigns

Error in Updating my Campaign Page

Starfinder AP forums

Can We Get Some New Character Images for the Boards?

Entire sections added to url

Adventure Card Game characters as avatar images

100 PFS games reported last night, still showing as 3 stars not 4

Avatar selection page appears to be broken again

Incorrect Hyperlinks from Product Reviews into Product Discussion (PFS #7-01)

Friend shaped Red Dot is gone

downloads not loading

I don’t understand all of the locked threads

Convert organized play character to alias?

AP 135 Download Title Missing AP Text

Private messages alert

Multiple Issues with Campaigns

Campaign not showing up

Contact us page

Keep getting logged out of Paizo?

Please make the Pathfinder Playtest Demo reportable!

Download on product page

Latest Changes and Feedback [10.10.18]

Product request - Pathfinder comics trade paperback

Missing Organized Play Session Reporting Thread

Default login page not secure

Character page is now missing Sessions

Product Disappears from Digital Assets when Attempting to Download

Forum Page Seems to be Condensed

Disappearing Campaign!

Paizo Blog: Return of the NPCs!

Favorite'd by others is broken.

Just realised!

Remember Login

What's the reason for listing the specific hour a preorder is expected?

Help with deleting Private Messages

Phishing attempt. Possible security issue

Nova, Star, and Title Not Showing in Posts

Bigger is actually smaller...

Online Campaigns on Forums page

Hidden Campaign Title "hot"words?!

The List and * tags are not functioning properly.

Paizo Blog: The Makings of the Kingdom

REQUEST: On Beyond "Favorite"?

Something messed up the format of some posts

Forums get Centered when Editing

Add our own avatars?


What happened to the "[bigger]" function?

Favorited by others bug

OOC text shows up as black in an Alias

Paizo t-shirts link in store doesn't work

[ooc] doesn't manifest when used in character profiles

Gameplay thread not working

Confused about how to add code and credit

About our recent downtime... and a 10% discount for you!

Can a character be changed to Core in the system?

Campaign marked inactive when I don’t want it to be

Possible improvements to product reviews

Is it necessary to close wandering threads?

Feature Request: ability to send reminders to PbP players

"Followed" threads stop tracking # of new posts after a while?

Weird download behavior

Will the PRD links be fixed?

Avatar selection broken?

Playtest Downloads Not Functioning

Replying to Posts in General

Preordering process for non-Paizo products

Paizo Blog: Questing and Dreaming in the Pact Worlds

Recursive login pages in store

New Posts Take a While to Pop to Top of Thread

Paizo Blog: Kingmaker--Assembling the Perfect Party

Archives of Nethys Subforum

Pathfinder Reference Document (PRD) Reporting Thread

Missing product on Pathfinder Adventure Path subscription page

Wishlist Disappeared

Replying to messages

Online Rules Links Not Working Properly

Reporting Playtest Scenario #1 - The Rose Street Revenge: Puddles

Digital Content

Will there be a subforum for Pathfinder: Kingmaker?

List tag does not work correctly.

Problems With Downloading (Read Here First)

Second Seekers - Jadnura not currently reportable

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