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Website Feedback

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New Avatar Updates

Cosmetic feedback for product pages

Recent reviews should be more visible on the front page

Page for PFS scenarios doesn't load

Missing Playtest Points

Out of curiosity, what did you guys do with all of your Pathfinder-brand miniatures?

Problems with the compatible section

Better sub-forum titling for Paizo General Discussion

Has anyone's Revolut card suddenly failed to work with purchases?

That weird bug in product threads where it doesn't take you to the last unread post..

Forum layout request

Issue with number of displayed novas (too many)

Can't Report ACG 5-6E or 5-P2

Gift Certificate from Paizo Con NOT working

One click downloads

Starfinder Conspectus PDF

SFS 01-29 Honorbound Emissaries reporting is missing "Special Faction Objectives" checkbox

Website formatting errors

SFS - When viewing sessions, some show as having a NULL scenario

Incorrect GM stars

Tranferring Event Organiser??

NPC and all of his posts are gone

Alias deleted / missing?

Can't get past "You have made seven posts as..."

Can't See Inactive Campaings

Private information public on front page.

PaizoCon events filtering

Restoring a deleted character?

website doesn’t work with Firefox on my Mac

Backorder, our of stock, out of print, preorders, “waiting-for-word-from-the-manufacturer” etcetera

Ongoing PDF download issue

PaizoCon events page broken

SFS01-08 Sanctuary of Drowned Delight Reporting Error

Reporting a problem function not working

Superscriber button

Pathfinder ACG Store Page - hard to find Core and Curse of the Crimson Throne

Sidebar Improvements

Problem with download for Convergent Paths: Clerics of the Cloth (PFRPG) PDF


Unable to report for a specific, recurring event

Organized play - Show sessions now working

We have dice rollers!

Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Special #1-00: Claim to Salvation flagging as repeatable when reporting.

Player does not get 'new' post notifier

Is there a way to enable email notifications whenever someone replies to a comment I've made in a thread?

"Playtest Points" no longer tallying on Organized Play page

E-Ticket transfer

Strange / Malware Post

All text in this PbP campaign is red now?

RSS Subscription To Private Message Inbox

Forum hiccup?

Application Backtrack Limit Exceeded.

Release 1.67: New Code

Organized Play Event Coordinator Page / Create an Event issues


Duplicate sessions are being created

Filter doesn't seem to work for refining your searches.

URLs redirections

Log-in and Data Retention

FAQ page won't load

list formatting omitting dots

FS Reputation for games GMed not counting correctly

Paizo Blog: Iconic Encounter: One by One

Paizo Blog: Iconic Evolution: Harsk

Is there a way to follow threads?

Spam Again!

Product request

My "My Organized Play" page does not correctly show my novas.

Bolding not visible in posts?

Disappearing PFS GM Stars?

Character page is now missing Sessions

Opening a thread isn't taking me to the most recent post

No bulk download

Create a "Modules" section for Starfinder

Pathfinder 1st Edition FAQs

(Forum Bug) Quote tag "Grey Area" extends too far left

Paizo Blog: Iconic Evolution: Amiri Email Correspondence Issues, 2 / 20 / 2019

Missing Product Page for ACG 4-7 Yeleth of the First Blood

Digital download links don't appear to work

Items disappearing from Digital Content while trying to download the item.

Invisible thread I can post in (Starfinder minis)

Site wide community moderation policy

Contributor tag

Campaign Gameplay Thread Issues Scheduled Maintenance: Saturday, February 16

weird behavior in accessint the VO forums

Mass downloads of My Downloads

Paizo Blog... in 1999?

Signal of Screams one file per chapter downloads

Requesting stickies for Tyrant's Grasp GM Reference threads

[ooc] doesn't manifest when used in character profiles

Profile Picture / Avatar Selection - Filters not working as intended

Just an FYI: Didn't get email notice subs shipped.

Avatar images

Something changed about Jan 20 on sign-in

Forums Page Only Loads Halfway

Disorder in my Lists

Is this how the dice roller is intended to work?

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