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Website Feedback

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How to Clear Cookies

Old Support Portal Page Still Available.

Amex verification broken

Paizo Blog: Origins Events Announced! Thursday, May 24, 2007Today Paizo announced...

Review Bombing

Request rate exceeded


Character Profile Changes for Remastered?

Having issues downloading my digital content

Deleting Accounts

Delete Account

a few simple store suggestions

RSS Subscription To Private Message Inbox

Please add a way to bulk download PDF's

Paizo Blog: Winter is Here!

Paizo blogs index page extremely slow (and makes whole computer very slow)

Customer Service

My Account

I've read some discussions, in conclusion, how much health does the doppelganger Simulacrum have?

Flip Mat Planes of Metal and Wood won't download

Justice for Krune

Delete Account

Feature Request: A display of the subtotal price of items in cart without initiating checkout.

Missing PDFs from subscription

Additional payment methods

Better Organization for Digital Content

You guys make it almost impossible to give you money

The ability to buy things from the store is broken.

Player Core PDF Access

Phone Number is Still Listed on FAQ page.

Fantasy Grounds + Paizo Account Synchronization

Perhaps add a Worldbuilding category to the forums.

No More Guide to Organized Play?

Product page failing to load


Cannot access the FAQs on PC with Edge browser

Cannot Check Out and Place My Order

Starfinder Conspectus PDF

Order Reporting Broken

'My Account', 'Cart', & 'Help' dropdown menus not appearing on Chrome

On-screen Formatting Changes.

Can we see older stuff in our focus list please? Also, get some stuff pinned somewhere.

Can't Place an Order

Poor shopping experience

Can sign in on laptop, but not main PC.

Broken links

Removing a lost credit card

Where are all the forum links???

Unable to download iconics pregenerated characters

New user can't create new threads

Customer support

Scrolling on FaQ / Errata Pages

Unable to download Reporting Sheets

Broken PDF

How do you get a hold of a moderator?

Ignore v5

Problem changing name on PDF

Is there any other official way to buy PDFs other than this website?

Dreamers of the Nameless Spires - Interactive Maps

[ / organizedPlay] Improvement Ideas for the new website

Missing links to PF(1) FAQs, etc.?

Unable to make purchases. No response to support tickets

Unable to Sidecart an Item


GM reporting bug. GM character credit

Broken gameplay thread

CANCEL Order 37478954

Changing Quantities In Cart Empties The Cart

Treasure Vault download not working

Any way to combine different Humble physical orders?

Unable to download Pathfinder Second Edition Rulebook

Forum Moderator(s) Overzealous

Forum view not sorting correctly.

Can we please hide old Playtest Categories from the Forum Index?

How can I contact forum mods through private messages?

Dead PBP Game - Please Deactivate

[ooc] doesn't manifest when used in character profiles

Posts displaying wrong time zone

Hard to find upcoming Adventure Paths

Some FAQ pages are not scroll-able after expanding question.

Broken PDF Downloads?

New Avatar Art / Images

A feature I would love to see

Tagging of Digital Content

Can't buy anything

New Product Idea for PF2 Society GM's "Repeatable Bundles"

Avatar Picture Changing to a SMU-F. Is this a Malicious Script or an Easter Egg?

This Website needs some serious work

Cross-Marketing Paizo Products

Fantasy Grounds synchronization is incomplete

2E PFS faction icons not displaying

Broken Forum Links

Really offensive spam in 1st ed forums

Clean-up in Aisle 8 -- There's a nasty spam attack happening right now on the forums!

Beginner Box PDFs very(!) slow to view (too large?)

Downloads stuck at "personalizing"

cancellations and shipments

Broken gameplay thread in my campaign.

Foundry VTT Code Purchase not working

Download filters not working?

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