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Battle of Bloodmarch Hill (GM Reference)

Anvil of Fire (GM Reference)

Shadow of the Storm Tyrant (GM Reference)

Ice Tomb of the Giant Queen (GM Reference)

Forge of the Giant God (GM Reference)

The Hill Giant's Pledge (GM Reference)

Things that you changed or should of changed for Giantslayer?

Check out my new Obsidian Portal Giantslayer Page

Starting Giant Slayer Today

Maps that are printable to scale

Changing the Loot without breaking SoD

New Giantslayer Actual Play podcast!

Oracles foreshadowing the future. (Spoilers)

Dont split the party.. Spoilers from the plague house.. Do i really wanna be a gunslinger?

Post your party for Giantslayer.

Foreshadowing Giantslayer, Kingmaker, & WotR in IFI

Changeling in the group and Redlake Fort (spoilers inside)

Giantslayer Obituary Thread (THERE WILL BE SPOILERS)

Adding NPCs

Adding NPCs

Is anyone actually running Giantslayer?

Giant Tactics

Why no love for Giantslayer?

The Ghost Light Lantern and The Vault of Thorns (Spoilers)

Giant Slayer Handouts

Stats for named NPCs (Spoilers)

Book 1 / 2 Loot Modification Ideas (Possible Spoilers)

About to start GS as a Spheres game. Should I keep as is or convert?

Steel hand stories?


Is book 6 worth buying for the castle layout?

Nargrym’s Steel Hand - Rules Question

Assault on Red Lake Fort

which ONE Giantslayer encounter would you use this song for?

Giantslayer and Occult Classes

Starting date

Can anyone recommend additional materials?

Book 6 - possible spoilers

The Sons, (and Daughters), of Elder Halgra

[SPOILERS!] Averting Artifact Acquisition Arguments

Heliu's Folly and Redlake Fort

Large Mounts / Companions?

Adapting Giantslayer to Eberron

Lets start a religious war so a Dragon will light our balls on fire.

I have an idea for a Giantslayer / Sucide Squad mashup

My party befriended Bakarra (Book 2 spoilers)

Game Props.

Running Giantslayer for 8 players (spoilers expected)

Nargrym's Steel Hand vs. A Giant Army (Book 3 spoilers)

Spoiler - book 4

Party TPK'd twice in book 1 (Spoilers)

Problem with a Sorcerer

The Giantslayer Endeavor

Modding the Druidic Treasure (spoilers)

Giantslayer using Kobold Press Midgard setting?

[Player] What books give info about the region Giant Slayer is set in?

Map of Adventure Locations - Anyone made one?

Fun Way to Run the Hopeknife Ceremony

Wizard Build for Giantslayer

Probably a stupid question but....

How is Giantslayer so far

Entire party wiped out by Dragonfly's.

Sharing love in a haunted, spider- and rat-infested "Plague House"...

Another Question on Nargrym’s Steel Hand

Giant Sized In Giant Slayers

Loki's Journal - Minderhal's Valley

Adding 'Clash of the Kingslayers' into a Giantslayer campaign

Giant Slayer gone power mad: The Ultimate Campaign version of the story

What's a good PC mix for this AP?

Paizo Blog: Giantslayer Marathon: Part 6!

Interactive maps for Giantslayer

Questions about Agrimmosh?

[Spoilers] Artifact Aggravation!

Totally Accurate History and Background for Belkzen and Trunau

Death of 25 Orc's by the Cook

The battle - spoiled myself and im only more worried, halp?

Steading of the Hill Giant Chief... when?

RAW, this doesn't feel REAL at all: Providing A Grittier, Darker Feel To Trunau...

Advice due to players being players [SPOILERS]

"Dwarven Delve Giant Slayer" or "The Redrocks go to Trunau"

Tactics vs frost giant campsite.

Mythic Giants (Spoilers)

Grask Uleth's Castle

Hopeknife Ceremony Games [Spoilers Perhaps]

Community Created 6 Player Giantslayer Conversion Chapters

Location Location Location

Jumping into Giantslayer....

Blog: I'm on the Brute Squad!

Party Balanced

Colossus Combat Rules?

Scent And Item Reading Abilities?

Giant Immunity Question

Max character level?

Changes to the adventure. (Contains SPOILERS)

Two questions about Battle of Bloodmarch Hill

Need Advice for new Campaign

Paizo Blog: Giantslayer Marathon: Part 5!

Character help and advice

Blog: The Apples Turn to Brown and Black, The Tyrant's Face is Red!

Paizo Blog: Giantslayer Marathon: Part 4!

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