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Paizo WoW Guild

Captain Yesterday's Guide to Breaking Fallout!

Project Valkyrie (FO4 Modded Playthrough)

Free games! Get games for free! (legally, of course!)


Fallout 76

News: Microsoft Announces Intent to Acquire Obsidian and InXile

Captain Yesterday's Guide To Skyrim Incompetence: Legendary Edition!

Final Fantasy VIII parody

A silly, "nostalgic" playthrough of Pokemon Emerald

Diablo Immortal

New BATTLETECH video game announced

Captain Yesterday Red Dead Redies.

The Cursed Book: A terrafirmacraft server

Persona 5


Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Dragon Quest XI

Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Telltale Games is shutting down

Spiderman PS4.

Temple of Elemental Evil or Neverwinter Nights?

Cyberpunk 2077 from CDprojekt red

Orthos's Dwarf Fortress Stories

South Park:Shattered But Whole


Mass Effect "Too Valuable", "Definitely Still Happening" - Some Idle Speculation

Darkest Dungeon Early Access

The Elder Scrolls 6

Last of us 2

Skyrim: Very Special Edition

Fallout 4

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition


Captain Yesterday's Fallout 4; Wayward Pines Edition

Destiny 2

TES V: Skyrim (forget Hunted!!)

Pathfinder Duels: How does it hold up?

Starfinder like video games

Wraithguard's Adventures in Monster Hunter World

Pokemon Ultra Sun / Moon

Remasterd Dark Souls

Creator of Wing Commander resurrects the space sim

Insane Mario theory

New HOMEWORLD game announced

What’s a good console to buy?

Marvel's X-Men Legends III: Mutant Messiah cast roster?

Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance III: Infinity War cast roster?

Battlechasers: Nightwar

City of Heroes Shutting Down. WTH?!

Homeworld - Deserts of Kharak

Metroidvania on Steam suggestions?

Rampaging through Fallout New Vegas with Captain Yesterday

Wolfenstein 2 The new Colossus

So, I cancelled my Asheron's Call subscription after 13 years...

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun (or Commandos / Desperadors / Satellite Reign with samurai)

Buddy Invite to Pathfinder Online - 15 days to try PFO


"Anthem" and the new Bioware

Play ARK: Surival Evolved with some Paizo folks!

Divinity: Original Sin 2

Cup head

Morrowind and Oblivion

Captain Yesterday Guide To Playing Fallout 3 Wrong.

Pyre by Supergiant Games

Half-Life 2 Episode 3

Fighting games

PC Gaming

Tangledeep - a Dungeon Crawling Tribute to the 16bit RPG Era

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Looking for a 90s Game

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

Xbone...good FPS for single player.

Which MMORPG are you currently playing?

Dark Souls 3 is here

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes mobile game

Paizo has guilds on World of Warcraft

The Super NES mini is coming

SYNDICATE successor SATELLITE REIGN launches on Kickstarter

Anyone excited about all the E3 reveals?

ark survival evolved

Pathfinder: Kingmaker, a single player Pathfinder RPG is on Kickstarter.

Friday the 13th

Temple of Elemental Evil Computer Game

Arc kind of like minecraft with dinosaurs and less boxes.


Darksiders 1, 2, and now 3

PLANESCAPE: TORMENT team working on a CRPG set in Monte Cook's new world

PHOENIX POINT, a new strategy game from the creator of X-COM

Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zehir crafting bug

Conan Exiles

Planescape: Torment gets an Enhanced Edition!

Breath of the Wild timeline discussion

Did the Paizo MMO ever have a soundtrack?

Anyone else interested in the Nintendo Switch?

Final Fantasy XV - In Reflection

Torment : Tides of Numenara, crowdfunding and the limits of predictability in game development

Middle Earth: Shadow of War trailer

PC Video game recommendation

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