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Official Lost Omens clarification, errata, and FAQ thread

Is a net a weapon?

Multiple weaknesses triggered in one strike

Questions about the feat Additional Ikon of the Exemplar.

Armor in Earth / Sacrifice Armor interaction

Spectral Corruption Incapacitation

Alchemists, we've been breaking some pretty clear Rules, and it's worth rabble-rousing to get it fixed.

Reading Scrolls in PF2

Kinetic Blast + Weapon Infusion + Base Kinesis interaction

Conductive Weapon

Help with Hexploration activity "Map the Area"!

Leap Action and High Jump vs. Long Jump

Shock to the system and familiars

Wizard with Metamagical Experimentation Thesis question

(Probably) Unfixed typos on Magnetic Suit

Blood Component Substitution and spells which require touch

Casting / Sustaining Multiple Copies of Spell

The new spellcasting training merger and dedications

How Scorching Ray works

Blade of Law Clarification

What is a "living creature"?

Recall Knowledge Clarification in the Remaster has Been Revealed

Are there any rules for clerics of a philosophy?

Healing and the Herbalist Dedication

Is there a way to get other tradition spells to use with your Wizard slots?

Act Together, Thundering Dominance, & taking actions

Protector Tree and area damage

Bonus to damage rolls and spells that deal different instances of damage

Critical hit and fumble table?

Stop a fall with an action?

Mirror image and effects with multiple targets

Ghost Archetype, "Pass Through" feat, and getting stuck in a wall.

Druids & Elemental Companions

Range rules on Riposting Impposibly?

Does eidolon gain benefits from Divine ally (blade) of champion's archetype?

Roiling Mudslide Issue

What mode is my weapon after using Triggerbrand Salvo?

Psychic and Cantrips

Interaction between Winter Sleet and Immunity

Magnetic Pinions - Can You Target 1 Enemy with All Three Attacks?

Can you summon a creature in your square?

Whirling throw point of launch.

Falling from a moving vehicle

Noxious Metals Sickened Removal

Cloak of Shadow and Low Light Vision

Weapon Infusion and traits referring to "this weapon"

Implications of Kinetesist's "Channel Elements" gaining elemental traits.

Low Power / Generic PC Classes

How does Devise a Stratagem interact with an Aura of Misfortune?

Acquiring a spell

Dark Archive errata thread

Vampire Archetype Weakness

Can an Attack Be Blocked Twice

Multishot Stance and involuntary movement

Metal Elemental Companions

Hardwood Armor w / Shield

Climbing Doors?

Does Fire impulse Junction stack?

Kineticists and Thaumaturge Dedication

Needle Darts Mischief?


Sustained Ignite the Sun + Fire Impulse junction keeps d8?

Can cast Cantrips and Focus spells at lower levels than their automatic heightened?

Stalwart Defender Dedication

Arcane Cascade and Non-Damaging Elemental Schoolless Spells

Winter Sleet and it's interactions

Winter Bolt on Summons

Question about Distracting Performance

Bounded Spellcasting Archetype spell slots - just trying to understand

Has the expected rate of out of combat healing changed?

What kind of sense is the sense of touch?

Precise sense vs "creature that you can see"

Are kinetic weapons from Weapon Infusion considered weapons?

Act Together with push / knockdown / grab

Why the level of some items is greater than 20?

Why do Cold Iron Blanch and Silversheen work so differently?

Expanded Healer's Tools and Battle Medic's Baton Bonuses

Wisp Chain

Pursue a Lead + Devise a Stratagem vs a group?

Only able to strike incorporeal creatures with finesse / ranged attacks?

Weapon Surge

Trick Magic Item DC

Vitrifying Blast

Deities that grant divine cleric spells

"Look! No hands!" said the Kineticist

Spiritual Weapon of Laudinmio (aka, my god is the bomb)

Free actions and triggers or lack thereof

Diabolic bloodline blood magic: What does "a target" mean?

Monk leg grapple

Jagged Berms HP and Broken?

Nexus staff charges

Sharing a mount

Kinetecist Elemental Familiar Questions

Some questions about the tail spin feat

Can animal companions benefit from the air gate aura junction?

Does Ambush Bladderwort provide cover to victims?

Metal Element Barbarian Resistances

Is a deity's "Divine Ability" used for anything other than one background?

Titan fighter advanced weapon training

Golem Immunity - a strict look at the rules

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