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Got a rules question about Pathfinder Second Edition? Post it here! And we might answer them on stream!

Gnome Ranger and Kukris

Ambushes, stealth and initiative

Aiding an attack

Haste and Allegro question

Fun fact: multiclassing into Animal Instinct Barbarian does nothing

Ranger Animal Companion and Precision Edge

Druid / Bard vs. Cleric vs. Sorcerer Vs. Wizard Spell Slots Issue

Errata: Mutagenist Research field literally does nothing

Do you need help with character creation? Or just trying to figure out the other ways to make a character?

Mage Armour, aka the Tanky Armoured Wizard

Improved Familiars ?

How can you become “Unnoticed”?

Layman's terms Lingering Composition

Bard's Eclectic Skill + Untrained Improvisation = Broken?

Buckler / shield as a weapon & Doubling Rings?

Monks in Pathfinder

Does Hardness act like resistance (all) when an attacks deals multiple damage types?

Charge weapon trait?

Rules oddities in P2E

Consume Flesh

Druid True Shapeshifter forms Question

Question regarding giant instinct.

Deadmanwalking's Problems With The Final Version Of PF2


Double and single wielding at the same time?

Does Diplomacy's Make an Impression stack?

Think I found the biggest trap feat in the whole game.

No 17th-level class feature for clerics and druids, or 3rd-level class feature for wizards?

How do nonlethal spell attacks work?

Armor proficiency feat

Access to weapon crit effects is a mess

Do Reactions occur AFTER the triggering condition?

Cover provided by creatures

Why don't spontaneous casters have undercasting?

What is with the minimum four-day crafting time?

items with functions or lacktherof that are hard to explain with in game reasons

I really appreciate the Runic Magic Item System

Harmonize (Bard feat)

Are feat levels NOT considered prerequisites for the feat?

Specialty Crafting and Wands / Staves

What happened to the Traveler's Any-Tool?

[PF2] Are racial feats more powerful then General or Skill Feats?

Necromancy specialist has a flaw.

Readied Items (Inventory Sheet)

Avert gaze

Elemental Sorcerer

Canny Acumen feat question

re: Debates on if Trip / Shove / etc. Traits plus Finesse trait allow Dex for maneuvers.

Sword and Shield Character

question about goodberry focus spell for plant druids

Rule clarficiation: Doubling Rings + Specific magic weapon?

Calculating Monster Experience

Expectations on recommended number of encounters per day?

Acid Splash

Poison - when do you make the saving throw

Small champion on medium mount doesn't really work?

Large (or bigger) weapon availability: Uncommon, or not?

Creature types and subtypes?

Clarification regarding subordinate actions

Volley: Help Me Understand It?

Flying mounts


Confusion Calculating EXP

Basic Crafter's Book price?

FoB question

Why does Armor even need proficiency attached?

True Target spell

Inspire Competence

Barbarian Sudden Leap feat - action type?

What does the Trip Trait on Wolf Jaw actually do?

Mount and Acrobatics and... you?

Goblin dog as animal companion. Is it posible?

Bandolier limits?

Alcohol rules

Familiar Communication

Is "Lighted" objects are intended to be immovable? RAW and RAI

MAP after using Whirlwind Strike?

House of Imaginary Walls vs. magic and melee

monster standard creation rules.


Bonus School Spell Slots for Wizards

Bleed Damage

Stand Still

Unarmed Attacks vs Gelatinous Cube / Oozes

Building a Bard, Asking for Carifications

Do you still need percentile dice in P2E?

Reactions and movement question

Help learning to level up. PF2e

Renewed Vigor (Barbarian)

Movement in Combat Encounters

Paladin Code Questions

Attack of Opportunity vs Ready Action order

Questions Regarding Alternative Rolling Ability Scores

Stealth vs Scent

Battle Medicine - How Many Hands?

Monk errata

Giving order to a compagnion while morphed in animal

Eldritch Knight Wizards appear to not work

Permanent Dragon Druids?

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