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Got a rules question about Pathfinder Second Edition? Post it here! And we might answer them on stream!

Can you train an animal companion to have the mount trait.

Persistent damage and dying condition

Staff Sweep in Staff Acrobat

Player knowledge and NPC / Creature level

How to fight Golems...

Longstrider and Fly

Questions about animated objects' Construct Armor ability

Elf Atavism works for which Elf heritages?

Feint and twin feint in the same round?

Sorcerer spells trying to understand

Shapechanging and clothing

Chilling Spray

Do innate spells require hiding monsters to speak, and dragons to wear spell component pouches?

Fighters using both hands vs Grab an Edge

Signature Spell selection

Thrown Weapons, Twin Takedown and Penetrating Shot


Heightening Innate Spells of monsters

Fascinating Performance and Inspire Heroics / Lingering Composition

Sorcerers: can spells learned at a heightened level be selected as a Signature Spell for that level?

Stronghold Building and Repair / Age of Ashes

Retributive Strike is worded strangely

Crossbows in Pathfinder 2e

How specific do you have to be to dispel?

A champion is forced to fight after a failed diplomacy roll. Grounds for anathema?

Detect Alignment (2nd level)

Eploration Mode Protect

Druids with the Monk Archetype

Time Beacon

Eyes of the Eagle - bonus to Initiative?

Counterspell and Cantrps

Chirurgeon and Medicine prerequisites

Eschew Materials- To manipulate or Not to Manipulate...

Spell storing weapon

Nat 20 clarification

Black tentacles reach

Natual Medicine and Treat Wounds DC

Can you put an armor potency rune (+1) on a sturdy shield?

Fighter feats

Grasping reach question

Weapon Specialization and Wild Shape?

Seek questions

Are the Domains in 2E a mess?

Bola for PFS - "Standard" but "Uncommon" so how to get Access?

How is the spell Acid splash being used at your table?

Dimension door, immune to what?

Can you deheighten a spell's effect (not slot)?

Is an intelligent item a creature for dimension door restrictions?

Is there a reason to use Remove Curse over Dispel Magic?

Summoned bloodseeker

Monstrous player races?

Can I succeed at a check without meeting the DC?

How smart are beasts, and why aren’t there tool using beasts everywhere?

Meteor hammer not given the Monk trait?


Alchemical Reagents= free crafting?

Balor's dimension door and dominate?

Regarding Foil Senses

Do monsters with regeneration go through the full Dying / Wounded process?

Casting Jump as your third action

Die Size Rule Broken

Cover provided by standing coffins

Conflicting language in GMG about available magic items and the settlement's level

Martyr's Shield

How do you calculate the range of an attack when attacking diagonally?

Is e.g. Sneak a Stride action?

Wildborn Magic

Glyph of Warding

Rules on attacking from the Hidden status?

Crocodile and "Plus Grab"

Recall knowledge and knowing what to do

Typo in Curse of Extinction

CRB Typos / Mistakes / Etc Post Errata 1.0

Khopesh trait missing?

Repeating Crossbow: A Proposal

Can you ignore counteract rules on personal spells?

Pick A Lock action, and tracking progress on complex locks

Aggressive block movement directions

How Does "Uncommon" Change the Balance of Options?

Can ghosts and haunts sense ethereal creatures?

Powerful Shove question

Thief racket Rogues: DEX to damage for thrown daggers?

barbarian level 4 swipe feat and forceful

Double Shield Block

Is telekinetic projectile supposed to be a ranged attack or a spell attack?

Dragon form and dragon claws

Resilient Sphere on a grabbed PC

Unique spells.

What ability score for archetype derived Focus Spells? (Invoke the Crimson Oath)

Dispel magic

Grabbed airborne

True seeing

A Ring of Feather Falling

When does poison and persistent damage occur

Official Clarification on Dual Classing Skills Please

Retraining skill options that affect rebuild process

General Feats and Skill Feats...

Fighter reactions

Monk trait

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