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Official Lost Omens clarification, errata, and FAQ thread

Why can't a line of people block diagonal movement?

Is information gained in discovery personal or can it be shared.

Inatiative order (how do u manage this situation)

Wizard / Magus spellbook

Order of the Torrent and (advanced) order training

Is a manipulate action baked into firing a bow?

Are the Bless and Bane spells intended to be auras?

Operation of the Mind Reading spell?

Critical Failure - twice as likely as Critical Success

Treat wounds and balancing

Book of the Dead Errata / FAQ? Need clarification for certain features

Homebrew Rule: Taunt

Would a corpse compass reveal an undead masquerading as a living creature?

Precious materials onto animal companions

Ancestry feats more often?

Mind Smith rules Clarifications

Shield of Grace and Evil Weakness 10 Question

Guns & Gears errata

familiar question

Any Way to Simplify Scimitars?

Eldritch Shot does not trigger Dangerous Sorcery, correct?

Rewards and Treasure by level

Any Way to Simplify Simulacrum?

Combat training for animals

Do unarmed attacks benefit from the ranger's Flurry Edge?

Using puzzles from real life

Tailed Goblin can climb without hands?

Another familiar question

Ugly wording

Hand Wraps of Mighty Fists interaction with Wild Shape

Thrown Weapons, Twin Takedown and Penetrating Shot

What is the full range of capability for a prosthesis?

Tallow Ooze Weirdness

Devaice Stratagem (investigator) start combat with a critical hit

Basic Crafter's Book

Tentacular limbs

Quick errata candidate - Dinosaur form Tyrannosaurus is missing deadly die size

Bones Oracle curse and Regenerate spell

Dark Archive errata thread

Forbidden thought cantrip

Downtime Spell Limit

Casting level Specialist's Ring?

Eidolons in armor

Can a druid use weapons while using Wild Shape?

Do spell effects end early if the target or caster dies?

Cloak of Shadow and Low Light Vision

Paying to identify items?

Gill Hook

[Summoner] Spells management

Thaumaturge: Spiked Shield Implement with Implement's Empowerment

Specialized Basic Alchemical Benefits & Alchemical Crafting

Eidolon looks

Oscillating Wave Psychic - Amped Ray of Frost Damage

How to cast spells from a staff.

Monster pcs

Massive Non-Lethal damage

Eidolon and items

Dragon Form and Speaking or Casting Spells

Discrepancy between Party Treasure and Character Wealth

Magical ammunition and crafting

bombs and targeting spaces

Couple of questions (New to gm’ing)

Talking Corpse + Sign Language?

Arcane Cascade, Bespell Weapon, Psy Strikes Help

Can Magus Spellstrike With Non-arcane Spells?

Can Magus Spellstrike With Non-arcane Spells?

Roiling Incant's Evocation Immunity

Can Magus Spellstrike With Non-arcane Spells?

Brooch of Shielding

Does Invisibility work for all Precise Senses?

Concussive weapons and Alchemical Shot

The Sudden Stop at the Bottom

Handwraps au natural

Lead the Pack + Clone Companion

Mammoth Lord: Can a roc fly with a rider?

Skirmishing with Act Together and Steed Form

Commanding an Animal Companion Mount

A question about Champion's Code and Champion's Reaction

Couple of questions (New to gm’ing)

Synesthesia and Non visual senses

Astral Rain damage

Newer Player / GM question on Basic Rules on "against DC" checks

Question about Summoner: "Swapping spells in your repertoire"

Hand of the apprentice.

Can you feed potions to animal companions?

Focus Spells & Focus Pool

How do you use Leshy Glide?

Question regarding the Writhing Arms action for the giant octopus

Thaumaturge, thrown weapons and Implement's Empowerment?

Glimpse weakness count.

Halcyon speaker archetype cantrip question

alchemist archetype replacing persistant mutagen

Line of sight when burrowing

Animal Companions and Slowed

Create and control a brainchild

Tengu feather fan and electric arc damage.

How do you rule effects on unmanifested eidolons?

Duplicate proficiency increase

Flurry of Blow and two-handed weapons

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