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Got a rules question about Pathfinder Second Edition? Post it here! And we might answer them on stream!

Sudden Leap vs Fantastic Leap vs Flamboyant Leap??

Penalties to Saves & Save DC's

Voluntarily failing a save

The candle flame trick

Why are rules questions not getting answered?

Getting noticed

Barbarian Rage + Specialization Query

Athletics jumping Query

Shapechanging and clothing

Exacting Strike

Questions on a Radiant Warden's Gatekeeper Aura ability.

404: Price Not Found

Counterspell vs another tradition

Selling uncommon spell scrolls

Greater Barghest Poison

Recognizing spells

Kitsune Foxfire and Sneak attack

Multitalented question

Elemental Sorcerer Dedication question

Clarity on Handwraps and Monk Stances

One backdoor to become your wanted creature

"Additional Damage" and Polymorph Battle forms

Snare Setter

Leap feat interactions

Generating Creature HP

Critical Immunity vs Weapon Critical Specialisation and Deadly / Fatal Traits

Halfling heritage question

Stacking AC of buckler and dueling cape

Double Prey Problems

Identifing PC, but they are non-common

Illusory Creature flanking question

Can a beastkin have a human animal side?

The Joys of Tripping && When You're Only Halfway Up, You're Neither Up Nor Down

Bulk and Item Conversions for Different Sizes: Rules contradictions

Can you hold your breath against Cloudkill?

rules check on ammo costs, material costs, etc.

Guessing at Recall Knowledge

Do ranger spell DCs and attack rolls not improve?

Quotestion on Dwarven Reinforcement and shields

Disrupting an action without doing damage

Fascinating Performance and Inspire Heroics / Lingering Composition

Blessed One Lay on Hands DC

Luck domain ability

Creature immunity question (spoilers)

Spined shield limitations

ring of the ecclesiarch and cohorts

Do you know when your spell fails due to a saving throw?

Sprite Corgi Mount and Cavaliers

Tracker's goggles' bonus

clumsy duration

Ancient Elf & Eldritch Trickster Rogue

Weapon Specialization and Wild Shape?

Why does god Winlas grant "Comprehend Languange" as cleric spell? Isn't that accessible to all clerics?

Touch of Corruption damage bonus

Weapon Runes (shifting in particular) and Doubling Rings

Reactions and conflicting timing in RAW

Weapon Trait: Hampering

Hiding without Hide action

Wildshape and darkvision

Gloom Blade upgrading and Doubling Rings

Minion characters during exploration mode

Questions about the 8th level Disappearance spell and how it interacts with divination spells

Hydraulic Push and Critical Immunity

Complex Hazards - how many actions

Player wants to make 'Holy Oil'

Reactions before first turn

Familiars and Enlarge spell

Flanking with a bow

Can you cast Radiant Infusion on yourself?

Dinosaur form damage error

Forager faux success vs natural success

Pathfinder Agent Dedication + Watch and Learn

Sickening as Skeleton

Sickening as Skeleton

Reverse-engineering formulas. Allowed to retry?

Multiple target attack with one roll

Is it possible to repair broken replacement picks for thieves' tools?

Crafting Question

Cloak of Colors

Question about some thrown items

Retributive Strike is worded strangely

Process for running a counteract check

In the Heartbond ritual what is the range of Message and Telepathy?

the assurance feat how does it work?

Snare Setter [Kobold] seems wrong.

Witch - Major Lesson

You can't ignore your oracular curse benefits too?

Spell Devour

Can Dispel Magic dispel the "permanent petrification" caused by a Medusa

Can we finally get a resolution to these battle form questions?

Medic Archetype clarification

Dread Secret typo?

Backpack limitations

Vulture Animal Companion "Advanced Maneuver"

Quick Shield Block + Quick Block

Do rock dwarves slow roc monsters?

[oopt / ]But what Inventor Archetype requires?

Help with the Dandy Archetype.

What Spells Can I Add At Level-Up?

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