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Boggles 5E -> PF2E

I made a Creature Creation aid

No Alignment Variant Rule

Hex grid

Compilation of Pathfinder 2nd Edition Settlement stats

Morlock Ancestry

Hi, PF2ers! Whatcha Brewin'?

New Gamemaster need help creating an Archetype

Combination weapon fix for ABP

Magus Build: League of Legends Edition

Concepts for "not covered by existing classes" characters

Rules Implications for Removing Alignment

Tips for running Eberron's Last War in 2E

[Houserule] Dice Based Proficiency

Deep Rock Galactic Inspired Game Mode Update: Monster Families Prototype

Divine Interventions for Ashava?

Metropolis too big?

Class Road Maps for non-core classes

Pantheon: The Eye of Ra [CG]

Assurance Feat alteration

Aid DC

Ghost Archetype Rewrite

Bloodrager barbarian and shifter class archetypes

Alchemist Redux / Reboot / Unchaining...

Different Counterspell Idea

PFOA reference, Paizo side

The Nation of Xibalba (Dominions 5 conversion)

Feat idea: Fury of the Pack

Invention catalog

Dungeoning [A different approach]

Way of the Spellshot Part Deux

Pathfinder 2e West Marches Player's Guide-- Secrets of Old Pandora Campaign

Homebrew Rule: Taunt

Ancient Items: Making Found Items More Exciting

ADHD Sorcerer

Testing Two Magus House Rules

"revamping" summoner

Son of Kyuss Create Spawn

Simple Rule Change for Casting Spells in Wild Shape

Vanguard - A Starfinder-inspired Champion Cause

Retraining from Practical Experience

Mental Legion Archetype: Many minds in one head. Critique please.

Homebrew False Hydra Statblock

Homebrew Hag

Magus new focus spell [Clever Positioning]

Can someone look over a Dungeon I wrote?

Firbolg Ancestry

Background Skills (Variant)

What level do you think a "Create Leshy" ritual would be?

Homebrew Clockwork Weapon

Woofer Ancestry

Flanking, Partial

Enhancing Recall Knowledge for Creature Identification

Alternate crit failures in Identify Magic.

Homebrew for Witch

Homebrew for Witch

Would having skill ranks granting a minimum Attribute Bonus for proficiency rolls enable more diverse functional builds?

Pillars of Eternity Cipher Homebrew for 2E

Changes to wizard spellcasting

Consolations Prizes for Missed Attack Spells

Discord (Divination) Sin for Runelord

Starlit span alternative conflux spell

Mythic Powers released on Pathfinder Infinite! (Pay what you want, including nothing at all)

Thrown Weapon Feat

Some gun stuff.

Skill Prodigy Option

Worldbuilding for GMs

What would you want from a Witch rework?

Martial / Magical Potency Runes

Second edition of Mythic Rules coming soon (revised to massively increase low-level options), looking for last minute feedback. AMA!

Beat gamer Background, and Virtuosic DJ

Salamileg's Homebrew Compendium

Drifter 2 - Electric Boogaloo

Fabled Familiars

The Cash Cow

Brainstorming a framework for how Teamwork Feats could come to 2nd edition...

Focus Feat Unlocks

Streamling the alchemist

Hydian Chymist: a Martial focused Alchemist Class Archetype!

Slotless Summoner

Adopted versatile heritage?

Crossbows: Easy to implement changes and gameplay shift

Eidolon & Beastmaster

Reach and how it interacts with various sized mounts.

Naval Combat Rules - Anyone Interested? (also advice pls)

Ancestral Weapons expanded

Theory Crafting: Gritty Low Magic or a Potpourri of Variant Rules

Worn Item that grants Fast Healing

And Crossbows V2

250 Unusually-Aligned NPCs

Level for a specific ghoul

Animatedpaper's Homebrew collection

Summoner House Rules: What do you think?

Cozzy's Archetype Collection

Gunslinger "Blast Resistance"

How to price / balance items with DCs that scale with your level?

Help me make the case for the Muscle Wizard Class Archetype

A few thoughts on alternative cleric doctrines.

Is There Enough Design Space For An Offense Driven Divine Melee Class?

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