Homebrew and House Rules

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An Attempt At An Attrition-Free Spellcasting Archetype

Redundant dedication buff

Alchemist Reformulated: The free alch remaster is ready!

Ideas for a Wisdom-based martial

Libraries of Galatia - Entry 1

New Drow origin thought

Is it OP? - Applying Exploit Vulnerability to Cavalier Mount

The Locket - An implement for minion-oriented Thaumaturges!

Making a Homebrew Caster Class with a clear way it obtains its magic, but have no clue what tradition of spells would result from its spell aqusition method lore-wise. Help please!

Feats for sling

XP for Gold

Wizard Substitution for all Casters

Bestiary 2 Leshy Heritages

Creating Feats for Dragon People Race

Creating a Custom Magic Item: Price Advice for a Teleporting Tattoo

Half joke, half serious, this is my take for a calmed barbarian

A take on clearer stun rules

House Rules Until Oracle Remaster Releases

Reincarnation Order for Druids

Renaming Ancient Elves

Finishing Touch Crafting House Rule

Intelligence as extra 1st-level general feats

Counterforce Strike

Costs of Level Advancement

Here's how you fix Toxicologist with just 1 feat (and if you like it, I've created 2 more to test in a feat line).

What would happen if characters that met the prerequisites of a skill feat would gain its effects for free?

Rename Dexterity -> Agility, Thievery -> Dexterity

PFOA reference, Paizo side

Bitfinder; Random Video Games into PF2?

Homebrew Spellshape(Metamagic) Feat Suggestions

A buffed Daze

A personal take on remastering the Inventor

Is this too much for the Chirurgeon?

Simplified Drug Rules

Casting 2 action spells as 1 action for half effect

Feedback wanted, which is preferable 1d20 -> 1d12+2d4 with same dc numbers, or 1d20 -> 3d12 and double all dc numbers?

Wizard School fix / edit :School Scrolls

A personal take on remastering the Swashbuckler

Homebrew Reflection Feats

What traits should a Shotel have?

Accelerated Free Multiclass Variant

Proficiency without level variant

Guide Dog animal companion

ancestral Lore feats should teach ancestral languges

Creating Soulbound Dolls

Advanced Combat Techniques

A fanciful redrawing of spell lists by tradition

Proficiency without level DC fixed

How broken would a wizard be if they knew every common level appropriate spell?

Alternate Cleric Traditions

Dragonborn Equivalent

How to make the wizard more scholarly?

Letting Alchs use *all* their items: Fine Motor Stance | Flourish | Frenzy

Short range teleport as a single action

A separation of the cleric

Compilation of Pathfinder 2nd Edition Settlement stats

Separation of the cleric discussion

A place for a more true-to-form, psychopomp-like banshee?

Looking For Advice on Creating a Module (I Mean Literally, Via InDesign)

Letting Alchemists use their items | Feat: Knuckle Pinch | "Weapon:" The Alchemist's Grape

Alchemical Items that act like cantrips

Beta Brew for your critique: Bomb Fueled, depolayble Alchemical Contraptions to give the Alchemist a real combat niche.

Planar wilderness : Abbadon

Shred this homebrew: Alchemical Contraptions, a diverse set of bomb-fueled combat depolyables to give the class a unique combat niche

Bag spiders

Character sheet Fillable and Autocompiling

Archetype: Spell Marksman

Skill feats based on proficiency only

New Class Concept: Symbiotic

Evil Light and Righteous Shadows - Sanctified Renegade Archetype

Options to strengthen prepared casters. (especially Wizards or other spellbook limited classes)

Composite armor ideas.

Need with occultism related designs for my bronze dragon (battlezoo) thaumaturge

Fabled Familiars

Revised Armor and Weapon Rules

Munitions crafter expansion.

Undead Support?

Balance is a Zero Sum Game

Low Power / Generic PC Classes

Balance, loot and Automatic Bonus Progression


Custom Activity - Pull

Custom Activity - Pull

Werebear template for PCs

The Demon Core hazard

Adding some Homebrew Backgrounds [Please Analyze and Critique]

Dire Goldfish Warlock Patron


Streamlining Treat Wounds

Creating Ninja class from 1ED in 2E?

Godhood Archetype for Characters to Earn Deity Status

Would it be too good to allow Armor Training to scale?

Help with pricing homebrew item

Lintusen - Homebrew Ancestry Preview-thing - V0.1a WIP

Like giant robots and / or custom classes? Then try the Ace class!

Homebrew: Kensai Archetype

How would you feel about a leveled spell minimum damage?

Stacking reagents

Kaju Battle Advice

Adjustments to Shield rules (Special Materials, Magic Shields, Shield Blocks, Shield Destruction, and Sturdy Shields)

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