My take on fixing the Alchemist for my homebrew:

Early Firearms and the Musketeer

Gyokuto - Homebrew

Form-Fillable Hack of Official B / W Character Sheet

Help me refine this class concept: the "weapon witch"

Proposal: Make "Change your grip by adding a hand to an item" not cost an action.

Homebrew Class

Homebrew Orc Ancestery

Focus Pool: Always Three?

Always in the Dark: How would you make a Shadowdancer in 2E?

Eliminating Ancestry-based stat boost / flaws

Various ideas for ways to play apprentice level characters

Community Project: One of Each.

The Tactician Dedication Archetype

Alternatives to Striking Runes

Marshal Multiclass Archtype

More feats

Idea for a Campaign: the Regretful Rakshasas

I just thought of this gem.

Let's Discuss Hero Points

Ability Scores

Alternate spells for Angelic, Demonic, Diabolic, and Elemental Sorcerers

Assuming a scaling proficiency homebrew is needed, how should it look?

Homebrew Class Archetype (any spellcasting) : the Dabbler

Armor Master Archetype

PF2 needs more ways to improve weapon proficiency

Should non-casters be able to increase their class DC to Legendary?

I think Sorcerers should get increased proficiency with Unarmed Attacks

Dex to damage

Lyaerie Avian Ancestery - Homebrew

Ideas for Guns in Second

Rogue Signature Skill

Savant general feat, to raise proficiency / training

Mardrin-My Homebrew Race

Unconscious condition and Reflex saves

Two more magic traditions (PE2)

Does removing the d4 hour cooldown on a rod of wonder break anything?

Proficiency without level variant

Level interval of ancestry and general feats, as well as skills

Lethal Tactics vs. flyers should still be viable.

XP for Gold

Moment of Clarity, barbarian feat action cost is too punishing?

Transmuter Focus Power: Form Weapon

Hero Points

Alignment mechanics replacement - Divine and Heretic

Basic Skill / General feats

Decoupling Perpetual Infusions from Research Field

Regain Focus Discussion

Nets / Rete

Spellcasting Multiclass Archetype Feats "hole" at 10th level

Seeing the potential for PF2 without class and / or level.

Catfolk Ancestry for 2nd Edition (Half-Catfolk as well)

Kineticist for 2nd Edition

Hacking the Alternate Classes

Fillable Spell Cards

A Test Run on Custom Ancestries: Kobolds

Homerule brainstorming, Regaining spell slots

Potential House Rule Feedback: Sneak Attack with Any Weapon

Stamina and Health

Mycar: Fungal Zombies

Orc Ancestery

Skill feat: Hazardous Explorer

Iron Gods in 2e?

Anyone else going to change the traditions and durations of spells? Your thoughts on heightened spells?

Adopted Ancestry

Malk_Content's collection of Rules Modules.

Ultra Instinct: Being a Saiyan in Second Edition

Plans for the future, and how will you Murder Death Kill?

Heritage based archetypes

Homebrew Worlds

Homebrew: Fun With Shields

Werecreature Heritage

What is the first class you're going to try and homebrew when you get the rules?

Charisma, the Step-Child Stat (houserules to redeem it)

Random curses - ideas wanted

Powerful Charge homebrew feat

Grapple against big targets in PF2

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