Jade Regent

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Jade Regent Obituaries Page (Obvious Spoilers)

The Hungry Storm (GM Reference)

The Brinewall Legacy (GM Reference)

Night of Frozen Shadows (GM Reference)

Forest of Spirits (GM Reference)

Concerned about the Caravan

Ameiko Kaijitsu: Impressions, Complications, Criticism and Praise

A bit disappointed about lack of martial arts character classes

Things you've changed, and things you should have. [Spoilers]

Clark's Jade Regent campaign

Does "Ameiko Kaijitsu" = "Mary Sue"?

Jade Regent Revealed

What did they do to Shalelu?

Whatcha playin'?

Jade regent by ship?!!

The Empty Throne (GM Reference)

Interactive maps!

Problems with Loot breakdowns and unfair loot *Spoilers*

Ameiko and Jade Regent

Sell me / Unsell me on Jade Regent

Need Paladin Advice for Jade Regent

Community Created Content

Ameiko destined to rule

NPCs Stealing the Show?

Jade Regent bad ending.

Final review of Jade Regent (spoilers)

Most epic goblins ever? (*** Spoilers ***)

Tide of Honor (GM Reference)

Finished it! [Spoilers]

Paizo Blog: Golarion Day: Oni

Jade Regent Caravan Excel Sheet

Starting With a Powerful Race {Spoilers}

Jade Regent Player's Guide?

A dragon to inspire Suishen

Music of the Jade Regent

Weapons not getting used

Romance Score ? What do I do with a Romance Score?

Brinewall Vault Treasures

Paizo Blog: More Jade Regent Romances--Kelda Oxgutter

Help Killing Ameiko...

Ameiko Kaijitsu and Your Game

Relationships & Romance

That damn boat... so much problems.


Share your Campaign's Ameiko Kaijitsu Stories / Complaints

Ninjas are wrecking my group.

Epic battle of Dead Man's Dome

Fast Track to Minkai: What's Important?

Yamabushi Tengu?!

DM's advice for Zaiobe (spoilers)

The Ruby Phoenix Tournament in "Forest of Spirits"

Making them Mythic?

The number of future important NPC's in Jade Regent

Extra Caravan Events

Improving Jade Regent~!

Another NPC companion? (Jade Regent spoilers)

An open letter to James Jacobs, Greg A. Vaughn, Jason Nelson, and Richard Pett

Finished Jade Regent

Relationship Score?

Potential Problem?

Oracle Curse: Mute

Paizo Blog: Golarion Day: Ninja and Oni and Sinspawn!

Implications of 25pt Buy?

Jade Regent Questions from new GMs

Oh the joys of having a party crafter.

Battle maps from the maps in the Adventure Path

Mounted character?

What did they do to Ameiko?!

Overall review / comments? (from players or DMs) Spoilers welcome

Running Jade Regent with only two players?

Concerns over Suishen's power. (spoilers)

More Brinewall Vault Custom Treasure

No proper map folio?

An all goblin party

Additional modules for side-quests?

About to run Jade Regent, small changes made to the plot, what do people think?

AP XP Question

GM advice The Hungry Storm, possible spoilers


Mortality, and the influence of Japanese cinema in Jade Regent

Wouldn't it be cool...

Jade Regent Writers

Characters from Tian-Xia

In Jade Regent, can animal companions fill job roles in caravans?

The PCs died - what now?

Bob The (Caravan) Builder - Can he fix it!? Nope.

Advice for Not Ameiko

Is there a Map for the caravan route in Brinewall Legacy?

Ninja Advice Needed. Midway through book 3 and up

Getting back into RPG. Jade Regent as a start.


Raiju... really Paizo?

Bestiary 2 Core?

New To GM Role...My First Adventure Path

Preparing for the Forest of Spirits and the Ruby Phoenix Tournament

WBL Allocation curiously low

Caravan Spreadsheet?

Ameiko dies in Rulelords. Amaya died in Council of Thieves. But there's still someone left...

What have I gotten myself into? Young player Jade Regent.

We Finished - Another Final Review of Jade Regent

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