Jade Regent

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The Brinewall Legacy (GM Reference)

The Empty Throne (GM Reference)

Forest of Spirits (GM Reference)

The Hungry Storm (GM Reference)

Tide of Honor (GM Reference)

Night of Frozen Shadows (GM Reference)

Non-Spoiler Aid for Jade Regent Required

JR + RotRL Mash up?

JR + RotRL Mash up?

Brinewall Vault Treasures

Things you've changed, and things you should have. [Spoilers]

List of all named Caravan NPCs in Jade Regent (spoilers)

DM's advice for Zaiobe (spoilers)

Turning oni into caravan member

Brinestump Marsh as Ultimate Wilderness Territory

Anyone have a NPC name cheat sheet for Jade Regent?

Oracle Curse: Mute

Time For a Jade Regent Hardcover.

Lucky Caravan feat seems bugged & other questions.

Fast Track to Minkai: What's Important?

Ameiko dies in Rulelords. Amaya died in Council of Thieves. But there's still someone left...

Dead Man's Dome

Brinewall Legacy PFS query

Characters from Tian-Xia

Hellknights and Jade Regent

Paizo Blog: More Jade Regent Romances--Kelda Oxgutter

Alternate Rokurokubi Stats

Using We Be Goblins

Jade Regent Obituaries Page (Obvious Spoilers)

Advice for a new Jade Regent run!

Jade Regent Book 4 Feasts, any rewrite ideas?

Just the Asian part of Jade regent?

Extra Caravan Events

Wizards and learning new spells during JR (no AP spoilers, please)

Idea for a post-Jade Regent campaign - Imperial Auditors

Starting with Burnt Offerings? (Spoilers for book 1 and Rise of the Runelords)

Starting with book 2 and a few DM questions

Under Frozen Stars help

JR NPC’s as buff cards

JR NPC’s as buff cards

So, did anyone stat out Ameiko & Friends for chapter 6?

The NPC gathering appeal "Helpers"

The NPC gathering appeal "Helpers"

Completed Jade Regent! Summary with Spoilers

A dragon to inspire Suishen

Feeling like a lackey as a PC

Visions of Jade [May contain Spoilers]

Rokuro Kaijitsu (wraith) and fallen foes, need advice!

DM guidance - Ravenscraeg Hall -Near TPK *spoiler

Foos in Tian Xia

Brinewall Legacy Custom Loot Help / Feedback

[SPOILERS AHEAD - DM ONLY] An AAR of The Brinewall Legacy with some ideas to share

Thinking about introducing a Npc to my jade regent playthrough

3 Players With Gestalt

How Should I Deal With Replacement PCs once the **SPOILERS** is Discovered?

A Mountain of rice in Kasai

Interactive Maps not working..?

Jade Regent Terrain [Spoilers]

Community Created Content

Epic battle of Dead Man's Dome

Any good miniatures for this path?

Logistics of traveling the High Ice?

Non-bard Ameiko suggestions

A New Home (Spoilers)

Jade Regent going evil

What have I gotten myself into? Young player Jade Regent.

What are the best changes to the AP you've ever seen?

Overall review / comments? (from players or DMs) Spoilers welcome

Omitting Part 2 of The Empty Throne. Thoughts?

New wagons anyone?

Jade Regent - Questions - Help Please

Jade Regent product question

In need of NoFS GMing advice (spoilers)

Jade Regent Game Rp Style

Pazuzu Statue Evil Plans

The Ceaseless Storm Unmasked: my changes to Jade Regent (many spoilers)

Amaya of Westcrown

Taunting in Kalgraad

Minkai: Sangoshi the sunken city

A More Developed Minkai?

Jade Empire adventure ideas?

Query re Minkaian succession

Additional modules for side-quests?

New game

Is there a way for individual wagons to be destroyed?

Askren's Brinewall Legacy changes and expanded introduction.

Ameiko and Amaya

Territories of the five imperial families

Yarr, someone got Sandru killed!

The Return of the Amatatsu and the Fall of a Tyrant: A final review for Jade Regent

Infiltrating Kasai

Soundtrack Music for Jade Regent

Quick Fixes for Caravan Combat

Altering Jade Regent Thoughts / Suggestions?

Thinking about GMing this...have a major question

Homebrew Oni and Emperor List

The Ruby Phoenix Tournament in "Forest of Spirits"

We Finished - Another Final Review of Jade Regent

Final review of Jade Regent (spoilers)

Variant Caravan rules without HP...Good idea?

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