Fists of the Ruby Phoenix

Help: Prize of the Ruby Phoenix Tournament

2 - Ready? Fight! (GM Reference)

Weird party, possible fix?

3 - King of the Mountain (GM Reference)

Possible APs to play to lead up to FotRP?

Fists of the Ruby Phoenix Jalmeri Heavenseeker training

Moku? (spoilers)

Default difficulty.

1 - Despair on Danger Island (GM Reference)

FotRP PFS Sanctioning

Starting positions

GM Livgins Campaign Journal (SPOILERS)

Thoughts on Starting at 11th Level?

Expanding Ghost Eater

...And in this corner...

Fifth member of Tino's Toughest

Rivka and Kujiba (Book 2)

Adding a Ninja Subplot? (Spoilers!)

Lord Buken Tegora as a sponsor

Map of Danger Island

What enemy teams have you made up?

FotRP Not Coming to Roll20?

Just 2 days to explore Danger Isle?

How much water is there?

Optimal Strategy to explore Danger Island and how it plays out?

What is the exact tournament policy on death?

File Size significantly larger?

How viable are Evil Characters in this?


The time has come! Introduce your warriors to the great tournament.

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