The Threefold Conspiracy

1 - The Chimera Mystery (GM Reference)

Spoilers! Running This Campaign **Spoiilers!

*SPOILERS* Questions for DMing Books 4-5

Starting book1 of Threefold, what’s been your experience?

6 - Puppets Without Strings (GM Reference)

Issue with new guns in Threefold Conspiracy 5: The Cradle Infestation

SRO as a PC [Spoilers galore]

2 - Flight of the Sleepers (GM Reference)

5 - The Cradle Infestation (GM Reference)

4 - The Hollow Cabal (GM Reference)

3 - Deceivers' Moon (GM Reference)

Book 4: Events 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 map suggestions

Holovid: "Welcome aboard the Chimera"

Book 2 Fight Of the Sleeper *Spoilers*

Tusk the Half-Orc's The Chimera Mystery Campaign

Asking for advice for Book 1 - inexperienced GM with paranoid players

[Campaign Journal] Nullpunkt's The Chimera Mystery

Book 5: Llaoe Arae Sequence (Spoilers)

GMs-only: questions from a Pathfinder GM about running book 1, The Chimera Mystery

After the End: Sequel / Continuing the Story (SPOILERS)

Book 3: Knockdown Advanced Rail Gun and Organized Play Chronicle Sheet

Puppets Without Strings (minor spoiler)

The Chimera Mystery Backgrounds *Spoilers

Quantum Lab ... spoilers

Chimera cast and crew playbill


Paizo Blog: The Threefold Conspiracy: Gray Matter

どうもありがとう, Mr. Roboto? [SPOILERS!]

Quantum Troll Reach

Deceiver's Moon Event 1 question *spoilers*

Character Cards for the Chimera Mystery

Paizo Blog: Don’t Trust Your Senses

Paizo Blog: Seeing the Unseen

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