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The new level 5+ best healer in the game?

Character Creation Advice

New to the game building a healer

Which archetype(s) and blast spell helps a a heal-bard best in this group at level 8?

A few questions about Fighters

Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium (Second Edition)

Nature healing

New to Pathfinder 2e, need help with character concepts / builds

Effects for Curing Curses?

Investigators and How to Handle Them

One-shots for mounted characters

Lesser Sun Orchid Elixir

The wrestler

Wanted: Skilled Frontliner

Skill feat guide

The Flurry Maneuver Ranger guide

Building a Elf Druid in Pathfinder

Sorcerer spells eligible for Occult Evolution feat

Need some experienced help with combining weapon inventor with surgeon alchemist

Workshopping a Pantheon

Good Gadgets?

Bomber Alchemist MC Investigator

New GM about to run campaign for non tabletop-background friends: any advice?

Is Hybrid Beast Combat Possible?

How to create a summoner who's goal is quantity not quality?

Captain Morgan's Class Selection Guide

I want to make a ratfolk cavalier

There is no eidolon, there is only wolf.

Best Archer builds

I love PF2e but Utility / Control spells are so disappointing. Is there anything to improve them?

Dragon Form with Tremorsense is it possible?

How hard is it to convert 5e content to Pathfinder 2e?

Time-Manipulating Bard?

Summoner: How well does it perform?

Armored monk

Help for a New Player and Character? (PFS2e)

PF2 For Kids

2nd Edition Guide to the Guides!

Psychic and Summoner

Fantasy history

VampByDay's Guide to choosing your class

How close can you get to playing literally just a dog?

Can someone guide me while I build my first character?

A big strike for my ranger

Suplex vs Trip

Day 1: VampByDay's thaumaturge guide!

What classes get the most out of the Elven Curve Blade?

Interesting ways to barbarian druid

Barbarian antler

Winning Streak - what counts as a 'significant foe'?

Age of Ashes Dwelf Class Selection?

Arboreal Sapling advice needed

Out of combat Healing

dhampir in malevolence

Quest for the Frozen Flame character help

Level 5 Thaumaturge Build Advice

I'm bored...

Good dual class combos (and builds), and what they're good for

Need advice on a desecrator build

Do natural weapons stack with monk stances?

Guide to Alchemical Items

Cleric of Sarenrae role-play question.

Troll moving through 5 foot corridor during combat

Best Psychic Focus Spells for a Bard

Any way to avoid fatigue in precipitation?

Martial Magicks: A Guide for the Second Edition Magus

Homebrew weapon question


Building an Ashava Cleric in Abomination Vaults?

Need a mathematical analysis for arquebus vs harmona gun.

Official AP with only 2 players

Tarondor's Guide to the Pathfinder Second Edition Wizard

Casting Cleric Build

What are some common dwarfisms?

Hard to Kill Builds?

How many times can we sell our empty hands - flat-footed edition

Amazing Disarm Build

Ravingdork's Guide to Reverse Engineering

Help me make a flavorful build to make a fellow player cry?

Best bard / psychic build for OoA to support an all martial party

What are some builds / character concepts that either need multiclass dedication or benefit greatly from them?

Cleric Concept for Abomination Vaults?

A player character is in need of a new deity.

Implement ideas for an evil thaumaturge.

Chasing tail

Bardic Lore with Kreighton’s Cognitive Crossover OP?

Best way to handle maps (without a TV table)?

Building a gnome illusionist

How to run a mayoral election in a campaign? (setting neutral version)

Tips for making my first pathfinder 2e characters? (level 0 rules)

A samurai with some flavor

Party Composition for Age of Ashes

Coordinated ambush initiative rolls for Pathfinder Society Organized Play

Need Assistance on a few class builds>

VestOfHolding's Class Guide Formatting Guide

Build advice

Question from a GM about to run Blood Lords

Barbarian Guide

Evil character Blood Lords idea

Creepy alchemist that fits this party?

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