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Your Kineticist Experience so far?

Ring of Wizardry

Best magic items to use as implements

PSA: Jousting is better than it used to be

Seeking Advice on Inventor's Mech

What are some great shoddy items?

Throwing Dagger Rogue

Creating a Custom Magic Item: Price Advice for a Teleporting Tattoo

Stone druid + archtype?

Front Toward Enemy: A Guide to the PF2e Gunslinger

Advice on Champion characters in APs without many Unholy enemies?

Ideas for Witch Patrons - Resentment Patron

Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium (Second Edition)

Clarification on Familiar Attack Rules (original 2E pre-update)

Help Linking Foundry VTT with my Paizo content for PF2e

Unexpected party composition / Possible Champion build advice

The Green Knight Cavalier

Tooth and Nail: FedoraFerret's Guide to the Animal Companion

An Andoran Dwarven Journalist NPC

Piercing damage

Antipaladin level 11 Destructive Vengeance interaction help needed

Need help with a Character Build inspired by HollowKnight

Best Items for a Battle Oracle

The best way to make a full on gambler?

Teaching Windsong to non-druids violates anathema?

Oceans in the Netherworld (Shadow Plane)?

Optimized blaster caster build anyone?

What to do with a fiendish contract?

Remaster Shield questions

Day 1: VampByDay's thaumaturge guide!

Kineticists and wish weapons?

The wrestler

Elf with a bite attack?

Making bosses using player levels

Am I building the character correctly?

Ways to prebuff

Magnificent Menagerie: A PF2e Remaster Familiar Guide

Looking to build a Resentment Witch need help

Using Reposition to swap places with an enemy

A test monk

Crit specialization effect

Custom Deities

FlurryofBlunders' Guide to the PF2e Summoner

Is this riddle too difficult?

Building a Spirit Instinct Barbarian

How Would One Survive on the Plane of Fire?

2nd Edition Guide to the Guides!

Menace Under Otari: This seems like too much XP

Create a Distraction Distracting Words?

Arthurian Legends

Aroden paladin code, anathema and etc.

Religion & Alt History

Rogue Assistance Needd

Tarondor's Guide to the Pathfinder Second Edition Fighter


First time to DM advice Please

I am attempting to create a wizard focused on support what archetypes would work well

Barbarian Guide

What is the best use case for the Gunner's Bandolier?

Kobold Cloistered cleric

Equipment to enhance grappling

Time correction

What is the greatest carrying capacity we can manage?

Best Celebrity / Dandy Build?

Druid Questions

How to Build a High Level Character

Rogues, Fortitude and Bumping all Successful saves.

Witch's Cauldron

Greater Quicksilver Mutagen

Warpriest reactions

Untamed Form Druid vs Barbarian

Which important spells are missing in PC1?

Could use some help choosing feats from the wrestler archetype for grappling

Mastering Versatility and Range: Seeking Tips for Enhancing My Switch-Hitter Spear Specialist

Compilation of abilities compatible with Familiar of Ongoing Misery

Witch Patron Familiar Ability

Good classes + archetypes for a Dragon Quest style hero?

Aldori Duelist questions

The Resentment and the Occult Tradition

Evil champion reaction

Guide to Alchemical Items

Ongoing Misery and the Primal spell list.

Untrained Improviser

Glorious Tactics

Monks, Magic, and Metal

Are controller casters still a thing?

Advice Needed for Grappling Monk

Powerful sustained spells


Help me find creatures that have poison gas ability?

Best Shield for a Sword-and-Board Warpriest?

Creature abilities—how many actions?

Titan's Break Exemplar and Maneuvers

Pitfalls of Giving Characters Extra Actions?

Best archetype for an undead necromancer undead hunter.

Kineticist and longer then 1 minute effects.

Kineticist and Dual classing

Redeemer Build Advice Request

Advice for running a Christmas 1 shot

Spell Incantations, 2nd Edition

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