Horizons of the Vast

Whispers of the Eclipse (3 of 6) GM's Reference

Serpents in the Cradle (2 of 6) GM's Reference

Planetfall (1 of 6) GM's Reference

Medical advice... IN... SPAAAACE!

The Drift Event, will you add this into your Space kingdom mix? (GM Spoilers, be warned)

Allies against the Eye (5 of 6) GM's Reference

The Culling Shadow (6 of 6) GM's Reference

How I've been making our game special

Icebound (4 of 6) GM's reference

Is this adventure path worth purchasing for me (details inside).

So how is your "Kingmaker in Space" game going, be you the GM or a player?

Parts 4 and 5 have same codex of worlds entry

Charter Rules Plus

The covers seem really dark

Anyone else having issues with putting the 3 hex maps together?

Exploring Thorougly?

Any tips for a GM about to kick this AP off

Hilary Moon Murphy might do extra content on Starfinder Infinite, anyone interested?

Do I need any of the Alien Archives to play these adventures?


Whispers of the Eclipse - P. 43 Verdant Blast Spell Level?

All things Map related :)

What kind of Class and race will you be playing?

Will we get the charter rules as seperate pdf?

Planetfall: Question about Pacing

Paizo Blog: Horizons of the Vast: A Weydana Welcome

Any idea when we will see the players guide for this?

So are you looking forward to not!spacekingmaker(tm)?

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