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Find information and discuss Paizo Inc. and their projects here. This forum is not the place to ask questions or seek advice for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, Starfinder Roleplaying Game, or Pathfinder Adventure Card Game—please look at our other subforums before you post here.
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Find information and ask questions about products sold through To start a new topic about a product, click the "Product Discussion" tab on its display page.
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Discuss or ask questions about projects that utilize the Paizo Community Use Policy here.
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Hide Licensed Products General Discussion Licensed Products

For discussion of licensed products such as Pathfinder comics, dice and Munchkin.
4,794 posts in 269 threads

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Hide Miniatures Licensed Products

Discuss officially licensed Paizo miniatures, including Pathfinder Paper Minis, Reaper's unpainted metal Pathfinder Miniatures, WizKids' Pathfinder Battles prepainted plastic miniatures and more!
17,411 posts in 736 threads

Hide General Discussion Pathfinder Playtest

40,368 posts in 1,297 threads

do skills stack

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1,964 posts in 163 threads

Hide Running the Game Game Master Rules

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Paizo Blog: Eye of Dread
Monastic Weapons
Alchemical Golem Leaked
Follow the Expert

Hide Pathfinder RPG General Discussion Pathfinder RPG

This forum is for general comments about the Pathfinder RPG and discussing the system with other gamers.
734,705 posts in 18,710 threads

Hide Advice Pathfinder RPG

Exchange and seek advice for your Pathfinder RPG campaign or character. Please review the Advice Forum Guidelines before posting.
981,250 posts in 57,249 threads

Hide Rules Questions Pathfinder RPG

Ask Pathfinder RPG mechanics and rules questions here. If you have questions about a third-party Pathfinder mechanic or rule, please post them to the Third-Party Advice and Rules Questions subforum.
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Hide Product Discussion Paizo Products

Discussion about Pathfinder Roleplaying Game products from Paizo.
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Hide Beginner Box Paizo Products

Join the discussion about the Pathfinder RPG Beginner Box, from tips for new players to advice on adapting printed adventures from hardened veterans.
8,358 posts in 676 threads

Hide Advice and Rules Questions Third-Party Pathfinder RPG Products

Discuss rules or ask for advice using third-party content published in products released under the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatibility License.
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Hide Conversions Pathfinder RPG

Threads about converting from other systems to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, or converting Pathfinder Roleplaying Game content to other systems.
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Hide Pathfinder Adventure Path General Discussion Pathfinder Adventure Path

Discussion of Pathfinder Adventure Paths in general.
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Hide Modules Pathfinder

Discuss the Pathfinder Modules line of short, one-off adventures.
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Hide Player Companion Pathfinder

Discuss the line of Pathfinder Player Companion books, covering new character options, tips, and tricks for player characters in the world of Golarion.
8,140 posts in 398 threads

Hide Accessories Pathfinder

Discuss Pathfinder Cards, Pathfinder Maps, Pathfinder Pawns, and other Pathfinder accessories.
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How big is Absalon Station?

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Hide Starfinder Society Organized Play

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Season 2
Funniest SFS Moments

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Discuss general gamer and gaming topics here.
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