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Slashing Grace & Elven Thornblade

Unseen servant question

Hard Question for Arcane Casters

What Is "Maximum Movement For The Round"?

Published Builds Using Fell Rider?

Two-weapon Fighting and Shield Master

Ghost+Alchemist Infusions=?

Do Paladins kill Goblin Spawn?

What monsters are your favorite?

Anyone know how to get Thought Thief to work?

Where / What is the rule that says they do not stack?

Ranged Barbarian and Multiclass; no, yes, how?

Does Barkskin and Shield Stack?? how they work correctly

need some advice on Spellslinger and possible multi class options.

For those that have played Reign of Winter

Downloading freaking maps

How many attack has golem?

Aquatic Combat Flowchart

Pet / Familiar / Companion / Animal Fillable PDF Sheet with Download

Is it worth it to get Improved Critical for a Greatsword?

Feedback On My Town

Infernal Challenger

Using Amulet of Mighty Fists and Body Wrap of Mighty Strikes

Crossing archtypes and classes question

Fish of the day

Help with a Half-Orc Warpriest Archer

How much would you charge...

Do I need Eschew Materials? - Dual Shield Warpriest

Homebrew-ish item question

What does receiving a sending "feel" like?

Changing Demiplane Portal Location

5-Foot Step while entangled

New ritual system. Suggestions welcome

Keeping Death Relevant in High Level Paly

Arcane bonded Item and multiclassing?

How can I handle giant monsters without them being "not fun" ?

Making a Monster Tactician "Get Down, Mr. President!" build

Best AP for new players?

Boomerang vs Chakram

First attempt at an Archetype

Is my friend playing Titan Mauler wrong?

Subschool of infernal challenger.

How is Pathfinder balanced?

What level would a spell that's just like Heal but can only be cast on one's self be?

Pocket Editions

Aquatic Rules Cheatsheet

Brainstorming a "simple" class idea.

Standard Level 20 Wizard

Stuff That You Wish Paizo Had Done For Pathfinder 1E?

Best Warpriest Blessing Combinations

Mu spore question

gear for my PFS lvl 8 Cavalier

Infinite crates

Fearsome Finish

Why are all the detect (whatever) spells blocked by lead or thick walls?

The search for a method to Convert Permanencyed personal spells to SLA's

Pathfinder Gestalt D20 M Character Advice (Playing my old character)

Collection of D20 modifications looking for feedback.

Help Me Make An O.P. 25th Level Character

Picture Identification

Bardess' Pathfinder Place (my blog)

What happens if two spheres of annihilation touch eachother?

Hours and hours of play and fun! Black Fang and beyond

Best PF 1st Edition Adventure Path

Items for a Seducer Witch?

Want something more for my Oracle of Life healer

Playing an Oozemorph: The mega(slimy) thread.

Divine Focus and Somatic Spell Components

Double Weapon Mindblade

Party's has no healer now. What do I do?

Gravelings - A homebrew race descended from Psychopomps

Kinetic Knight - Swift Blade Rush Questions

Help pls, I don´t understand Dragonblood Chymist

Empower Spell

Keeping a Blossoming Light alive without breaking the Promise of Faith?

Dragonblood Chymist help

Dragon Born Racial Build

Lore Question w / regards to Character Creation

Mount Carry Load Discrepancy Question

Being in a opponent's square is my job (build advice)

Looking for more material about Svirfneblin.

Can A Rogue pick up Slayer Talents?

Bull Rush and Trip to a mounted target

Building Tar-Baphon a Girlfriend

Bull Rush on Mounted Combatants

Searching for an editable pdf for Eidolons

[Legendary Games] Aegis of Empires Adventure Path Kickstarter for PF1, PF2, and 5E launches May 6!

How is my feat Selection ? slayer Gestalt D20M CHA Hero

Craft Gunsmithing

How to fortify / What defender force to amass for a floating city against an undead army?

Ranged Vivisectionist Dragon Slayer Build

Patching some Holes in the Party

Breaking Galorian Economy Contest

Will scrying on a medusa turn you to stone?

breaking open treasure chests

How to Build a Trio of lvl 14 Cavaliers

[Ascension Games] Path of Shadows, a book about shadow and darkness magic, has been released on the Paizo store!

Pick up objects quicker


Healer's Blessing on Magic Items

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