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How does an animated object (Colossal) ship work?

Comparing 9th level casters

Deathray Do's and Don'ts? Looking for advice on a ray-focused necromancer.

How do these feats work with ranged weapons?

1001 Inconsequential Flora & Fauna

Effects of spells that are stored

Stack Traits Tireless Logic and Inspired?

Optimizing a Herald of the Horn

What Adventure Paths Are We Still Playing?

Does using a wish / miracle to change a feat seem reasonable?

Brawler's Flurry + Power Attack (not 2-handed shenanigans)

Bloodrager guide

Cleric build question

Magic Beans!!

Favorite low level builds...

Does death ward protect against the Wraith's ability drain?

How Do You Write Evil?

Does the play 'The King in Yellow' detect as evil?

Wave Strike seems like a bit of a troll

At least 100 vehicles and bases

Reactive Armor Against Fireball

Unusual Body types + gear

How long do you let the party faff about before giving them a nudge towards adventure?

"Stop roleplaying us out of combats--it's costing us loot!"

Croc attack confusion

Bardess' Pathfinder Place (my blog)

Book of Extended Summoning


(PF 1e) Wizard Variant - "Double-Major"

[JBE] Book of Magic: Spell Codex Volume 1

Invulnerable Rager and Split Damage vs DR

A few rules questions over my Magus Monk

Third Bloodline Arcana?

Lich or Vampire, which is the superior undead transformation?

Weapon Expertise and Weapon Mastery feats?

Minor Crafting Question

Choral Support and Spell Description

Why aren't all fey considered extraplanar?

Limiting your players

Tabards, Posters, and handbills.

Items to raise spell DC?

Let's talk about Demonic Implants and Damnation feats...

Designing a new weapon.

Charm person and guardian armor

Can "make whole" fix items that have been rusted away by rust monsters?

Some questions regarding Complete Arcane (DND 3.5)

Something seems off about these door mechanics.

Any way to get 'Smite X' on a bloodrager without multiclassing?

Becoming a Runelord

Deep Dark Debris

Charme and Verbal Threat

To what extent is proselytizing acceptable in Golarion?

Witch spell learning

PF1 Druid - Wildshape Combatant

Create Magic Item Pricing doubts

Talk about refinement Lead -> gold via philosophers stone.

Can you use fabricate to make bigger and smaller gems?

Efficient-izing Iaijutsu Strike (Sword Saint)

Community College for Crafters...

Best way to combine the Possessed Hand feats with the Maniac Hand cursed item...

How do you sleep at night? Therapy for adventurers...

Expeditious Retreat + Haste?

Some rule questions

Benefit of Shepsi-ak's Funerary Mask for Undead?

Ice Cream Flavors

101 creepy things

Random Food Table

Size and on higher ground

Knowledge checks and Aid Another

You receive one boon from a mythical figure what would you ask for?

Do you think wizards ever feel conflicted about expensive spells?

Consequence of losing class-added feats

Slam Attack

Rager's Aid Questions

*SPOILERS* Rise of the Runelords with Dragons *SPOILERS*

hexes and blindness

Augmented Summoning Feat

Things Found Under a Rock

Underworld Inspiration (Ex)

Owl's Witch Guide (now with working link)

What's the use of Scrivener's Chant?

dimension door carries allies to make full attack

Summoned animal's that can rage

Summoning and Buffing

Ankh Lesser Talisman question

Would this house rule variant of gem cutting break anything or is it reasonable?

sneak attack vs spells

Dhampir hunter, Vampiric Companion and Raise\resurrection of Animal Companion how does that go?

Can the Hardening Spell Stack?

Intimidate feat chains - Shatter Defenses vs Cornugon Smash?

Prestidigitation Question

What do your non-crafters do with Downtime


Mounted Hunter advice requested

Mental Focus Enchantment and Mithral Breastplate

Feats for a Bonded Object?

Lostling Template: Undead or Not?

Lots of Vending Machines

JBE's Pathfinder Blog

[ACG] Hunter and Animal Focus

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