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Leadership Cohort - Star Monarch

Battering blast Arcanist

Feeling a little melancholy

Small sized melee characters, What are some good class choises?

Infinite crates

Why don't high level demons and devils always teleport away?

Mastering the Elements: N. Jolly's guide to the Pathfinder Kineticist


Custom Staff - How much?

Human Sacred Huntsmaster Build Advice

[New Spell] Hang Together

Help me build a radioactive Dragon.

What business would a wizard specialist excel at?

Succubus in a grapple.

Outflank Hunter VS Pack master Hunter Seeking Advice

SLAs and using Spell Triggers.

Polymorphing into an unknown creature

16 Paladin Problem in Hells Vengeance

Is there a feat / mythic ability / whatever that gives you a perfect memory?

Roll with It (goblin racial feat) & secondary effects on a hit

How does it work? - Intimidating Performance

Harrow-Themed Bestow Curse Table

Zen Archer's "Trick Shot" and shooting out of LOS

When a dead creature stops being a creature? (Baleful Polymorph)

Please help me fill in all of the continent of Azlant

Original Ideas for SHIPS around the Shattered Continent of Azlant & the Sightless Sea?

Full Attack With Thrown Weapon?

What's the border of a deity's capability on directly affecting a mortal or the world?

Maximizing a AOO Reach Fighter for a game from 1 to 6.

Cold Weather rules and equipment

Dragon Polymorph and Items

Probably the most critical knowledge local check ever made.

Shifting Labyrinth

How unbalancing is it to introduce a handful of technology items to a steam punk level tech game?

Patron Familiar, Animal and Improved Familiar, which trumps?

When to retcon?

Outflank Hunter VS Pack master Hunter Seeking Advice

Quahs to Runelords

Reskin a Monster!

Support Cleric - Ranged or Melee?

Combat Manager application

Why does "Interrogation" Have the Evil Tag But "Confess" Does Not?

Archetype Tier List: A Guide to Picking Archetypes

Exemplar Traits? Awesome fun to commence...

Dwarven warpriest with reach

Nonstandard Devil Redemption questions...

Ranged attack optimization. How many feats are really necessary?

Ultimate Wilderness Tyrant Totem Question

Looking For a Homebrewed Plague Antipaladin Archetype

Grabbing style without Monk or Brawler?

Terrakineticist Talent Selection

High Tech Gear

Drake Companion - Size Increase Modifiers

Need help with Gunslinger

Reading Explosive Runes

Which classes to choose for the mother and uncle of a PC

Horror Adventures potential errata

Crafting for Profit


Need help with Gunslinger

Boots of Planar Grounding + Eidolon = no banishment?

Can Cybertech be made out of special materials

CotCT: What to play with a bunch of powergamers

Better Unchained Ninja Homebrew

Age of Ashes Conversion Guide

Looking for information on Nidal

Potential unforeseen consequences of allowing the Sacred Servant and Oathbound paladin archetypes to stack?

Gunslinger's dead shot deed

Guide to Familiars in Pathfinder by SunderedShadow

Lovecraft Monsters

Aether Kineticists As a Jedi

Heroes from the Fringe - Half-Elf Double Scion

Advise needed on high lv 15 Evangelist Cleric + Evangelist (PrC)

Fabricate and Masterwork Items

"Tenacious Spell" metamagic and "Vanish"

Changing Ranger or Hunter mental ability dependence without losing nature theme

Guide for Kineticist Dipping and Dipping Kineticist

Bardess' Pathfinder Place (my blog)

Standard Actions

Ice viking hero

Ankou's Shadow (Slayer Archetype) Shadow Double

Wall of Fire does not harm objects?

CR modifier of a template?

question about Table 5–52: 4th-Level Wands, from GAMEMASTERY GUIDE

An erase memory spell

Arcanist - No Archetype or School Savant Need Advice (LV 5)

How do I move at full speed in medium armour?

RIP magical child archetype

How do I make my Wyrwood character size medium?

Attempting to End Movement in a Square With An Invisible Opponent

Random weather

Twinned Summoner Extra Feat Evolution question

Path of War Tracking Sheet Form PDF

Improvised weapon question

Sister-in-Arms Cavalier

An Encounter: the Wycked and the Whallop

Guide to the Class Guides

How many charges does it have - Crook of Cidhureen

Magic item to speed magic item creation

Sanosuke sagara

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