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Mythich shapeshift feat, trying to find.

[Fire Mountain Games] Throne of Night

Hard to kill builds?

Any odd gaming quirks?

Best way for a ninja to strip fear immunity

Ghost Rider Cavalier

Bard x Gunslinger ??

Why can't feast of ashes kill you?

How Do Cohorts Level Up?

Druid (storm) blaster build advice

Gunchemist musket build

Improved Familiar choice

Can a rakshasa have any animal's head?

giant flytrap name

Knowledge is Power

Summon Nature’s Ally Resources

Homebrew conversion help

Solo Wizard build - Level 1 and up

Gun Chemist and Spell Cartridges

Combat Expertise - Movement Before and Attacks of Opportunity

Parapromo 2019 - 1001 PC Race Ideas!!!

Death Ward prevents death from negative level accumulation?

Class / archetype suggestions for PFS race boon

Homebrew Campaign Setting, requesting input (w / 3PP materials)

Mage's Disjunction and Prismatic Wall / Sphere

Can you reload a sling while you have a light shield equipped?

Weird Rule question.

Knights of the Inner Sea (FAQ / Errata)

Drinking Alcohol as a Swift Action

Shrinking Weapon Property

Build a character and Role-playing / not just a Bunch of Numbers in a DPS Arms Race

Faiths of Purity (FAQ / Errata)

Just an excerpt from our campaing that had us rolling with laughter

PvP: Wizard looking for an option to take out the Paladin.

What are some amusing ways to TPK a level 20 party?

Knifemaster PFS Build advice

Archetype Tier List: A Guide to Picking Archetypes

Path of War - Ranger Archetype "Ambush Hunter" gets Spells replaced but...

Compression Ability

Ruins of Elion, Discussion.

Sanctified Slayor Inquisitor + Nightmare Fist

Ioun Trainer

please explain "unchained" classes

Random Village / town / city

[Ascension Games, LLC] Announcing Path of the Wilds! Kickstarter and Playtest Discussion Thread

100 Unexpected Traps [CLEAVES]

Villain Codex errata

Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium

Occult Adventures Potential Error

Ultimate Magic Errata

Titan Fighter Lance in One Hand?

Crafting a bag of holding-material components

Ok, I get it now...

Oracle spellcasting - Divine Focus Question

Grave Marker Arrow

Feat Selection or Class Abilities (What Comes First)

Small creatures in a large creatures space

Crafting magic items missing rules

Campaign Journal?

Weapon cords on spell books inside handy haversack

How does spell caster level work?

Fearal Combat Training & Brawlers Flurry

Akashic Characters Tread (TM)

Devil of the Murder Cliffs (Frog God, indigogo)

Pathfinder Pokemon

150 campsite events

Multiple attacks of tentacles (Black Magga)

150 Urban events

Is there a feat that does this

I really like the idea of playing this concept

Improved Familiar and Leadership Cohort: Combined NPC

Liberating (WMH) weapon property and weapon's bonuses to the CMB

Animal Companion for Grappling

Best ways to summon as a standard action?

Animating a Frost Drake

Is there a spell that drains someone's Ki pool?

Need opinions for a homebrew skill system

Needing help to select monsters

Quintessentialist - granting feats with choices

Calculating AC (Paladin)

Pirate Ships; Cannons or Casters?

??? has any mad a char sheet ???

Bardess' Pathfinder Place (my blog)

Aquatic Rules Cheatsheet

Gallery of Regrettably Overpriced Items

Werewolf PCs

Looking for Clarification.: Interactions related to the "mist rogue" or "smoke rogue"

Group buff, your opinion is in demand.

Does the assassin PrC suck as much as it looks like it does?

Versatile Design and Ascetic Style / Form

Feeling a little melancholy

How "fixed" is a werecreature's alignment?

Crafting with a 5% chance for cursed item.

Please Help me convince my DM to let me make a bomb

Getting my Bonded Holy Symbol Back

Twilight Sage - How should it be built?

Balancing Spell Casters

Question about Phantom Blade's Spell Combat

Versatile Design Katana & Unchained Monk

Taking Rules to Their Illogical Extremes

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