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If YOU Could be a Pathfinder Character, what Would you Want to Be

Star Wars Conversion

Everquest RPG to Pathfinder

What Classes Do You Wish Got The Unchained Tretment?

Can Scatterguns perform ranged Trip and Disarm with the right feats

Magic fang

Is the Butchering axe an "orc weapon"

Caster support...

Druid (?) companion question - theme important

Magaambyan Initiate / Magaambyan Arcanist=Single Class Mystic Theruge?

Glitterdust vs. Invisibility

Tsoli, working on a Warlock Vigilante w / o the vigilante baggage.

Bard Healing.

Staff-Like Wand for Arcanist

Is there a spell that just cleans yourself like taking a bath?

Nobody expects a guide to the inquisitor

Kineticist Esoteric knight what do you lose? Is it worth it?

Alchemical Assassin (Alchemist Archetype) Let me know what you think.

Defensive Grace as an Infusion

Bardess' Pathfinder Place (my blog)

[Fire Mountain Games] Throne of Night

Which class for ranged?

What monsters do you think look better in Pathfinder than in DND

Update me on the status of your PF1 campaign!

Dan bong

Legendary item spellcasting + mythic spellcasting?

Does anybody have any suggestions for making a BARD bard?

How would you balance out an NPC Coven?

Gang Up question

How do you use Aberrations in your games

Preferential Treatment to "The GM's Girlfriend"

Ancient Lorekeeper Oracle without armor

Meet: Zripruss Zandisgrio

Animal Companion

Lowering magic item cl for crafting dc

Initial Character Description

What constitutes 'Base Speed'?

High Tech Gear

Can an earth elemental carry someone underground?

Command undead spell - unlimited?

Far Strike Monk, Bonus feats and Targeting feats.

Frequency of Full Attacks

Yet one more Improved Familiar Question

Peacemaker Cleric

Phoenix Sorcerer / Oracle build

So what would be the best multiclass option for Shifter?

Wondrous item creation rule?

Cleric With (Maybe) No God?

101 Deities

How many of your games actually go past level 10?

100 Unusual Treasures [CLEAVES]

Resolving multiple creatures in a square issue when it should be allowed (such as invisible, blinking, etc)

The Brawler is the only pure martial that can keep up with 4th level and even 6th level casters.

Weapon Damage types

Kineticist Two-Weapons

Ley lines in general.

Stuff That You Wish Paizo Had Done For Pathfinder 1E?

Creating a Cleric of Ketephys

Liquid glass shuriken / crystal chakram

What're your favorite Sorcerer Bloodlines?

100 Minor Powers

Is outsider to the planet, plane or universe?

Crater World: New Homebrewed Pathfinder 1E World

Cheapest magical item by the books

Vanilla Monk or Tetori Monk

Evangelist Spells - Peacemaker - Mediator = What works and what doesn't

Creating Magic Items and Caster Level

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder First Edition Pocket Editions Preserve a Legacy of Play

Where do you store things? Details inside.

Help with Ultimate Tiny Elemental Fox Thief

If the Intimidate skill is considered a Fear effect, shouldn't Bluff / Diplomacy be considered a Charm or Compulsion effect?

both confused and frightened, or similar conflicts in compelled action

Explosive Bomb + Scatter Weapon w / Gun Chemist Alchemist

Beast Shape IV Options For A Bloodrager

Tips on how to build a weretouched shifter.

Smell My Feats

Scroll Scholar and Evangelist

Advice on my Stunning Barrier + Sanctuary Oracle Metal Fauchard wielding build

Collection of Traps

What is "The Elephant in the Room" as it pertains to Pathfinder?

If you have access to any method to change the element of your spells, is there any reason at all to use fire?

How to date a dragon?

can mischievous tail attack with improvised weapons?

There is no point in making a strength based one handed combatant is there?

Draconic Eldritch Heritage Fighter Build

Learning Spells from Another Class's List

Owl's Witch Guide (now with working link)

Tumor Familiars - Interesting character concepts

Best Bonded Holy Symbols

Does someone have a world map with the Parchlands?

Comparing 9th level casters

Using a scroll in a single round

What archetypes get an Oracle curse?

Looking for advice on where to go with my oracle.

Word of Recall - How does this work for a spontaneous caster?

Haven't built a PF1E character since 2014, attempting to build a Dex Slayer.

New GM, looking to run Curse Of The Crimson Throne

Akashic Characters Tread (TM)

for greater good quiz.

Allowing Neutral Characters to Channel both Positive and Negative Energy - Is It Possible?

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