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Do you punish roleplaying with stupid checks?

As a DM, Have You Ever Given The Players Any Kind of Boon / Bonus?

Favorite AP, Module, and / or Homebrew for Pathfinder?

[Legendary Games] Corefinder

skinwalker crocodile biting grapple barbarian

Alternate, House, and Optional Rules

Slave Knight Gael's Cape

Working towards 2 Favored Class Bonuses at once

1001 Inconsequential Flora & Fauna

Is Favoured Class a class feature?

Help me assign this custom monster an appropriate CR

WoW Favorites done Pathfinder Style

How Did You Find Out About Pathfinder?

How would you kill a Lich... one on one...?

What would and wouldn’t be allowed in tournaments / competitions?

"Lich, please"

Infinite crates

Does the Psychometrist Vigilante get Resonant Powers, and if yes, how does it work?

Pimping Kaidan

Tabards, Posters, and handbills.

101+ Encounters / Ideas for Coastal Cities, Towns, and Villages with Seaports (or Airship Ports)

Ball Lightning, Focused on One Target

Archetype Stacking Based Builds!

Mongrel mage

Random Village / town / city

Ulfen Guard PrC

Paladin Code and extremism.

Rise of the Runelords item legality question *spoilers*

Cavalier Charge and Reach

Spell Focus

Build with a 'bat crap crazy' collection of abilities?!?

Questions about racial SLAs and undine weaponshafts

Inheritor’s Crusader PRC

Combat Expertise (or defensive fighting) boosters

Splintersoul Vigilante and Ex-class archetypes

Alter Self and Powerful Change

Does reach increasing sack?

Can a Golem act as a Phylactery?

VMC Order of the Hammer + Softstrike monk

How do you translate movement speed to MPH?

Advice for Low Level Sandpoint Quest for "NPC" Side quest as Sandpoint Guards

Advice for Low Level Sandpoint Quest for "NPC" Side quest as Sandpoint Guards

Undeath to Death spell vs vampire

Variant Multiclass Alchemist Bombs

Battlehost- Free Mwk Siege engine at level1?

Highest Damage Dice

Crafting more then one potion a day

Assimer Tiefling Kobold

100+ Spells From the Lost Spellbooks

Myrrh, Frankincense, and Steel: Kurald Galain's Guide to the Magus

Drow Cleric

Alluria Publishing - Some information

Aid Another and Stacking

Is it possible to have an enemy move at least a mile in one turn, without teleportation?

The Broken Busker, and threatening everyone everywhere?

Bardess' Pathfinder Place (my blog)

Serial Killer Sneak Attack

Iterative attacks with thrown weapons: is Quick Draw necessary?

Commando construct additional cost interpretation

Where does the reincarnate spell come from? What is its inspiration?

Tortured Crusader Paladin class features

What alignment would you label batman in PFs alignment system.

Help me price a modified Scraab of Protection

Why don't individual pieces of armor have their own bonuses?

Neutral Good and the sin eater

Which of these builds would you rather have in your party?

What’s in the Bottle? Small Cryptic Containers

Bard Archetype - Sad Clown

What archetype combos replace every class feature?

When should the DM make a wish go wrong?

Do tumor familiars Gain a language at 7th level?

Tiefling Oversized Limbs Confusion

Bard multiclass into samurai

Can someone give me their thoughts on this build i came up with?

Adventurer's Guide missing feat?

Favored Class Bonus and "Bonus Feats"

Favored Enemy Instant Enemy Barbarian

How would sacramental alchemist interact with the animal domain?

Is there any way to fix an item that's permanently disjoined with MDJ?

Suppress Energy Resistance

What would be a good archtype for a herbalist / tribal Alchemist?

Mounted Combat Charge, w / Full Attack, with Lance.

I Want an opinion on some Homebrew I am working on

Merfolk Bard for Skull and Shackles

What would you build for a wheelchair bound character?

Best way to walk into an ambush?

Any suggestions on putting together a Crossbowman?

Dazing Spell with Winters Grasp

Can someone look at this questioner investigator build i came up with?

Zelda Arrows. (Willing to take 3rd party.)

Synthesist constitution value

Building a 'tank' magus

Split Hex + Cackle

How to tell your players about a secret door that doesn't open like a secret door

Slashing grace usable or not for magus

Shadowcraft, Shadowshooting, Endless Ammunition, and Antimagic Fields

Hermean Potential

Advice on Combat Oradin build

Can someone see if i'm missing anything to this build?

Dazing spell + ongoing damage

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