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Homebrew and House Rules

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An important note about creating and distributing content for the PACG

Choose Your Own Adventure: How to Make PACG Cards

Old armor conversion: 1 simple rule we're trying out

Introducing the Starfinder Infinite Adventure Card Game!

Seeking guidance / analysis for house-ruling a stone age setting

Story help needed: Skull & Shackles conversion

Best cheapo PDF editor?

Custom Adventure Path: a Plague Upon Baluurad

All boxes boon mega-stack

What I learned from custom adventure paths

Two more new characters for PACG!

Mummy's Mask => Core Wording

Five brand-new characters for PACG!

PACG Tangents

Skull & Shackles => Core wording - discussions

Augmented Core

The Sellsword Chronicles

PACG Core Character / Cohort Templates

PACG Storybook and Color Files

Adventure 4?: Unlife Goes On

Where can I find the COHORT card template.. it dose not seem to be in the card template PDF?

What Fonts Do the card use in the older sets of PACG and other questions about how to create custom cards.

Second attempt at a homebrew 24-scenario storybook

My solitaire variant

Core Set Custom Adventures / Scenarios

To Acquire Numbers

Homebrew Minotuar character for 2e

Attempting to translate an AP to the Core Set

Character creation

Shield of Rannick - Adventure Path

Where are the "Make your own cards" expanded guidelines?

VampByDay's new Occult class options

The "Harrower" Character - WIP

Card Critique: Clear Spindle Ioun Stone

Character Tents

I'm thinking of doing a homebrew Adventure Path for Curse of the Crimson Throne

The Decks of Harrowed Heroes

Revenge of the Wicked - Adventure Path (Complete!)

Character Opinion for Simief

House rule idea for using lots of ultimate and / or class decks

Emerald Legacy - Adventure Path (Complete!)

'Instinctive Blade' - Wisdom-based Swashbuckler critique

The Amaranth Expedition - Print and Play PDF Demo

Paizo Blog: Homebrew Special: Some Cubes to Die For

Announcing Plunder Island v0.1

Developing ideas for firearms

Working on a new character - Holy Gunslinger

Two cards from Pillars of Eternity: Deadfire

A small tribute to Ron: Posseseed Sipirits of Sarkoris

Paizo Blog: Homebrew Special: Emerald Legacy

S&S custom Loot card template

How to introduce a new character into an existing playgroup?

Our Skull and Shackles characters

DriveThruCards and Custom Character

Corum Jhaelen Irsei - Custom Character

A World of Despair

Expansion Deck concepts

PFSACG Online Pregen Viewer

Discworld fun

Elric of Melniboné - Custom Character

Harrower Character Deck

God Callers of Sarkoris Updates

God Callers of Sarkoris Questions

SnS Homebrew AP Design Feedback

Paizo Blog: Adventure Card Game Homebrew, Tower of Doom

Help me make searching a room a little bit random?

Pathfinder Sagas idea

"Wrong" Blessings

Varanog is a Bad ***!

S&S Upgradeable Group Hideout

Demon Hunter custom class

House Rules about upgrading powers, skills, etc

Paizo Blog: Homebrew Special: The Call of the Gods

Ultimate Wilderness Weather Generation

Turning game boxes into class decks

Being more forgiving with repeat scenarios

PFSACG Perks and Incentives Tents

PFSACG Recording Sheet Experiments

How to comission art and make everything work out legally?

Looking for custom adventure path with custom banes

Non-Gunslinger Gunslingers

Custom Character; Opinions

Character Opinion for "Elize Hegna"

"Wounded" Character Trait and Cursed Blessings to increase difficulty in Skulls & Shackles

Custom Skull and Shackles AP MTG based

Doing a one shot with mid-level characters

Shalelu Andosana

More than 6 players??

Alternate Roles for other Adventure Paths

Paizo Blog: Homebrew Special: Revenge of the Wicked

Death rules - help understanding, ideas(possibly I need to be directed to a "sticky")?

Aasimar Summoner Homebrew Balance Help

Card Creator Images??

Revenge of the Wicked - Homebrew AP for WotR (in progress)

Two new character designs, a bit on the weird side

Custom Cleric Character - Balancing and feedback requested

Pushing the Limits of Community Use?

Thornkeep mini-path

Raziya – magus for custom magus class deck

The easy way to find Paizo blog images

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