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Trying to remember a book's Title.

Paizo Blog: Rise of the Runelords: Shalelu Be Food?

Hero-Point System, with a different cost?

Request for a custom prestige class by 3rd or 4th fighter lv

Paizo Blog: Extinction Curse: Waiting in the Wings

I will be honest I'm just here to try to get the hang of the text functions

Release Schedule

i need of permits that an lawful evil empire might force citizens to purchase.

Magic Item crafting cost

Noob question: Does taking Evangelist (Shelyn)'s Versatile Performance make you eligible for Persuasive Performance?

converting 2E to 1E pathfinder?

General Noob Question about Caster Level vs Class Level

That Barghest though

What exactly is an "Empyreal"

Last post timestamps under the alias webpage

Inactive Campaign

Paizo Blog: Owlcat Games Announces “Pathfinder: Wrath Of The Righteous” Computer RPG

Owlcat Games Announces Wrath of the Righteous!


Field with path Flip-Mat

Help with Character !!!

Seven deadly sins / 4 horsemen

Creation Spell - What is it good for?

When another player builds a clone of your character.

What happened to the Paizo / Roll20 Partnership?

So I finally decided to run my group threw the servants skull arch and so far I love it but have an issue with the last encounter in vaults of madness with the intellect devourer

Gnoll strength build

Maps of Augustana

Paizo Blog: This Week on Twitch, Oct 28 - Nov 1

One on One HomeBrew

NPC question

Recall Knowledge 1 action? 2e

Cryptfinder, a new spin-off

Looking for suggestions

I created a race for pathfinder.

HELP, I have DM has gotten into building anitpaladins and death knights

Compendium books?

AP Hi-res Maps

Organized character numbering wrong

Suggestions for campaign

Equipment math

Alias Pictures, how to add?

GameMastery vs Classic PDF

How long before Thread appears?

Combined Shipping and Multiple Subscriptions Question

Licencing / Permission: Offering a Self-Calculating Excel Character Sheet (PF 2E)

The Paizo website is ... surprisingly bad...

Novels set in 2e world

looking 4 pf players in nyc area

Help learning to level up. PF2e

Pathfinder 2 Product Catalog

Much Love to Graphical Accessibility

Shout out to the Art and Graphic Design Team!!

Bestiary Wish List.

It’s called Horacalcum in PF 1e but it’s Orichalcum in PF 2e.

Pathfinder 2nd edition tying someone up.

How can I find a group to play PF?

Easiest Society Tier 7-11 Games

Player issues advice

Script to unzip and rename Paizo PDFs

Golarion Metals (Numerian Metals)

GM Tips: Running Jade Regent

forums can't be reached - getting redirected to main page

Advice for a Kinetisist

Dissatisfied with the new direction

OGL questions

The Garment of Wonderfully Awkward Displacement (cursed artifact)

mummy's mask book 6 -help please

two weapon fighting mead help

Eternitys Edge

Product suggestion: 3D mini STL files.

Pathfinder society purchasing at low level

Children of Mythic beings, are they mythic?

Pathinder 1e and 2e vs DnD 5e spell comparison

Pathfinder app suggestions

Tips on Buffing Up the Mystic Theurge Class

Ring of Sustenance vs Clear Spindle

Wondering if there will be a Mythic Adventures: Pocket Edition?

Need help building a boss

Virtual tabletops -- what do you know and what do you think?

I wrote a free splatbook here!

The Darkness

Arcanist Question

Using telekinesis to grapple

Paizo Blog: Oblivion Oath, Nidal, and Year of a Thousand Bites!

Paizocon Question

Cannon using Blast Shot ammo and Vital Strike

Paizo Blog: New on YouTube: The First Episode of Oblivion Oath and More!

Announcing Oblivion Oath, a Pathfinder 2nd Edition Actual Play game coming to Twitch!

Bonuses for a Player who Just Got Knighted

Pathfinder Psionics Vitalist Collective

Trying to make Minotaur Barbarian

Box ghost(Danny pahntom) build help

Riding mounts and Attacks of Opportunity

Pact Servant trait

Wizard / cleric multiclass

Unchained Summoner Question

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