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Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild

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Game Finder Map

Additional Resources Updates

Compilation of Campaign Clarification requests

How to Upgrade Your Gear in PFS.

Welcome to Pathfinder Society Boon

Commonly Asked Core Campaign Questions - Look Here First!

Expanded Inventory Sheet

Guidelines for Rule Changes

Boon bonuses and rp requirements for day jobs

Musings of a possible GM

Boon Trading Thread

Chronicling Salvation of the Sages [Spoilers]

Paizo Blog: Calling for Volunteers!

Coin weight?

Consequences of destroyed jewelry in relation to a chronicle boon?

In society play, do you get 2 chances to spot a trap with trap spotter?

Faction question

playing PFS online

How many players for a scenario?

Lvl 5 PC should not be able to bypass DR / Epic

Multiclassing similar classes: Cleric and Warpriest

How does a Paladin get a drake as it's mount?

Broken Gun and Mending Cantrip

pei zin oracle

Pathfinder Society Scenario #10-09: The Rasping Rebirth: Was your PC Tempted? [Spoilers]

1st / 2nd level rebuild

List of all Pathfinder Chronicles(the books that give bonuses for reading)

PFS Renown Talent Locations

Adventure Path Party Size

Paizo Blog: March Update—Paizo twitch, Spotlights and Conventions!!

Hero Lab Online Society Data

Scenarios for The Falling Star info

Anyone created Pathfinder Society pregens for Alchemist, Cavalier, Inquisitor, Oracle, Summoner, Witch?

Paizo Blog: Organized Play Potpourri

Paizo Blog: Organized Play Thoughts

Lost hope for AR

Rules Question: Online PbP and Harrow Decks

Paizo Friday: Org Play Updates at 4 pm PST

Facored Class Bonus 1 / 6 rogue talent and Unchained rogue

Scenarios that benefit from 3d terrain?

Pathfinder Society - 1000xp and 9 years later; One Pirate's retrospective.

Eidolons referencing beastiary

GenCon 2017 Reporting should now be complete

Monstrous Physique and material components in PFS

Paizo Blog: New Scenarios: Repairing Old Damage

PvP, tossing a player, etc. When do you enforce limits?

Blood money and PFS legality

Reporting pregenerated characters online.

Is a Dispelling weapon near useless?

Will things ever become legal to play?

NO one plays the game as written

Retraining boon question

Hunt for Delve Beasties

Question regarding core characters and access to options

Best linked scenarios

Help With first char

PFS game world

How does loot work?

Funniest PFS moments?

Cure Light wounds at will?

[Spoilers] Post Rasping Rebirth

Return of the Runelords Sanctioning

Change in Convention support, no more gift certificates.

Paizo Blog: Playtest is over, so what’s the plan?

GenCon `19 Specials

Share the Wealth Boon help

Valentine's Day Scenario

Any word on when we should expect reporting from GenCon to be complete?

Welcome to new Venture-Captain of Topeka, KS!

Gunslinger Cartridge Ammo in PFS

Charity Boons in the Mail

Paizo Blog: February Update—More Sanctioning, Spotlights, and Conventions!

Season 4-5 explorer: What does it do?

Adeptus Arbites style marshal

Tusked, Tusk Blades, Special Materials, and so on...

Races,and Boons.

Level 19 Scenario / Module / AP Parts

What are the current legal races without boon sheets

What would you like to see on the Gen Con schedule?

Mummys mask, book 1, core!

Psychic and Psychic Detective cross-class

Season 10 path questions

Paizo Blog: New News for Organized Play Participants!

Question about the boon from 10-10 The Shattered Shield SPOILERS

♫ A Spoonful of Sugar ♫

Art of Your PFS Characters!

Paizo Blog: Additional Resources and Signal of Screams

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder Society 2: GM Stars, Replay, and Boon Carryover

Organized Play Foundation

PFS: how to get more martyr shards?

Seers of the Drowned City

Staves Recharge

PFS 8-99 The Solstice Star version D - when does it start

List of Traits Allowed in CORE

Spirit Channeler Emissary

Paizo Blog: Familiar Faces in Remote Places

Grand Lodge Faction Card help [BONEKEEP LEVEL 1&2 SPOILERS]

Question about a big eidolon and a big weapon.

Please Extend valid games for RSP from 1.2. onwards

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