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Pathfinder Society

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Feedback: Guide to Organized Play: Pathfinder Society (second edition) v2.0 (September 2020 Update)

Compilation of Campaign Clarification requests

Welcome to Pathfinder Society Boon

Additional Resources Updates

How to Upgrade Your Gear in PFS.

Game Finder Map

Limited Edition Scenarios (Special) Accessibility Rules

Commonly Asked Core Campaign Questions - Look Here First!

Expanded Inventory Sheet

Guidelines for Rule Changes

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder Society Year 4 Rule Updates

Adding "A Fitful of Flowers" to a Session

Older versions of Pathfinder Society Guides?

Sanctioned Accessories?

Pathfinder Society scenarios that have non-violent endings or solutions, or are non-violent or focus on non-violence

Questions about learning new spells in PFS

When should we expect to see "Revered" Boons again?

Can the PCs Rest During a PFS Module?

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder Society: Year 4 Announcement

Question about using Books

Question about how a character gets to be a Firebrand

PFS1 - Season 10 Grand Lodge rewards question.

how can I find out the content of the "Esoteric Spellcaster - Core Rulebook" boon?

p1e Mysterious Stranger Gunslinger clarification

Need help with Sandstone Secret

Access to Ammunition

Achievement Points?!?

Are there any scenarios set on other planets?

Pathfinder: Handling younger players using my characters?

Avid Collector Core Rulebook Boon Buy Choices Summary

Initial Considerations Before Starting a Game at a FLGS?

So uh... Dumb Question from a Dumb Person...

Missing flipmap

are there any 2e boons that allow you to replay a scenario ?

Eidolon and Mundane Items

New Player - Character Registration Question

Ritual PFS procedures

Items on Chronicle Sheets info

Minotaur's Charge's Prerequisites and PFS legality

Purchasing race boons with ACP

Yay, glyphs!

Can a PC get GM credit and PC chronicle of the same scenario?

Full description of boons anywhere?

Changing PFS1 Session log on

Racial Boon AcP Purchase for System Traveler

Gen Con 2022 PF(2ed) Special #3-98: Expedition Into Pallid Peril

Access to the Reanimator Archetype for PFS

How does "Starsong's Fortune" work?

Boon Trading Thread

GenCon Friday night 8:00pm PFS game?

How do spontaneous casters swap spells in PFS? How do Uncommon spells work with regards to spontaneous casters in PFS?

Becoming a venture agent

Consumables - Schools

GM stars broken?

PFS2e Gold and Buying Items

About the whirlwind ability of air elemental

Suggested Scenarios for building a new community

I'm New to Pathfinder and Have a Few Questions I'd Like Clarified

GM question re: rewards for 8-16 House of Harmonious Wisdom mini-quest 5 "Prophecy"

Daikyu bow

PFS 1E- PFS character frozen in the Campaign Mode?

Favorite NPC

Item Level and Equipment Purchasing

Bargain Hunter in PFS

Hell's Vengeance Sanctioning

Upgrading special materials weapons

PF 1E - Purchasing Retired Scenarios

Can companions use boons?

PFS2-can characters "leave things at home"?

Unchained classes and favored class options

Society PvP clarification

Who to contact for pfstracker

Scribing spells into spellbook

Looking for the List of Replayable 2E Scenarios

Can we fix the ACP and XP for 'Little Trouble in Big Absalom,' please?

Is there a place to search for PFS Scenarios by location?

Return of the Runelords Sanctioning

Player (and Character) Abandonment Mid-Scenario

Replays for PFS1

Craft Question In PFS 2

spoilers: Saw this elsewhere so thought about to ask it here: so is anybody else confused about this aspect of this year's metaplot?

Group vs Individual Infamy

Fists of the Ruby Phoenix Sanctioning

Barghest's Bin Frequent Shopper

Access to clan pistol in PFS without being a dwarf

[PFS 1ed] Variable advancement track in one Campaign

Do all PFS Characters actually start out with Pathfinder Society Lore by default?

PFS wealth by level spreadsheet

Home Region and Languages in Guide 2.0

Cultural Adaptability in PFS

Stacking noble titles! [1E]

PFS tracker dot Net

Stacking noble titles!`

Mechanical Questions about the Lore Skill

What to do on a PFS Module

Crafting clarification in PFS2e

Official Discord server?

New mounts for champions in PFS2e

dispel magic vs confusion. running AP for cred

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