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Guide to the Class Guides

Advice Forum Guidelines

Need Slayer Builds to get into Dimensional Savant

How to keep game exciting and challenging for op party?

How to build a character that remove his body part to do his bidding?

Adventures in Cheliax Advice

Tripping Paladin 2nd

Looking for input on a Multi-class build

Psychodermist power grab

Dueling / Duelist for fun and profit

williamoak's guide to construct crafting

Kellid clan names

PF1: Bard builds

Build Help: Gnome Bloodrager

How can I reload a double cross bow 2 bolts in free action??

Pathfinder 1e Gestalt Inquisitor Ranger (no dipping) assistance request

How much turtle is TOO much turtle?

All-Control-Loss Party

Any way to hide big racial features?

Level 12 druid Wild Shape question

Druid Gear

All day spell duration?

Kensai Magus, how does it even work?

Bypassing Age-related penalties?

What races, if any, would have a problem with Superhumans?

Max One Level Dip Multiclass Build (PFS)

Creating Gods

What is a good mythic path for occultist?

What bonuses can you stack on damage cantrips?

Sorcerer archetype Razmiran Priest (Wildblooded-Sage) Arcane Bloodline at 5th & 11th level

Weightlifting Competition

Would it be reasonable for a Winter Witch to also be an Evangelist, with the Aligned Class being the PRESTIGE Class Winter Witch?

Raising BAB and other small questions.

DMDM's Guide to the Spell Sage DRAFT Part 1

Wiz arch Spell Sage at 5th & 11th level

Looking for feedback on a Rogue build

Tattooed Sorcerer

How to deal with a paladin tank ac?

How to protect from confusion

Advice for a kid-friendly adventure

Suggestions for Ocean Adventure

Shaping First World with Charisma Check, DC’s?

Sacred Fist Build for WOTR - Advice?

Campaign Building Advice Request: Aroden ; Dominion of the Black ; (Strange Aeons, Gatewalkers, Doomsday Dawn, Stolen Fate)

Need recommendation for adjusting to Leadership for a high-level 3 player party

Theorycrafting an army of followers

Myrrh, Frankincense, and Steel: Kurald Galain's Guide to the Magus

Possible to get the Hellfire Ray spell prior to lvl 11?

[Theorycraft] Putrefactor Witch and Bilocation, Familiar Matrioska

Making a shaman.

Cat folk urogue claw viability

Class suggestions to go with a character concept needed

GM / Player Advice on all Martial AP

Phoenix Sorcerer feat help needed

Bodyguard Monk idea

Build Advice: Martial Bodyguard

Which weapons are treated as....?

Dhampire / Vampire melee build

Custom "Ki Spell" Quaterstaff Creation Advice

How would you rule Sleeves of Many Garments mimicing a Shinobi Shozoku?

Catfolk Arcane Bloodrager Build Advice (1E)

How would you rule noticula's profane ascension gift after her ascension as a deity?

Tiny God: theory-crafting homonculus

Brainstorm Uses for the Summon Instrument cantrip

Excited about a 3pp Class, wanted the opinions of long-time players on it

Melee druid with only pathfinder 1e core rulebook

multiclass Ranger / Shifter / Hunter questions

GM Help: Kingdom Description / Scenario

What Minimum level to fight a Tarrasque and win?

So I want a walking cauldron for my witch, and I just grabbed Craft Wondrous Item, but...

Is Paragon Surge OP?

Comparing 9th level casters

The double hackbut

For you Gestalt creators out there, need some help

Fun low level player minions

Any good ways to negate armor penalties?

Is locking stuff useful?

Any way to cheat the premature death caused by using a Temporal Accelerator?

Is taking a level of crossblooded sorcerer orc and dragon worth it on a winter witch build

Fly Speed / Airwalk for Wolf Mount


Advice requested. Running 1st ed wrath of righteous campaing

Holy tactician Paladin of Iomedae + slightly homebrew Hellknight or other PrC's

Can a crossblooded sorcerer take the unique bloodline alternative capstone?

Thinking of doing a solo campaign, any advice?

Advice on Chelish Diva bard archetype please?

One-Shot Idea -- After the Wish

Deadly dealer / Cards as weapons Gambler build

Advice on kitsune fighter build

What reason is there to use Axes over swotds ?

Making a Human Gunslinger With Mythic Ranks. Need Some Help

Advice on this odd cleric please

Wizard Archer Build

Invisibility with a Will Save (or maybe Perception Skill Check) to disbelieve. Is it possible?

Just have a few questions to ask about Dwarf Monks

The Forever Undead and his Soul Tether. In what ways would you alter it?

Are there any non-magical ways to sneak a shield into places?

Psychic for Iron Gods

What are some good level 1 feats for inquisitors?

Gods: How many is too many?

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