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Guide to the Class Guides

Advice Forum Guidelines

Archetype for a tomb guardian character

Dumb NPC Builds

Tedious Combat, lots of players, how to spice things up?

Need Character Idea

Need help making a healer cleric of groetus w. Social skills.

A Mighty Flawed Party

Bad touch ecclesitheurge build

Ghost PC and automatic bonus progression, what to do?

Where would you go with this, as the GM?

Myrrh, Frankincense, and Steel: Kurald Galain's Guide to the Magus

How does a Deity get's back at a Character?

Help me figure out how best to talk to / handle a player.

Cultural Appropriation and Campaign Settings

Synthesist Summoner using Succubus as a race

PF1 Backup Replacement Character - going for maximum spooky / wierdness

Dual Wiedling Advice weapon and Stats

Pathfinder 1E- Corruptions, Artifacts and Character troubles....Oh my!

Does fast healer work with spelleater?

Are Druids potentially the best tanks?

Thematic Monsters

Sense Motive pumping?

All Caster Party vs Golems (magic immunity)

Druid Airborn Lancer - Advice sought

Trapfinding in emerald spire

A GM's guide to utilizing the Leadership Feat

How does animal companion stacking work?

Need help with unarmed build

Advice on Worldbuilding a Create Demiplane-based Setting

Build Advice: Bloodrager to Dragon Disciple (with house rules)

How to recruit / retain new players...?

Kobold hunter trying to help nature rise up against undead, elementals

Which one of these builds would you say "Flows" better?

Is a Con of 3 Worth the Effort?

Two-Weapon Fighter

How to run Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment to make it scary?

Seeking Advice on Pathfinder 1E and Homebrew

Musing on a Bard Build

Advice for converting D&D 1E adventures to PF 1E

Random idea... A Character who controls the minds of enemies... What class?

Great Buffs / Feats / Etc For Monks?

Curse Terrain?

Alter Self and Scent

Spellscar Drifter is now a good archetype

Good weapons to hunt vampires and undead?

Arcanist Multiclass options

Unarmed paladin advice

Charm Person Interrogation

What's a good way to build a illusion (Shadow) spealist spell caster

Eldritch Scrapper Sorcerer / Warsighted Oracle / Mystic Theurge Advice.

What are good scrolls / wands for a frontline?

How likely would your average prison guard be to know what happened when they get hit with channeled negative energy.

Making a Rogue (maybe Ninja) / Samurai multiclass work?

Gestalt and Prestige Classes

Son of a hag

Giving the PCs Cohorts

What classes can make a good archer with magic?

Sunder Archer...

Gear for a 10th level Geisha Bard (Iron Gods)

Council of Thieves: Bastards of Erebus Hell Knights

if you have multiple animal companions do you need to get the totem beast feat for each one separately or does it apply to both of them?

Bard into Dragon Disciple?

Help me find a dungeon I can place in Urgir.

Spell to mimic greater transforming

Any good ways to focus on hoof natural atacks?

Looking for a "Puppet" race (Geno, Super mario)

Help me with build and fluff for NPC Succubus turned Vendenopterix

Searchable Spell List?

Which of these 2 paths would you say is overall better?

Disarm / Trip Bard

Does anybody have better suggestions for this feint based dandy ranger idea im thinking of?

Advice needed with character

Dangling Plot Threads: When to let them die?

Adventuring parties as bands

Ways to get Sneaky Maneuvers Rogue Talent without being a Rogue

Two-Handed Weapon Magus Advice

Is it possible for a companion creature to take racial feats from a PC race?

Optimal Tekko-Kagi build.....?

Trying to connect story parts...

Familiar and multiclassing

Picking a Reward from the Sun God

Inspired blade alchemist, how to distribute the levels?

Could Use Some Help With a Primitive Scout Build Concept

Which of these alchemist builds would you rather have on your team?

What's a good way to build a illusion (Shadow) spealist spell caster

Help me figure out / perfect the dragon fight for the last session of my campaign?

Nymph Coven Spells

Should i go more of a switch hitter or stick pure long range with this grenadier build?

Killing a Forest Blight

How can I handle giant monsters without them being "not fun" ?

Updating a Pathfinder Scenario for home use (2-11 The Penumbral Accords)

Maxing Out My Familiar Questions

Advice needed, making this grenadier alchemist viable in melee.

How do you make a campaign without gods?

Tank cleric of Arshea

Considering a Groot and Rocket Raccoon pair of PC's

Help making a melee battle oracle

Caster Cleric Optimization

The rewards of obedience: beginnings of a guide

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