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Hey Treantmonk! Looking for some thoughts......

Treantmonk, let's see what you can do

Multiclass Rogue / Fighter, even split, 1 level dip or pure rogue?

Spellbook Cost / Sale Price

Recommend a Level 10-11 Tower

An Intimidating combatant for OP

The Uncatchable Monkey?

Eldritch Knight help

Commune- how to best use

Tree Shape used as a weapon; advice?

Help Making An Alchemist?

Versatile mounts

Problem Player

Barbarian Race

Paladin advice and options

Cleric Assistance

Making a TWF Dagger-Throwing Half-Orc Rogue: Suggestions?

So this is the new Treantmonk forum?

Favorite Silent Image tricks

What feat should I take for 5th level.

I need ideas for an epic game.

To everyones favorite Treantmonk!! - Please HELP!! lol


Human Paladin

Best uses for Obscuring Mist

How can I protect my spellbook

Help with eldritch knight build

Rogue Guide

Surprise rounds

Ideas for an Aerial / Naval Battle of Huge Proportions

Giving Flavorful Treasure (Mmmm...delicious loot)

Corrupting a Paladin, as another Player, looking for advice.

Sorcerer vs Wizard vs Druid vs Summoner advice

I have the how. How about the why!?

Alchemically God-like

Elemental Rooms

Making a 'Brute' character for an Urban / Dungeon Campaign.

Could use some advice on GM tactics

Looking for tactical advice vs black dragon with minions.

Halfling disguised as a human child

Can Spring Attack be used when you charge?

Getting a life insurance?

Unfair DM? What would you do?

I need tentacles... attention Tentacle lovers!!

Oracle / Bard+channel energy

Party Torn: The Talkers vs. The Fighters

Ranger woes

TWF Ranger... worth it?

Prestige Classes For Clerics?

Acid pools are platinum mines, how to preserve treasure balance?

Advanced troll with gear, what CR?

Building Ryu from "Breath Of Fire"

Fighting in Small, Enclosed Spaces

Dungeons & Dinosaurs

Leadership Feat - advice on Leadership score total

Improved Grab Grapple Snatch

Advice Sought: Two character Party

Advice on distant / non-existent god campaign

On Unconventional Summoning and Utility

An "I want to Know Everything" Bard

Pathfinder Strahd anyone?

4 Session Adventure?

Need help with high level NPC

Help with making a Kobold Sorc please?

Group Tactics

Applying the Undead template to PCs

Good Witch Builds

Setting up encounters

Which animal companion is the "best" at level 4?

Masterwork tool for spellcrafting

Question about Off Hands

Just rolled up an "angelic" human binder....

Rolled barely higher than commoner stats. Help this character not fail at everything.

Guarding, Savage and draining magic weapon abilities

Talkers and Fighters II: How to become more of a talker?

Help - My Player Wants to Create an Oracle

Optimal alignment for the Summoner Class

How would you build a Tattoo Monk?


Pimp my Swashbuckler

Power Prestige Class (Humor)

No Bears, Bulls, Foxes, Owls, etc. or Ability items.

Adding scrolls / spellbooks as treasure?

Advice for a brand new PF group?

A cohort for a frenzied berserker?

Becoming a swarm

Is this encounter too cruel?

Pimp My (8th -Level) BBEG

Sorry, repost of request for help

Replacing bardic knowledge feature and skills with...?

Psion Sources?

5 Story Buildings

Paladin switcharoo

Changing Master Craftman [Possible Kingmaker Spoiler]

Arcane Trickster from scratch

Help me tweak a Non-Trap Magic device.

Advice for Deuge Brassarm

Scaling "Master Of The Fallen Fortress" for 2-6 players

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