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Does the spell "Silk to steel" work on bladed Scarves?

Building a Witch for the first time, DM making custom Patron and need advice.

Build Help: Gnome Bloodrager

3.5 > Pathfinder help

Balancing the Jinx Witch Archetype applied to a shaman

Making Warmonger from For Honor

Is there such a thing as a good aligned insectoid outsider?

Harpoon Fighting Character

Need help Finalizing this dandy ranger build(I am stumped)

Sorcerer vs Wizard? Whats the key differences?

Is there any two handed concealable weapons? Or at least inconspicuous ones?

Is it possible to make the equivalent of a Blue Mage in PF1E?

Undine Ranger

Build Help: Ranger - Multiclass?

Build Help Warlock Vigilante

Does sense vitals make feint worth considering?

Dandy Ranger or Grey Paladin as a Worshiper of Arshea(Lord in heaven have mercy on our souls)

Skalds don't count as bards for Diva style do they?

Whats the closest thing to a charisma based rogue?

weilding weapons with my brain / dancing weapon

How would you build a dandy ranger, aka what combat style would you revolve one around?

Switch-Hitting Paladin - Mind Sword Help

Feat Planning for a LVL 15+ Gunslinger Pirate Captain

Can a player be and increase a church heirarchy?

Eidolon Gear

Scary Reaper Slayer

Weretouched Shifter / Alchemist and Polimorph

Witch Fey Form question. Does she become the Fey?

Egoist's Militia Villian - Thoughts and Questions

Is there any reason to specialize in feint if you dont have reliable access to sneak attack?

Double Charging Scout Rogue

Where would you put a stack of wands to store them?

Wicker Man Eidolon Help

Making "soft difficulty" adjustments

The Stealth Paladin

Can the weapon focus feat on ranger's natural attack style apply to any weapon?

What's the easiest way to get this?

Crafting Deity Specific Magic Items

What to buy, for an unarmored shaman?

Kensai Magus, how does it even work?

4th Level Cleric of Desna

Searching for tadpoles

Havocker or Winter?

Elven Mystic Theurge NPC stats layout.

Looking for a drawing program to draw a keeps floorplans.

Which would make a better feint fighter? Dandy Ranger or fey trickster mesmerist?

Advice for number association riddle.

Am I Misunderstanding the Magus's class features, or is my DM misunderstanding?

Bypassing sleep immunity

Are there any Charisma based classes that have easy access to an animal companion?

So what would be the best multiclass option for Shifter?

Haunted Carnival

[DSP] [UltimatePsionics] Increasing range for a Ranged Weapon

I need to finish her build.

Build Help - Halfing Str Paladin with medium GS

The Butterfly King

Playing with people who struggle with math

How to boost CMB?

Sanguine sorcerer or Vampirism bones oracle?

How to manage a Rolling encounter...IE alerted enemies running toward battle

Shifter Rageshaper Archetype

Build Help: Selfish healer who redirects as much damage as possible to himself

Build advice - swashbuckler whirling dervish

Making a pseudo Warpriest from a Paladin

Build Help: OSP Fighter

3 monk dip combo with caster

Is there a way to combine grit, luck and panache in an optimized way?

Vanilla monk base query

Does anyone have any class suggestions for a Kitsune Trickster?

Small character with a bow

Construct rider storage problem

What would be a good tribal themed bloodline for a tattooed sorcerer / Tattooed Mystic?

Gambling Mini-Games

Making this fighting style work

Help on cleric concept

Veneficus Witch Guide

Should the game start at 3rd level?

Aberrant / Draconic Crossblooded Sorcerer Advice

Best build for a tanky healer for a newbie!

Hellknight of Sarenrae

Player would like to play as an intelligent weapon

Building a Harrower

Solo Sandbox Game: Doable?

Looking for a class: "intelligence fighter"

Crushing Hand and other "hand" spells

Creating a Rise of the Runelords Divine Caster

Is there any way to make a D6, half BAB, arcane caster that wants to get in close up melee range viable?

Aligned Class

Suggestion for sources containing NPC / Villain / Hero group / parties

HellKnight Order of the Vice

Which class for ranged?

Ways to make enemies want to attack you (instead of allies), without expending an action?

Looking for fillable mythic character sheet

Completing another gestalt side for a 3 party archer

Tail Terror Rogue Build

HELP! Need clarification on a spell Ill Omen

Non Domesticated Animals

A Guide To Sharing Spells With Animal Companions for Non-Druids

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