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“Peregrine Runner” Themed Cleric

“Loose Body Parts” Sally.

‎Looking for Adamant Entertainment's Artificer Advice

‎Best Magic Weapon Special Abilities‎ ?

~Pimp my Swashbuckler~

{PFS} Level 11 grapple build for critique

{PFS} Can I Be Any Friendlier ?

[YAARR Mode On] Building a Pirate [YAARR Mode Off]

[WIP] Nightbringer's Guide to the Fighter

[WIP] My brain hurts... good thing I don't need it!!! Marshmallow's guide to the fighter [WIP]

[WIP] CHARACTER SELECT: A guide to class selection

[WIP] - The Repositioner (A Fighter build)

[Water] spells that deals damage?

[Warpriest Question] Plant Blessing's Entangled Condition

[Unchained] Wounds & Vigor vs Wound Thresholds, or Both?

[Unchained] Paladin Variant Multiclassing Question

[Unchained] Ninja ideas / questions

[Unchained] + [Ultimate Campaign] Downtime and Unchained Profession

[Unchained Monk Guide] YOU ARE ALREADY DEAD

[UM] Walter's Guide to the Magus

[UM] Construct Armor (pg 114)

[Ultimate Magic] +1 CL combo

[UC / Mass Combat] Building Army Encounters

[Synthesist Summoner] Help, I have no idea what I am doing

[Swashbuckler] Slashing grace and swashbuckler finesse ?

[Story] GM Help with a detective story in a desert

[Spoiler] Need some advice for a Witch in Second Darkness

[Spoilers] Portent's Peril!

[Spoilers] On how to become a god (only residents of Numeria need apply)

[Spheres of Power] Gear Recommendations for a Sphere Sorcerer?

[Spheres of Power] Broken as hell or not?

[SNEAK PEEK] Core Campaign Prestigious Character Compendium - Pharasman Shadowcaster

[Simple Question] Are Elves viable as Fighters?

[Serpent's Skull] Ranger Animal Companion

[Seeking Advice] I can't figure what to play

[RotR] Paladin dies - Witch goes dark-side. Brainstorm thread.

[RotR] Out of ideas :(

[Role]Playing an Evil Necromancer

[Rise of the Runelords] Gestalt build help

[RH] Pacting in Pathfinder: The Occultist Handbook

[Request] How would you build a Paladin?

[Requesting Suggestions] I made some death traps.

[Race Builder] custom weaknesses, how much penalty would you suggest?

[Question] Trying to find a certain item

[Question] combat reflexes and superior reflexes (kensai)

[Questions / Help] Rogue "Hit and Run" based on stealth

[PF] Ranger fighter build, C&C needed

[PF] Core Only Rogue

[PF] Classes / Feats that Buff Allied Spellcasters?

[PFS|RP|Thought Experiment] Advice on leveling?

[PFS|Charbuilding|Advice]Suli, mon!

[PFS][Advice]Please Help a Dumb Barbarian!

[PFS]Where to go now? A level 7 Gunslinger / Inquisitor is feeling bored...

[PFS]What are your opinions on a Dervish Dancer / Lore Warden character for a little idea of mine?

[PFS]The ultimate horse master?

[PFS]The Illusionist Mesmerist


[PFS]Falchion and Flurrying

[PFS]Building a 7 Constitution Monk...

[PFS]Blindsense, Mask of a Thousand Tomes, and Spells

[PFS] [CORE] Character selection feedback

[PFS] Yet another approach for Tower Shield and Reach weapon

[PFS] Would this count?

[PFS] Witch or Wizard? Which would be better for PF society?

[PFS] Witch 2, considering to add a different class

[PFS] Wis based Reach Cleric?

[PFS] Wild armor doesn't even seem as good as Mage Armor, now. Thoughts?

[PFS] Who benefits most from Expedition Manager?

[PFS] Whip Magus

[PFS] Whip Bard?

[PFS] Which Druid?

[PFS] What to do with an Undine?

[PFS] What to build....

[PFS] What should I play next?

[PFS] What Oracle Mystery goes well with the Diabolist prestige class?

[PFS] What is a better two level dip for Alchemist

[PFS] What if...

[PFS] What else for a bomber alchemist?

[PFS] What are the best Small-sized Builds?

[PFS] Weapon options for a Shaman or Hunter

[PFS] Ways to get wings for my Paladin

[PFS] Ways to Gain Familiar

[PFS] Wayang Shadowcaster Wizard. Advice? Thoughts?

[PFS] Wayang Oracle

[PFS] Wayang Controller Druid Help, Please

[PFS] Way of the Shadows (Ninja / Shadow Dancer discussion)

[PFS] Warpriest / Unchained Monk

[PFS] Warpriest Gunslinger

[PFS] Warpriest Build tuning

[PFS] Want to make sure I will not hurt the team.

[PFS] Want to make form-shifting character...

[PFS] Vow of Poverty monk: what's your one item?

[PFS] Vital Strike Psychometrist Vigilante. Help requested.

[PFS] Unusual Blaster Builds

[PFS] Untamed Rager

[PFS] Unsworn Shaman Build

[PFS] Undine Druid Advice, Please

[PFS] Undine cleric of Sivanah, part 2

[PFS] Undine cleric of Sivanah

[PFS] Undine arcanist — Am I crazy?

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