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Guide to the Class Guides

Advice Forum Guidelines

Comparing 9th level casters

Deathray Do's and Don'ts? Looking for advice on a ray-focused necromancer.

Optimizing a Herald of the Horn

Wave Strike seems like a bit of a troll

Reactive Armor Against Fireball

Unusual Body types + gear

Third Bloodline Arcana?

Weapon Expertise and Weapon Mastery feats?

Becoming a Runelord

To what extent is proselytizing acceptable in Golarion?

PF1 Druid - Wildshape Combatant

Efficient-izing Iaijutsu Strike (Sword Saint)

Best way to combine the Possessed Hand feats with the Maniac Hand cursed item...

Consequence of losing class-added feats

Owl's Witch Guide (now with working link)

What's the use of Scrivener's Chant?

Intimidate feat chains - Shatter Defenses vs Cornugon Smash?

What do your non-crafters do with Downtime

Mounted Hunter advice requested

Feats for a Bonded Object?

Remaking a character.

Building the Yu Gi Oh Millennium Items as Greater Artifacts

Advice and Observations on an Odd Situation

Thug Rogue Build Advice

Phantom Steed Skill Challenge

A Halfling with a Spear... Disciple of the Pike, Polearm Master or Spear Fighter..?

Werewolf Druid ideas

Downtime and attrition

Optimal skirnir magus strategies?

Thoughts on spellslinger for Iron gods game.

Iron Golem Curse

Could someone please explain this build to me?

Which class or archetype best compliments Drow Nobility feat chain?

Magic items for summoning cleric / druid.

A hex challenge

New DM

A Cleric, Who focuses entirely on casting and channel energy..?


Surprise Rounds, flight, 'Preventing falling damage' & superhero landings

New DM

Myrrh, Frankincense, and Steel: Kurald Galain's Guide to the Magus

How to make a wizard with no saving throws (I hate casters)

A minor trick to search pathfinder content.

Improving a hit and run fox combatant?

Removing Fatigue

Polymorph into a gargantuan gold dragon?

Advice: party face + lots of skills + 9th level spells

Best way to do a Jurassic Park style game

Ways to influence a d100 roll?

Building Solomon Kane

Moving on from a "save the world" storyline.

Need help looking for a certain magic item...or something

Help building a Blood Draining Dhampir / Vampire

Witch coup de grace with a Thundering Scythe

The Decanter Mage: Weaponizing Decanters of Endless Water

Half-Illithid Template; what CR to give this via conversation.

Could use advice for suggestions for good or interesting Oracle gear.

The Show Must Go On! (Iluzry's Guide to Bards)

Learning Witch Spells: Familiar to Familiar

Choosing an adventure for Solo play

Looking for a Class / Archetype that deals with polearns / reach weapons

Brawler's Martial Flexibility: Bread & Butter feats

Looking for Dreamlands advice

Need Help with Shabti Bloodrager Build

Blind old Cartomancer advice

Weaponizing Magic Items that do damage...

Seeking input on a character / class, based on the group / campaign homebrew rules setting

Stay Paladin or switch out?

Halfling wizard cook

How many different bards could you have?

How many special sights to permancey?

Build help. Magic missle user Level 7 To 12 need a character who can actually do something

DeathlessOne's Art of Theurgery: Demystifying the Mystic Theurge

NPC; Need advise for best class to fill the role of manipulation lanista.

Level 11 Elf Arcanist needs to buy items

How to effectively Mock my opponents

Custom world with two separate groups

How viable would a Barbarian 8 / Cavalier x character be?

Pathfinder 1e Cost of Blindfold of True Darkness

Iluzry's Guide To The Mystic Theurge

Advice on building a Dragonrider with archery

Mythic campaign advice

Level 11 Blood Arcanist in need of feat Advice

Building a Ninja

Feats to stop opponent from moving?

What Enchantment(s) Should I Add To My long-Bow

Oracle of Time spell and feat selection (Str-dump and racial Cha penalty)

Revel's Guide to the Monk

I am hating playing a Cleric

Diguising an Elk

Good / recommended metamagic feats for my Sorcerer?

Best way to have a Ratfolk with a Ratling [Improved] Familiar...

Evil eye: Overrated

my hereditary artifact

Beast Shape IV Options For A Bloodrager

Looking for a a small Dip for my Fighter (Archrer ) Now level 11

Any tips for a fire themed Summoner?

Ankou's Shadow Trip Build

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