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Starfinder FAQ Updates

Starfinder Rules Questions Guidelines

Manufacturing Fusion-What can it make?

Rules on swarms with starfinder?

Environmental Protections and the dangers of space (House-rule balance discussion)

Gunner harness and mounted weapon

Always hitting with grenades

confirming: You can not buy a low level item as a high level right?

Trox Vestigal Arms

Length of a Starship Combat Turn

Operative Trick Attack and Dex-based skills.

Ruling for Limited Telepathy

so does mystic healing harm undead?

How do grenades and plasma cannons work (explode special property)

What can Fabricate Tech create?

Weapon proficiency and vehicle mounted weapons

Energetic fusion and Overcharge mechanic trick

Weapon Specialization and '--' damage weapons, does it do anything?

Starship Combat: Missiles at long range and Target System

Drone repair

Escaping Starship Combat into the Drift?

5 ft corridor, cover in plain sight?

Mechanic Trick: Drone meld

Contagious disease

jump jets and movement.

Trick Attack Swarm

Do weapons with the explode property that are not grenades...

Efficient Bandolier and small races

Fusions on Summon Grenades....

Blind Sense Vs Cloaking field (ghost operative)

Mechanics of adding fusions to ammunition

How much to robots cost?

Shield Projectors. How do they work?

Uplifted Bear and Natural Weapon damage

Summon Creature

Casting a target spell on an invisible creature

Copaxi racial trait and Tempered Pilgram theme.... stack for languages?

Targeting and operative trick

What can Blindsight (Thought) perceive?

Armory - Weapon Accessories - Sights - Does the sights work with Operative Trick Attack

Rules Question: Mystic - Healing Touch

Debris Field

Improved Initiative and Soldier Blitz technique

Contemplative + Long Arm + Tactical Staffold

Soldier's Arcane Attack rules

What is the final ruling for Overrun?

Is venom poison?

Lashunta Tempweave Environmental Protections

Questions about two items (Planar Runeplates, Null-Space Chamber)

Can a Kalo use a Gill Sheath implant to breathe outside of the water?

What actions can you take with hastes extra move action to move?

Climb / swim speed for barathus?

Trick Attack DCs prohibitively high?

Untrained Skills and Aid Another

Compound Spell Gems and Spellthrower Fusion

NPC Trick attack damage

Polymorph spells and DNA

What is an "attribute of a spell"?

Medpatch with Medical Expert?

Drone Feat Prerequisites?

Stealth rules are still a mass of contradictions: Otto the operative does jumping jacks in a dark alley

Please settle a Starship Combat debate for my table.

Mk 1 force soles and "movement"

Resolve, Dying and Death

Operative Exploit - Cloaking Field

What do they speak on Aballon?

Can the Wary Withdrawal feat be combined with Parting Shot feat?

Applying medicine to a patient in vacuum / armor

How much does it cost to modify non-standard computers?

Hover Drones Discrepancy

Do Ikeshti mate just once?

Natural / Operative Weapons?

Operatives exploit - Jack of All Trades question

Race with reach using reach weapon...

item creation when it comes to items listed under monster entries.

Polymorph: Ability DCs, augmentations, and other questions

if you learn a cultures language do you learn it all...?

Unarmed combat questions.

Wisp Ally I'm little confused

Drone Meld - Flight Speed

are weapons a technological item for the purpose of the easy access kit?

is there in the rules that says....?

Bypass question

Encumbered effect on NPCs

Are Clearsight Trinkets just magical Clearsight Goggles?

Jet Dash jump mods trump movement limitations?

Antipersonnel Weapon (security) for Large starships

Shields and you! A Sentry Shield Projector Story.

beyond level 20 question

Skitter Shot boon: GM'ing and playing

Power armor and unarmed strike

a very silly question, and confirmation on a player's damage output.

How does a Medium character use a Large character's gear and vice versa?

Can I put a Serum of Healing into the dart of a needler pistol?

Polymorph form limitations

Flashlights in Armour

Aid another in starship combat

Multi-Class Characters

Bows Question

Are [Spoiler] really an 11 Point Buy?

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