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Starfinder FAQ Updates

Starfinder Rules Questions Guidelines

Several questions about a Dragonkin character

Does a mechanic's exocortex take up the brain augmentation system?

jump jets and movement.

Clinging Hands and Weapon-Based Combat Maneuvers

Polymorph form limitations

shot on the run+thrown grenade? yes or no

Are my polymorph forms legal?

Polymorph: Ability DCs, augmentations, and other questions

Does perception take a -1 per 10ft penalty

Changing Technomancer spells on levelup[Society]

Jet Dash jump mods trump movement limitations?

Operative's Debilitating Strike, does it depend on the trick attack being successful?

Rules / Table Conflict with 3rd-Level Spell Ampoules

Is Initiative considered to be a "Dexterity-based check"?

Misfire and fumbles

Rail cannon (with adamantine rounds) vs cover

what is attacking something on a person.....called?

Starship Combat - Missile Launcher / Usage Query.

Crafting Spaces

Computers, communits and sensors

Prosthetic limbs and more advanced prosthesis and additional augmentations

Repairing a Regeneration Table

Armory - Weapon Accessories - Sights - Does the sights work with Operative Trick Attack

Ultralight Wings and Flying

White Noise Generator

Phrenic Scrambler and Telepathic Bond

Dueling Flash Shield Generators

Plane shift questions

Solarian Weapon Form?

Harm Undead Mystic Spell Slots

Duration on Holographic Eyes

Fusions and solar weapons?

Jump Jets Again

Ulrikka Duster and Adamantine

Tiny ships and Roles

Capacity, usage, and the buying of rounds

Does the accelerated starknife really have a 30 range or is it a typo

Are [Spoiler] really an 11 Point Buy?

Confirmation on Flexible Line

Questions on Serum of appearance change.

Time Dragons: Did their breath weapon change over time?

Double Double Operative Trouble

Sheeva Stomp

So the Mechanic's "Wireless Hack (Ex)" ability can't actually hack?

Ominous Fusion Fortitude Save Dc

Drones and Healing Channel

Animate dead can finally create ANY undead?

Digital Doorway work through armor?

a very silly question, and confirmation on a player's damage output.

Polarize Special Property On Multiple Weapons

SFS Character Leveling

Alien Archives, Air Elemental, Feat: Flyby Attack

Powered armor carrying capacity boosts?

Hit level 9 as a Soldier and need some advice.

Hurl Forcedisk Clarification

Kyokor''s "Massive" special ability

Does a technomancer with an archetype get two magic hacks at 5th level?

What level is a solarian's solar weapon?

are there any rules for custom built weapons

Monster grapple question.

Power Armor attack clarification

CR of a Player Character

Two types of damage, how does DR work?

Can I attach a gun to my arm or hand?

Blind Sense Vs Cloaking field (ghost operative)

Energy In Space

Mechanic Overcharge with powered melee weapons:

Starships - Dynamics of Power Cores, Shields, Weapons and Ship Tiers

just need clarification on ship combat skill checks

Traction Holster: Typo?

Motion sensor from AP aeon throne

Powered Armor (Absorptive Shell) Item Level Inconsistency

How does Suppressive / covering fire and blast weapons work

Question regarding the Adaptive Biochains

Can Pistol Whip be used with Trick Attack

Can a 1st-level stelliferas character start play with more than 18 strength?

Teleportation Unit / Privacy Shield Clarifications

Fusion rules contradict each other...

Halfing boon

Professional spellcaster

Mechanic Drone Question

Eyes of Rhean clarification

Starship combat - what does distance between turns mean

Seeing through a stealth field

Vesk Armor Storm

Defy Gravity clarifications

Soldier "Kill Shot" issue

Can Technomancer's Fabricate Explosive magic hack create hybrid grenades?

Drone Grapple

Range of Erase spell?

How do Crossbolters with grenade arrows work?

Questions regarding the Arcanamirium Sage archetype when applied to non-casters

Skill Expertise (Bluff) and Improved Feint (Soldier / Envoy Multiclass)

What does Inubrix Armor do? (Armory)


Question regarding spells

Genadier Bracket

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