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Starfinder FAQ Updates

Starfinder Rules Questions Guidelines

Armory Weapon Accessories

Unmanned or Manned Point Defense in Starship Combat

What the heck is a biohack? and why it matters

Witchwarper 4th level archetype trade

Unionist and Suppressing Fire interaction

Can I add a small arm to my long arm's uniclamp?

What does the biohackers genetics inhibitor mean when it says "imparting vulnerability to one type of energy"

Vanguard with Arm Extension using Entropic Strike

Wielding an Entropic Strike

Witchwarper’s archetype interaction rules NEEDS AN FAQ BADLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doshko Specialist Problem

Attacks of opportunity

Vanguard Entropic Strike Weapon

Starship cloaking field

Xenometric Question.. again.

Multiclassing and spell gem usage

Dual wielding

Year of the Scoured Stars (Slotless Boon) Requirements

Multi-Weapon Versatility & Weapon Specialization Interaction

Xenometric Android and Alien Archive 3

Android Upgrade Slot

How to create the Gunnery modifier for NPC Starships

Building with Operative's Arsenal in mind?

Etheric Shards and defensive movements [SFS]

Mass Polymorph? DCs, attack bonuses, etc... usefulness?

Fleet feat and multiple movement type

Increasing Weapon Level of Unarmed Strikes, why not?

Eldritch Secret and Adaptive Casting

10 charge capacity items vs battery size

Automated Loader?

Enchanting unarmed strike - Can it be done?

Magic Officer Scrying action... and how does it work?

Trick Attack and Shot of the Run

How does shot on the run interact with Operatives Trick attack?

Time needed to recharge a starship power core

A different Causto- question, this time about quantity.

Creating a Mindscape

Can a mechanic riding a drone use his Piloting skill for attack rolls when in control of it?

Feats that require 4 or more arms and races that in lore have them but don't have the multi Armed trait.

Vesk Natural Melee Attack Bonus

Attunement and Solarian revelations

Solarian Blazing Orbit

Copaxi Regenerative Evolution and valid levels

Kasatha : Kasath native+crew member

Mindlink Servos armor upgrade question (Near Space)

BioHacker +Weaponfocus Longarm

Weapon upgrade rules (Armory)

Operative Exploits Enhanced / uncanny Senses

Polymorph Creature creation confusion

Storm Doshko question

Venom Spur Injection Property?

Slice Reality saving throw

Combat Maintenance and vehicles

Escape DC for Ectoplasmic Snare?

Tech Tinkerer and item levels

Jump Jets and Low Gravity?

What happens when an item's remaining capacity is less than its usage?

COM: Punch Guns and Range Incriments

Cover in Starfinder

Trick Attack + Biohack

Does everyone have cover in a 5 by 5 hallway or is the sidenote wrong?

Arc Critical Effect and weapon specialization

Is Starfinder Combat "broken"?

Xenometric Androids + Alternate Features

Blindsight (Electricity) intent?

Entropic Strike and Cleave

Unobtrusive Envoy Talent?

5 ft corridor, cover in plain sight?

Qi Adept Plasma Blast & AoO Rules Clarification

Remote-Link Module Armor Upgrade [Near Space]

Disintegrate and Starfinder

Vital Seed Beast lifespan?

Orc Conditioned focus

AI computer upgrade... does it have its own action?

Help me understand Squox Companion Rules

Manage Course

Converting Corruptions to Starfinder

Near Space & Ghorans

A few questions about Caustoject, Caustolance, Biohacker and a few more...

Higher Tiers of Basic Spells

Does Anything Bypass Stamina?

Healing Channel and Harm Undead bypassing Stamina?

Demoralize, Shaken and Mind-Affecting & Fear Effect

Crossbolter Clarification

Fulfilling feat prerequisites with items

Full class level as damage on top for Small Arms for Biohacker?

How to create mk 1 serums of healing

What is the etherial fusion from the Arcane Assailant Fighting Style?

Does trick attack provoke an AOO

Spell gems question

Arcane Assailant soldier and Ethereal fusion

Insight Bonuses

Warmonger's Summon Reinforcements

Enshrouding Gloom paradigm shift

Can a Combat Drone equip a Shield and a Sword?

Bleed damage..

COM - Archetypes - Medic - question on this archetype with Mystic Cure

Cache Concentration on indefinite spells

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