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Alternate Damage Stat Feats

Race: Space Kobolds

Domains for gods of Starfinder?

Race Input, the Usagi

Feat Idea: Merciful Injector

Converting the Skull & Shackles adventures to Starfinder...

The Sol-Shira Node (Homebrew Near-Future Campaign Setting For Starfinder)

Jedi Stellar Revelations

Starfinder theme for Tiddlywiki

My Starfinder Houserules Part 1 - Improving the Solarian

Reverse Engineering Pathfinder from Starfinder. Has anyone started yet?

Variant Multiclassing Archetypes

Adding More Races

High Tech Operative Archetype

What are your scenario ideas?


Starfinder Quick Reference Cards

Adventure-Scenario under Construction: Crisis in Gayan-3

Additional medicinals

Greys, Dopplegangers and "Personates"

Natural weapon damage scaling

Need help wording this ability

Soldier Gunslinger Fighting Style

New Option: Ship Type special abilities

Homebrew Weapons

Applying a 'Powered Armor' template to existing Heavy Armors

Starship Combat using Mass of ship not tier

Luna Sanctus or Wrath of the Righteous in Spaaace

Field Medic Operative Specialization

Homebrew Anacites Part 1-The Bastion

Let's Make Up Starfinder Spaceship Concepts!

What if Con was needed for heavy weapons and sniper rifles?

Post your campaign ideas here

Agile (Operative property) Solar Crystals?

Destiny Races

Star RPG Starships and Planets

The Shotalashu

The Devari-The Lashunta's Distant Cousin

Kaoling:Returned Hobgoblin Dynasty

Can the space above Ravenloft be its own domain?

Vyspus System (Original)

Starfinder characters based off of Pop culture

A starfinder monk

Jedi in Starfinder?

Is anyone doing anything fun for fumbles?

Endless Space (2) Races (and more)

Adventure Prompt - Expedition to Jedarat

Adventure Prompt - Lockdown

Gang - Brass Monkeys

Martial Artist, Gunslinger, and Fortunate Archetypes

Hobgoblins: Loyal Vassals of the Veskarium & Hobvesk:The Pride of the Legion.

New Worlds

Suitable head for 28mm Vesk miniature conversion?

Jinni-Core: Elemental Spirits Trapped in Gilded Cages

Fathari: A Once Peaceful Race turned to Righteous Savagery

Short Story - The Priest

Some Homebrew Critters Until The Alien Book Comes Out

Greykin: Children of the Void

Star RPG Bestiary 3

Translating Star Wars Saga space combat to Starfighter

Pejoratives in SPAAAAACE!

gunnery skill

[Spoilers] Going directly from Iron Gods to Starfinder?

Shield = cover

Strength checks and athletics

Half-breed races using the Race Points

Space Hulk board pieces in your campaign

Fatigue is hitting me. Help zap some energy into my work on Mechfinder.

Feedback Needed: Skyfire Legionnaire Fighting Style

first testdrive at a starship build / conversion: Dragon SDB

Aquatic Languages

Monster Lists for Homebrew Campaigns

New Hacking Items (Worms, Viruses, and Equipment)

Human PF backgrounds carried forward into SF-Varisians (very long post)

A Feat for Each Class

Random weapon generator that I created

Cat person race: Bastian

Feedback: Stellaris Custom Races

Item Crafting Rules?

Standard of living and morale.

Envoy and Solarian Fixes

Critique my Wookie race

Star Frontiers

Homebrew Tips - Shields

Armor Mod: Weapon Mount

Shuttles on Medium Ships

Some Home Brew Archetypes! (That don't suck)

Elemental Stat Blocks contained inside!

Weapon Specialization -- keep it full CL for all?

Rules for playing a character with Psychological issues

How will you change Starfinder in your home games?

Solarian band-aid: Is this too much or not enough?

Stuff that will inevitably be added someday, but am speculating houseruling anyway

How "balanced" or broken is this homebrew item?

Disintegrators and Disruptors, aka 'Acid Guns'

Starfinder OGL Question

A question for the Homebrew crowd

Ghibrani Racial Traits (Yesteryears Truth)

Is the okay for a homebrews NPC ability?

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