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Play test Encounter - Hollee and Tensile

Random Drift Encounter

Zurkhan Race for NPC character building

Magic items: super Cyclops helm and drow whip

Some ideas on how to really spice up spaceship combat

Starfinder Shields of Sci-Fi

Homebrew Adventure, Quality Assurance

New Class: The Executive (A corporate-themed Spellcaster) [pre-Alpha]

Robot Santa Claus

Naming the Manticore

Ten Interesting Things to Find in the Drift

New alien beastie and mini encounter

Stat this alien

Tryn's Starship Builders Guidebook

Klyntar symbiots ala Venom

Divine Blessing feat Ideas Angradd

New Class: Helix Warrior (Genetically Enhanced Barbarian / Monk Hybrid)

The Spiker: A new heavy weapon with a custom critical effect

Starfinder and Voltron: Legendary Defender

Runelords... IN SPACE!

Unarmed Strike Fusions

Converting gold pieces to credits

What happen in time between PF and Starfinder?

Converted Manticore and Manticore Shock Trooper

Fluff Companies, Brand Names, General Merchandise, etc.

Cortical Datastack (Augmentation) from Altered Carbon

Feedback Needed: Skyfire Legionnaire Fighting Style

[Feat Idea] Additional Spells

My Starfinder Campaign

Fixing Borais

Hull Points to Health Points Conversion

What's Your Starfinder Campaign Like?

New Item pricing and Lv

New Crew Role: Stargazer

Spellslinger Class (Gunslinger / Technomancer Hybrid)

"Wrench of Repair": Recommended Item Level?

Get Punchy: Two new operative exploits to support unarmed combat

Homebrew Starship Options

Making trick attack more interesting

New Class: Jedi

Powers of the Past - A fantasy themed homebrew document

A minor change to the Skill Focus feat

Starfinder Pop Culture

Critique my 'theater of the mind' starship combat rules

Req: Sidequests!

Disciple of Fear Starfinder Homebrew Classes

Starfinder Fantasy

Starfinder Homebrew Playable Races

Disciple of Fear Homebrew Class

Elementalist Homebrew Class

Unarmed Master Homebrew Class

Starfinder Homebrew Playable Races

Unarmed Master Starfinder Homebrew Class

Elementalist Starfinder Homebrew Classes

Homebrewed languages

Competitive Small Arms Damage through Magic Hacks and Mechanic Tricks.

Variant Idea WiP on Ship Armor BP Costs

Riding a PC Dragonkin

Why is it the Forbidden Zone?

Star Wars Campaign Setting

Shadowfinder: Weapon augments, 'ware, and other shadowrun conversions

Vehicles, drones, and rules for modding them

Cloaking System for Starships

Detect Radiation as a Level 0 Spell

Vampire Template Graft - Feedback and suggestions welcome.

Fallout creatures in Starfinder

Rifts Biotech to Starfinder?

some new tech based items

Wraith (Evolve) Port

[SPOILERS] Skitter Shot Sound effects.

Corporations... IN SPACE!

What if sniper rifles had Trick Attack

Alien Creatures

Class Feedback: The Adept

Drift while being boarded

Pact World Planet Summaries

Molding Star Wars races into playable races for Starfinder

Breaking Down Items into UPBs

Roleplay suggestions for Deadsun Campaign

Robot pack animal

Pathfinder Class Question

100 or more security measures

Worm that Walks graft and high level spells. Any advice on where to start?

Build Points to credits

Alt computer and engineering skills

Corpsefolk (PC Version)

Medical Officer & Alternate CT Rule- AKA: giving the mystic something to do in starship combat

My attempt at creating a force sensitive (jedi / sith without orders) as an archatype

The Starbarian - Brute of the Stars

Hand crafted tiles sets for Starfinder

Rock the Casbah, a 101 odd items found at the open-air oriental markets.

Starship generator

Suggest Actions for a Ship's "First Officer"

Coilgun BP costs

Star Trek Races

Subnautica in Starfinder (Spoilers!)

Jetpack Smash New Feat

Starfinder NPC / alien creator

Fallout d20 Starfinder conversion documents

Starship expansion bays that scale with size

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