Pathfinder Tales

 novels and short fiction explore the stories and legends of the heroes of Golarion. Written by best-selling masters of sword and sorcery and the creators of the innovative Pathfinder gaming lines, these exciting adventures provide a new perspective on the Pathfinder world while providing hours of reading enjoyment.

Pathfinder Comics

 bring the world of Pathfinder to life every month in brand-new comic books produced in cooperation with Dynamite Entertainment. Explore the backgrounds and personalities of iconic characters like Valeros and Seoni, and visit the far-flung lands of the Pathfinder campaign setting with this exciting ongoing monthly series!

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Pathfinder Tales: Winter Witch Pathfinder Legends—Mummy's Mask #1: The Half-Dead City DYN0001-K


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Pathfinder Legends

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Pathfinder Comics

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