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Half-Orc Chain Fighter Alt Trait Question

buckler question.

Damage dice when casting spell from a Staff(Pathfinder)

Benefits of casting on holy ground

Determine cost of enchantments

Can the "Overwhelm" feat let a tiny creature flank?

Area damage vs size

Stunning Fist AoO?

Flask Thrower

Question about Shadowbound Corruption wording

magic items with a curse

Question on Witches, Spells & Hexes

Same spell name: different effects (Pouncing fury)

Downtime room building.

hydraulic push and siegebreaker...?

Banshee wail and self induced deafness

non vencian spell casting

How does the spell "Fractions of Heal and Harm" interact with an Arcane Trickster's Surprise Spell

Help with Glyph of Warding

Can you sneak attack while raging?

Variant multiclassing and skills at arms

Calculating Spellbook Cost?

Do swift or immediate spell-like abilities provoke?

Gunslingers and Swashbuckers Initiative - Do they Stack?

do quickmetal bracers work with a monk’s unarmed strikes?

Charge Overrun only works for tiny or smaller?

Can a non-wizard write a spell into a spellbook?

Pikemen training?

Criteria for adding a spell to the alchemist formula list.

Item HP

Succubus in a grapple.


Restoration Subdomain: Restorative Touch, vs. Horror Adventures: Fear conditions

Swallowed Whole: Does cutting your way out reduce the creature's total hp?

The age old Fortuitous, plus Seize the Opportunity.

Familiars and skill ranks

How does a Fused Eidolon Synthesist calculate saving throw; 1st Ed; The synthesist uses the eidolon’s base attack bonus

Closing your eyes to get past Mirror Image

Strangler Pin Damage

Are corpses objects?

Leadership Multipliers

Telekinetic Maneuvers (Aether Kineticist Utility talent)

Diehard Feat and NonLethal Damage

Damaging Objects revisitted

Question about Exhaustion and Fatigue

Invisibility, Dimension Door, and Stealth

Natural attacks, touch attacks, and Multiattack or Weapon Focus?

How do figment familiars heal?

Vampire weakness

Cackle question

Penetrating Strike and Ranged Weapons

Primal Warden - Unstable Spellcasting , does this allow earlier prc entry?

Warpriest Sacred Weapon

+16 BAB at 11th level - is this legal ?

Troop attack - volley (ex) - total cover / cover

Witch energy type is my Energy Mastery Lighting Bolt?

Touch spells in a grapple, touches per round?

Can you cause an alignment shift in an intelligent item?

Where Can A Daring Champion Cavalier Stick Their Banner?

Reckless aim and Misfires

Can Templates be situational?

Holding the charge of instantaneous duration touch spells

Two Weapon Rend and Double Weapons

Evangelist Synthesist

Two questions about the Broodmaster summoner

Can you combine the cartomancer witch and spellslinger wizard to fire cards out of your gun?

Arcane Spellcaster W / Staff and Shield

Craft (food)

Scrying on a claimed soul

Spell casting while grappled

Question About Greater Dispel Magic for Magus

Does Detect Scrying Penetrate Mind blanked Scryer

ring of spell knowledge and psychic caster

Purity of body and energy drain.

Attack-Action Combat Maneuvers as Part of a Full Attack; Iterative Penalties?

Dragon Breath on flying

Seaweed Siren water dependency?

Creature "Armed" Unarmed Attacks and Attacks of Opportunity

Determining Monster lv as Cohorts

Spells to store item

What is an "effect" for the Chronomancer Rewind ability?

Is this magic item priced correctly?

Arrow eruption questions


Doubts about Riving Strike

Rogue Advanced Talent Hunter's Surprise + Two Sneaky Weapons

Classes that grant animal companions

Do you automatically know what Conditions affect your party members?

Idealist Cleric, Invoke Realm and Channel Energy

Halfling's Human Shadow and Stealthing

Racial heritage questions

Slayer talent question

Sacred Geometry + Spell Perfection

Aura of justice clarification

Mithral Armor and "all other Limitations"

Hideous Laughter and possession

Would this work? Rogue + Familiar + Figment = Flanking no party required?

What feats work with Kinetic Blast?

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