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Lowering magic item cl for crafting dc

Dan bong

Glitterdust vs. Invisibility

What constitutes 'Base Speed'?

Can an earth elemental carry someone underground?

Command undead spell - unlimited?

Far Strike Monk, Bonus feats and Targeting feats.

Yet one more Improved Familiar Question

Wondrous item creation rule?

Weapon Damage types

Evangelist Spells - Peacemaker - Mediator = What works and what doesn't

Creating Magic Items and Caster Level

If the Intimidate skill is considered a Fear effect, shouldn't Bluff / Diplomacy be considered a Charm or Compulsion effect?

both confused and frightened, or similar conflicts in compelled action

Explosive Bomb + Scatter Weapon w / Gun Chemist Alchemist

Scroll Scholar and Evangelist

can mischievous tail attack with improvised weapons?

Learning Spells from Another Class's List

Using a scroll in a single round

Word of Recall - How does this work for a spontaneous caster?

Still Spell vs grappling?

Spirit Oni Master: retain gore while shapeshifted?

Entering the square of an invisible enemy (occupying the same space)

Magical Lineage: Swapping Spells

Deva perception score

Apport Object attacks!

Mouser: do you flank regardless of spending pinache?

Low light vision question

Interaction of Dimensional slide with Dimensional feats

What tier for mythic Force of Will ?

Interaction of Dimensional slide with Dimensional feats

Gnome Animal Friend trait

Oracle Purifier Archetype

Craft (Poison) or Craft (Alchemy)?

Magic Trick (Shield) + Force Equipment (Equipment Trick [shield])


Can you choose not to use an ability?

Looping Teleportation Circles

Does Elemental Ascetic's elemental flurry feature count as having flurry of blows?

Horrid Wilting Targets / Range

Giant squid Animal companion tentacles

5 foot step on a narrow surface. And the flatness of foot

How Vulnerabilty interact with saving halev or absorbing effect ?

Sorcerer Bloodline Feats with impossible prereqs

Boots of levitation - poor mans fly spell?

Giant squid Animal companion tentacles

Psychic Spell Preparation

Interaction between outflank and paried opportunist with Fighter Tactics ot simular feature

Magic Trick: Mage Hand, Action Economy?

Greed More for Me ability

Using Skeleton Minions for cover with advantage

Scroll Creation - read FAQ and hundreds of threads already

Undead PF2e charisma bonus

Shift (Su):

Polearm Tricks...

Armor Question: special materials stack with Masterwork?

Craft: Alchemy to turn base metal to gold?

Can you cast within an antimagic field?

Pain Taster whoops?

Question regarding the timing of Hellknight qualification and leveling within PFS

Bloodrager + Dragon Disciple

Concentration check DC for spell-like abilities in manacles or shackles?

Do summoned creatures always obey?

Duelist parry (again)

11th Level Paladin + Cleric / Oracle with Holy Ice... Holy Sheet!

Bound, Pinned, and Helpless

Summoning creatures with Constant abilities.

Unlimited Darkness for a feat?


Dueling Daggers

What can paladins do, 'for the greater good'?

Thought Shield spell and pre-emptive knowledge of effect

Does a fall, if done on purpose, trigger an attack of opportunity

Somebody explain the Reaper class to me please.

d20 Encounter Calculator

Strangler class and loss of Unarmed Strike question

Ignoring common sense, Harmful spell on self

Summoning directly inside an opposed Magic Circle Against [Blah]

Haste and extra attack

Magic Item vs Spell Required Clarification Needed - Bull's Strength vs Belt of Might

Hybrid Class redundant skills

Is there a rule (archetypes and bloodlines)

Cross-blooded Blood Familiar?

Counterspelling a spell being cast

Some alchemist and gunslinger questions

Magus and Cestus

Trapped in Cryokinetic Stasis?

Runeslave cauldron - - destroying it

Is Beguiling Touch obvious?

Casting targeted spells without knowing a target?

Donkeys and mules

Can you select additional abilities when selecting racial traits (more details inside)

Aura of Justice question (AC and Hit bonuses?)

Lore Needle, what kind of an action is it to install?

Companion Archtypes confusion

Tumor familiar equipment

Water Form / Elemental body and revelation / Oracle tank

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