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By definition, is an "Evil Outsider" always evil? (Ranger / Paladin hybrid question)

Trying to wrap my mind around crafting DC of magic items.

Cleave + grab ability

Sight Based Magic and Magical Sight

duped sharding weapons

Hitpoints and Hardness of a Cloak of Displacement

Breath of Life and Nonlethal damage in general (and kineticist burn in particular)

Exploration & Discovery Points

Would this work to get unarmed strike dex to damage

What does Ancestral Communion allow you to do exactly?

Inspire Imitation

Can Air Walk creatures charge upwards?

Upgrading Magic Weapons and Armor

Does Conjuration Snowball still exist?

Tower Shield + Underfoot Assualt (Mouser) + Creature size

5 foot step diagonally between enemies

Hellcat Feat and Sprite ability

Is Wall of Thorns see through or opaque?

Dropping in 3.5 monsters as is?

Beginner Necromancer

Ecclesithurge Proficiencies

Bardic Performance + Movement (+Invisibility)

Who you calling Tiny? (Or help with how to get as small as possible)

Enhancement Bonuses to Combat Maneuvers.

What form can an elemental take?

Paizo's Reasoning For Flat Gold Cost Armor / Weapon Enhancements

Elemental Ascetic Elemental Flurry and FoB BAB

Sea Hag Evil Eye vs. Synthesis Summoner

Hefty Brute and Ride

Swallowed Whole Shenanigans

Disarm vs No weapon held

Arakineticist Confusion

Does "can't be tripped" means "immune prone" ?

Arcane Trickster, Phoenix Bloodline... sneak attack to heal?

Kitsune Foxfire

Thug rogue archetype and skill unlock (intimidate)

For Step Up is 5 foot step into cover considered "away"

Discordant Voice + Lingering Performance

Can Wayang Spellhunter stacks with Magical Lineage ?

Chariots and Miniatures?

Spiritual allies without a master

Water Walk, Communal

The Shield

Golemfist's Sharpen Arm and Slashing Grace

Vigilant Phantom

Magic item creation adventuring

Geas / Quest, am I understanding this wrong, or is it completely broken?

Sacred Huntsmaster and the Animal Domain

Free Hand Fighter and Grapple.

Alter Self generic race appearance.

Magic Missile with different elemental descriptor and damage types VS a Shield spell

Magic item resizing and weight

Druid Animal Companions, deliberately different from the monster entries?

Does Mesmerist Hypnotic Stare Need Line of Sight / Effect?

Mesmerist + Hypnotic / Bold / Painful Stare: Does it work when the target -can't- see the Mesmerist?

Mythic Question: Imprinting Hand

Extend metamagic and concentration + durations

archetypes vs dm

For Step Up is 5 foot step into cover considered "away"

For Step Up is 5 foot step into cover considered "away"

For Step Up is 5 foot step into cover considered "away"

For Step Up is 5 foot step into cover considered "away"

Bloodrager Elemental Bloodline - Elemental Strikes progression

How to counter Aqueous Orb?

Magus Bladed Dash

Amulet of Mighty Fists Questions

Creatures with Grab (Ex) and Their Options

What are 'Portfolios' - Variant Channeling

Escape from a Portable Hole.

Can a Good cleric activate a Wand of Infernal Healing?

Can you use fabricate in order to make modern materials? If so how high DC?

Does the flaming weapon shine like a torch?

Realm of the Fellnight Queen questions. (Spoilers inside)

Greater Grapple - "only one check must succeed" even on initial round?

Paladin lay on of hands question

What are outdoor visibility ranges?

not-quite-squeezing penalties?

Energy Resistance

Can a creature move through the space of a tiny or smaller opponent?

Starting Bonded Item Limitations?

Riding an air alemental

Cleric Spells, are they kept without praying

Non +# Enhancements to a Black Blade

What is a deities 'Portfolio'?

Earth Elemental Damage & To Hit For 12th Shapeshifting Hunter

Ring of Revelation (Superior)

Silly question regarding prepared spellcasters and leaving slots open....

Wild shape and protection from energy?

Invisiblity in combat

Dominate Person: Am I The Jerk?

Bard (Wit), Quick Witted

The Gold Guardian

Banner of the Ancient Kings & Sensei Advice?

Interaction between Amplified Rage and Extreme Mood Swings

Energy Resistance and secondary effects

Flesh Rot (Sp)

Poison on Bombs, Precise Splash Weapons Ex., Underground Chemist Rogue help...

Minor Artifacts and Weapon Buffs

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