Shattered Star

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It's a bit underwhelming so far...

Shards of Sin (GM Reference)

The Shattered Star...

Go easy on the Girls

Curse of the Lady's Light (GM Reference)

Shattered Star Obituary Thread (Spoilers)

Anyone else bored by this AP?

We finished - comments and opinion on the campaign [spoilers]

The Dead Heart of Xin (GM Reference)

The Asylum Stone (GM Reference)

Are you kidding me? (possible spoiler)

Into the Nightmare Rift (GM Reference)

The Shattered Star Players Guide

Paizo Blog: Shattered Star Player's Guide

Beyond the Doomsday Door (GM Reference)

What Are You Playing?

Luonim from Asylum Stone--dumbest combat ever?

Paizo Blog: So You've Survived the End of the World

Book 6 Spoilers-Are we going to get blamed for this?

Shattered Star Maps for PbP (DMs only)

Support for non-Pathfinder parties?

Shards of Sin maps for PbP use (DMs only)

PC cleric of Lissala

The Orphan And The Rider and Other Stories - Making a library available to players

Sheila Heidmarch

Where's the Lust?

Behind the Scenes of Shattered Star with Mordimor Jones, Action Badger

Killing the metagame - Pathfinder Society stipend / funding to replace looting

So You're a Woman Now: Possible Spoilers

Spoilers from Yesteryear

Alternate Paradox Box as the AP opening - Spoiler

Has anyone had to deal with negativity spillover from PFS?

Question on party composition...

Replacing The Asylum Stone

Best class to add to a party of 4 in Shattered Star

Peacock Spirit

Who rules Korvosa?

I ran it, it rocked!

I would like a summary of CoCT and SD

Merging Shattered Star and RotRL

Scaling up to 6 or 7 players?

Crusty's Modifications to Shattered Star (Spoilers)(My Players STAY OUT)

That trap "what if?'s"

First time GM and the players have decided upon Shattered Star

Excising the Pathfinder Society

Author's Cut: The Ghost of Xin Statblock

Cult of Lissala?

Looking for Advice from Those Who've Run This AP

Shattered Star Non-Canonical Social Encounter: Evening Aboard the Compliance

So wait, it isn't the direct sequel to RotR?

The Forever Man

Prepping to run this in a few months - Tips would be appreciated! (SPOILERS: MY GROUP STAY AWAY)

Should I warn my players? (spoilers)

Hah! Dungeon AP? Not exactly... its a Diplomacy AP!

How do you *get* the *** up into the top of Lady's Light? (spoilers)

Speech mannerisms were CUT? oh no!!

WE FINISHED IT!!!! my thoughts and changes to shattered star *SPOILERS*

Shattered Star Enemy Group

Dead Heart of Xin - Event 3 Question [spoilers]

Paizo Blog: Week of Free!*

Bringing back an "old friend" in Shattered Star

Heidmarch Manor's defenses?

The Next Generation - Shattered Star Play Journal (Spoilers!)

Starting AP this week and have 8 players.

Shard of Envy question

Community Created Stuff (may contain spoilers)

Deals with the devil

MapTools Maps? Anyone have them?

The clockwork reliquary question

Continuing the adventure?

Shattered star and Rise of the Runelords ran at the same time

Wasn't sure where to post this.....BUT.....I'll try here...

Starting soon, looking for community stuff

Looking for Pawn Suggestions

That Trap and aesthetics

Running Shattered Star AP Next - A Few Questions

The "Hey Baby" incident

Twelve monuments of Magnimar

How is the dungeoneering going?


Blog: Grey Maidens? EXCELLENT!

Three-Trait Start?

Andel Gesseran

Staunton Vhane (Forever Man)

In Game Date **Spoiler Free**

Increasing the PFS angle instead of replacing it?


Adventure Paths - Purchasing Magic Items

Shattered Star languages

On Xin, Lissala, Thassilon, and the Rune Lords

Oriana (Spoilers)

To those using the Darklight Sisterhood

Integrating Other Modules into SS & the Effect on XP

So I'm prepping for Shattered Star...

GM'ing an AP with over-powered PCs

Shattered Star Rival Party

Pathfinder Factions in play?

Is crafting feasible / worthwhile in Shattered Star AP (non-Society)?

Songs for Thassilon

Question on wealth

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