Shattered Star

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Into the Nightmare Rift

I wonder.....

Thank you very much!

Which Iconics?

Some bonus campaign traits!

Paizo Blog: Shattered Star Player's Guide

So wait, it isn't the direct sequel to RotR?

The Shattered Star...

I ran it, it rocked!

Sihedron Shapechange

Three-Trait Start?

Irespan Pilings

Support for non-Pathfinder parties?

Empyreal Help

Chronical sheets?

Player's Guide for Shattered Star

Deepmar / ShatteredStar1 (spoilers)

Portraying one of the "new" old monsters

Society in Shattered Star

Blog: Grey Maidens? EXCELLENT!

Character Advice

Paizo Blog: Week of Free!*


Bazaar of Sails subplot - I need to not do this

Who rules Korvosa?

Oooooh, Mike Shel ! Goody !

Incorporating The Godsmouth Heresy

How is the dungeoneering going?

Award and Fame

Spoilers from Yesteryear

Behind the Scenes of Shattered Star with Mordimor Jones, Action Badger

Shattered Star Obituaries

Blog: No One Leaves and No One Will!

Killing the metagame - Pathfinder Society stipend / funding to replace looting

Witch patrons suggestion

Shattered Star / Rise of the Rune Lords / Crimson Throne / Second Darkness Mash up *Spoilers*

It's a bit underwhelming so far...

Any chance we'll see new runes?

Rise of the Runelords / Shattered Star played simultaneously

Ok, How Similar are They? (Possible Spoilers)

Front line PC Ideas needed

How much background you giving?

Maiden alignment (spoilers)

Where's the Lust?

"Interactive" Maps?

Hah! Dungeon AP? Not exactly... its a Diplomacy AP!

Character advice, please

Question about Windsong Abbey

Blog: Strange As It Ever Was!

Why can't Pathfinders pool their Prestige Points?

GM'ing an AP with over-powered PCs

Peacock Spirit

The Scarlet Sun

Which Flail is the Spine Flail?

Crafting Magical Items

Ardathanatus's Race (Possible spoilers)

Deals with the devil

Primary caster necessary?

Merging Shattered Star and RotRL

A Question on XP

Blog: Into the Heart of Sin!

The Language of Thassilon

Shattered Star Non-Canonical Social Encounter: Evening Aboard the Compliance

The Shattered Star Players Guide

Dealing with high stats - is this overkill?

Community Created Stuff (may contain spoilers)

Sheila Heidmarch

PC cleric of Lissala

Adding side encounters

How to draw a Sihedron

So I'm prepping for Shattered Star...

Well Played Paizo

A Twist in plot during Shards of Sin (spoilers)

Go easy on the Girls

Seven Convictions, Seven Sins, Seven Skymetals

Life Oracle in SS (no spoilers please)

Twelve monuments of Magnimar

Thulos's Alignment

Shard of Envy question

Question About Shards

Shard of Envy Question (spoiler)

Are you kidding me? (possible spoiler)

Should I warn my players? (spoilers)

I think I made my GM cry a little on the inside.

Upgrading the Campaign

Printed Maps?

Which enemy abilities do you use?

Where's the Minor Quests section?

An interesting role-play idea involving Sorshien's clone (spoilers)

Oriana's Stats

Dead Heart of Xin - Event 3 Question [spoilers]

Pathfinder Sketches! (Contains some spoilers)

Book 6 Spoilers-Are we going to get blamed for this?

Shelia's Handout (spoilers)

I would like a summary of CoCT and SD

Hero Lab - Shattered Star NPCs and Bestiary....

How necessary is trapfinding?

Pandora's box beginning question

Favored Enemy List

Terisha Skiloni (Tower Girl) got the Shard from the Party - Now what?

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