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New Laptop

Computer Gaming meets the Scientific Method

US Space Program is going to take a hit

The Great Space Elevator

Weird Mac problem - please help

What is a good free virus protection software for Windows?

Cool Tech

Apple's Web Browser Safari 4 Beta

Using one’s computer for free telephone calls

iPhone 3G S = TriCorder

Vista Vs. Windows 7: FIGHT!

Google launches Go programming language

Another odd technical / computer question .... help, please! =)

Computer Question

Google Wave Questions

Google Wave

Google Phone, AKA, gPhone

Swapping Out DVD Drives

Tech Question

PDFs and Wills, Trusts

New Laptop Troubles

Anyone having problems accessing Skype?

POP3 Mailer Suggestions

Tablet, Digitizer, whatever, what to buy, I ask?



Photoshop Elements Q

Aperture 3 vs iPhoto

What do you have on your iGoogle homepage?

$70 eReaders? Maybe...

"Best Practices" for internet surfing.

Adobe CS5: April 12th

New iPhone - What are some cool Pathfinder or D&D apps?

Free Kindle Reading Apps

Help - Browsing Paizo with an iPhone. How to make it not suck?

A question for Audiotechnophile geeks

iPhone Boot Camp

Anyone proficient with PHP & MySQL?

Has Google become big brother??

It's Alive! Scientists create artificial life!

Facebook attempts to pull a fast one.

Cyberpunk Now: Human infected with computer virus

Deviant Art: How Do I Get An Avatar To Go With My Handle?

I wonder how many people will get fired today because of Google

Artificial Life?

Barnes & Noble eReader App for iPad, et al.

How many different browsers do you use?

TV / DVD combo?

Using Masterplan in D&D Campaign Handling

Form creation software

Creating new races in PCGen

Quit Facebook Day


Windows alternatives are not as safe as they once were.

Kindle died today



Google dumps Windows because of Security Holes

Computers Anonymous

WWDC 2010

Time to update Windows again

AT&T to change their unlimited iPad plan

PayPal and NCSoft

Your computer is worth 30 cents - by Gunter Ollman

Good OCR software recommendation?

Virtual Table Tops in Face to Face Gaming

New iPhone, Suggestions for Apps Needed

Any Flat screen TVs out there with 180 Degrees of motion?

Need quick help from someone with a PC running Dundjinni

Virtual Drives, Cloud Computing, and other Shared Network-Drive systems

Best free PDF reader for Windows 7 64-bit?

Why Geeks Hate The iPad

Apps for Nerds :)

Gaming over Skype

Does anyone know of any Pathfinder / D&D "Apps" for Android

Electronic Communication and Anonymity

3rd Year University Pathfinder Project

DM / GM Apps for the iPhone

Slate for D&D and herolab

Kindle dx

100 million Facebook profiles were dumped on this torrent site...

Google Wave - Extensions / Apps for Game Play

Tech Thread - Cool stuff, etc.

bada development

Best map making software that isn't online networked?

Questions about YouTube

Questions about YouTube

Best Visual Dice Roller

Net neutrality and the FCC

Interesting, Fun, or Silly FREE Droid Apps

Apple Products and their Business Model

HeroLab vs RPGXplorer vs PCGen

Anyone using MapTool?

Any Excel Gurus out there?

Computer Printer Discussion

Apple Offerings, 4th Quarter 2010

Digital Stalkers on Facebook

Good Anti-Virus Program?

What GPS would you suggest and why?


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