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Studded Plate: a blog about RPGs and LEGO

Best one-liner that made the whole table laugh?

The LGBT Gamer Community Thread.

Holy Brilliant Energy weapon vs. armored undead.

Ramblin Man Part Deux: Game Edition

Things a DM can put in a dungeon to totally mess with players

Gamers in Nebraska?

1001 Side Effects of Potions

Obstacles in your gaming life

Design Musings Video Series

The mental health of gamers (also me)

Scheduling issues

Shadow Elves from from Magazine

Writing the Hao Jin Cataclysm: reflections on RPGs, mental illness, and heroes

Empire Today Issue 4

The truth behind cursed dice.

I think the dice hate me

Goblin quote

How to sell off large set of comics and gaming materials?

Greatest Anime Swords To Ever Surface

Unrealistically Awesome

Air Your Grievances

The Talky Scenes: When is too much too much?

For Sale - 3 Classic AD&D Books (Dungeon Masters Guide, Players Handbook, Monster Manual)

Using parts of the DnD / PF "Cosmology" in own works of fiction?

I wish I had the will and energy to write

What's something weird that bothers you?

I would love some advice! Who wants to give advice?

Starting again: looking for old content.

An amazing new toolbox for players and GMs alike

How do you go about creating a character for play?

Palladium loses rights to Robotech rpg and Robotech Tactics Miniatures Game

Ok, you have the ability to really BE one of your PCs

Things you don't want to (but often do) hear the Dungeon Master say:

What's a Good System for Sci-Fi Military Adventure?

Lars Andersen explains why Archery dominates many Pathfinder tables!

Joe Manganiello on His D&D Movie Script and His Line of D&D Clothing

Random Table: A Giant’s Poop Contents Chart

Games that could use more Cthulhu

Apocalypse Cthulhu

Help me Make a List of all 'Elric of Melnibone' Games & Adventures?

Expanding Leveling and creating a campaign with that idea.

Need Advice: Playing while Blind.

Elyas Ravenwood aka Myles Crocker

Magic Description Cards -[kickstarter]

in the market for a backpack

The Ryugu Asteroid (AKA The D8 of DOOM!)

What RL obstacles do you encounter when planning an adventure as a GM?

YouTube ad revenue - tax question?

Rage Triggers

DEITIES AND DEMIGODS (Classic AD&D hardcover from TSR) Available!

Benign Gamer Life

Web Based Group Website Page

Worst player / GM at your table?

When Are Weapons TOO Exotic?

3 Pathfinder Hardcovers Available!

Venting about GM / player (long)

Let's brag about our RPG collections!

Someone needs to cosplay Seoni with this

TAS Article: The Role of Rules in Roleplaying

TAS Article: The Importance of Understanding Playstyles

Gaming Tech (Mounted micro projector for maps)

Metal Dice!

Pathfinder GM Screens Available

Pathfinder Books Available

Snatching Defeat From the Jaws of Victory - Using Loses to Help Advance Your Story

100 things the villain is doing when 'scrying' is cast on him

Stupid Sexy Armor

Teach Me to Draw Old Korvosa

I need a Tavern (map) actually

Recruiting for Pre-Gencon One-shot

Poll: What Is Your Alignment?

'Embarrassing' Gaming Confessions

Who Invented the Sorcerer?

Best Plot Twist You've Encountered

1,001 Stupid, Stupid Uses for Powerful Spells

4d6 and Me

Looking for a specific type of system (organic growth?)

[Raging Swan Press] EZG reviews Cool Words for Gamers (system neutral)

Spellfire Cards For Sale - Does Anyone still collect these?

Pathfinder Hardcovers In Need of a Good Home!!!

Pre-journey quests and adventures

(5E) Frog God Games Rappan Athuk for 5E

The Mayan gods demand blood!

trippin wolves

Looking for discussion questions for my gaming podcast!

Storing and transporting printed maps

gnome origins

[FGG]Other new Frog God Games content.

Hey, guess what?

GMs: tell me about your triumphs

Rules of gaming

Weird, ridiculous campaign ideas that we all secretly want to do...

GaryCon X !!!

Noobish Funny Stories

Gen Con Hotel Rooms (2018 Edition)

What was your embarrassing high school Mary Sue character like?

how do i describe impossible leap?

How do you treat Different kinds of players like Power-Gamers?

Have your players ever...

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