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A genocidal Grimm is evil perspective?

Organized Play in Portland Oregon

Best one-liner that made the whole table laugh?

Ramblin Man Part Deux: Game Edition

The LGBT Gamer Community Thread.

Troy, Michigan - Pathfinder 1E + Numenera looking for players

A few questions regard the Pathfinder Infinite Authorized distribution sources...

For Sale: Six Pathfinder 1e Adventure Path 6-volume sets

Any advice for restarting after Covid?

Random GM Excuse Table

What does you dice jail look like?

who else gets really weird 'physics questions' regarding spells in their games?

My GM needs some advice on dealing with a problem player.

Random Table: A Giant’s Poop Contents Chart

1001 Side Effects of Potions

Empire Today Issue 4

Hero Forge!

An explanation of why media (including games) need to start showing diverse ability sets

Group Dynamics And When A Long Time Player Becomes The Problem

When is metagaming GOOD metagaming?

How do observatories work?

Games that could use more Cthulhu

The people who just disappear

Adapting Someone Else's Campaign

Worldbuilding and lying to your players

Jim Roslof Dying from Cancer

Second-hand market. Abomination Vaults & Outlaws.

What's The Absolute Worst PC You've Ever Seen?

Are Half-Elves Boring?

Paizo buying Might & Magic(IP) or the reverse?

New Giantslayer Actual Play podcast!

Studded Plate: a blog about RPGs and LEGO

1001 suggestions

RollVsEvil Charity Project LIVE!

RPG systems are a journey, not the destination.

Developing a setting with minecraftish physics

GMing with anxiety or other mental health problems

Game System Design and character pigeon-holing

Things a DM can put in a dungeon to totally mess with players

My thoughts on social justice warriors.

Moral Dilemma: Killing and Deaths in RPGs

Favorite Campaign Settings

Kobolds!!! Good!!!

Ian Livingstone knighted!

150 Reasons for a tavern brawl

Queerphobia in Fantasy Settings

Why is it so hard to find players? Face to face games

Pathfinder Confessional

Games in Gaming

Gotcha GMs

Holiday ornaments?

1001 Buildings you may find in a Fantasy Town

The Daily Kobold

Noob about D&D

Daily Free Halloween-type Pdfs from DriveThruRpg

Things you don't want to (but often do) hear the Dungeon Master say:

Does this make sense?

Un-Lovecraftian horror?

Let's brag about our RPG collections!

What would you most like to see in a new campaign... or not see?

What will you miss about playing TTRPGs online?

Pathfinder Online

TSR is back

Where's my Masterwork Backpack? - What do you use to carry your gaming supplies?

Multiclassing / Dipping Shame

Gamer Moms: You're Not Alone

Map Making on a Budget

Gaming from a disabled player's perspective

Gen Con news

100 things the villain is doing when 'scrying' is cast on him

How to download Among Us game for Android 11 phone?

Am I being selfish?

Blackmoor 50 years

What other organized plays are there?

how to sell pf ap

Selling huge collection of Pathfinder 3.5 / 1E books (120+), pick up only NYC / LI area

Kingdoms of Hârn Kickstarter

A (Kickstarter) Dice Tray / Character Vault with the PFS / SFS Player In Mind

A discussion of the skill of improvisation

What non-Paizo RPGs are people playing?

(UK-based) Selling some Pathfinder pawn sets, minis, and APs

pathfinder archetypes vs dm

Questions For Space Gamers

This is driving me bonkers!

Running a game and being inscrutable

Mom mode / Dad mode?

How to Break Bad Naming Habits?


An essay on gamestyles to aid in discussion, and recruitment of like-minded players

Spotify Group Sessions for RPG background music

What was your embarrassing high school Mary Sue character like?

Surprising character evolution

The question is "Half-Template race changes to" WHY! This covers all forms of D&D to Pathfinder and 5e

Help me understand the upside of "rulings over rules"

Streaming multiple Adventure Paths a week, please tune in for some good times!

New meaning to the phrase "Holy S***" (Paladins and Smite Evil)

Kickstarter - Nerdmoji: RPG Team Shirts

You might be a bad GM if...

Things that bother you

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