Pathfinder Beginner Box

Beginner Box contents list

Pre-Gen Kyra level 1 abilities

Potential party capture in "Menace Under Otari" ***spoilers***

Menace Under Otari Questions

What Would You Do After the Adventure?

Beginner box precons question

Does Paizo have anything similar to the Transitions guide for PF2e

Examples of using ability modifiers for creatures

Number of prepared spells for Wizard

Are the Beginner Box rules the same as the core book?

Pathfinder Society (PFS) Official Conversion Guide For Beginner Box Characters

Question about the Pathfinder Beginner Box PDF

Varying the Beginner Box for Replays

PF1E Beginner Box to PF2E Beginner Box

BB - Background ability boosts inconsistent, it's possible to get a +5 (20) in an ability

Menace Under Otari **Caution Spoilers**

More character sheets?

Otari Information: Other Sources

Pathfinder battle Card Template

Menace Under Otari, Item Question

How long is the adventure in the beginners box

PF2 GMs: What's Missing (Rules That Aren't In The Beginner Box)

Map of Otari

Pregen PDF not displaying correctly

Beginner Box and other classes as pregens?

Beginner Box Level 2 Cleric's Battle Medicine error?

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