Tyrant's Grasp

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1 - The Dead Roads (GM Reference)

4 - Gardens of Gallowspire (GM Reference)

5 - Borne by the Sun's Grace (GM Reference)

3 - Last Watch (GM Reference)

2 - Eulogy for Roslar's Coffer (GM Reference)

6 - Midwives to Death (GM Reference)

Is this campaign an efficient player-killing machine for anyone else's group? *spoilers*

Rewriting Book 6 - A grand sendoff of First Edition (GM Only)

Bring Out Your Dead (Again) - Tyrant's Grasp Obituaries

Did Arazni desecrate Rosler's Tomb?

How much of the history of the Shining Crusade would 1st-level PCs know?

Bringing In New Characters

Recap of my Mythic TG campaign (spoilers for TG and other modules contained within)

What's the font for the title?

Tyrant's Grasp map folio

Brainstorm thread about mythic *GM only*

TG & Syrinscape

Volume 5 is worth it just for the Arcadia setting.

Adding More Undead to Book 2, Part 2

Vigil’s Extradimensional Places

The Phylactery Gambit: an Alternate Outcome [spoilers]

RkoTitan's Tyrant's Grasp 2E Conversion Thread [Spoilers]

Disappointed with book 6? Spoilers ahead, fair warning.

Who Will You Play?

About to GM, looking for media inspiration

SPOILERS KingTreyIII’s Tyrant’s Grasp Campaign Log

Player seeking backstory advice to avoid spoilers.

Handling a big part missing from the deadroads (GMs Only)

I am creating a hex-map suitable for the Tyrant's Grasp campaign.

Can someone tell me just one thing? (spoilers probably)

Anyone have a map of Castle Overwatch? Book 3 runs off the rails. Details and SPOILERS inside.

Which deity to pick?

Sequel to Carrion Crown

[Spoilers] Almarane's campaign log

Additional encounter under Vigil (Book 3 suggestion; spoilers)

Book 2 Mist question

Variant Boss Fight Help: Book 2

Radiant Fire Mechanics

Tyrant's Grasp Interactive Maps PDF

Planning the Heist of the Six Wise Crows

Sequel to Carrion Crown

Sequel to Carrion Crown

Sequel to Carrion Crown

What are some good buy in for Half-Orc Player Characters

Are there any Noble Families?

Homemade Lastwall Campaign map

Thoughts on revealing Arazni @ end of book 2.

Tyrant's Grasp AP

[SPOILERS] Bringing Back Book 2's Boss

Removing Arazni

Examples of creating additional backstory for TG

Chase at the start of book 6

Looking for Good Supplements and Source Material

Tyrant's Grasp: can we do a "Good Parts" version?

What is Lastwall's position towards the Whispering Way?

Really confused about Cololus from book 1 (spoilers)

Question regarding the overall AP

Question about the first book (spoilers)

Which Adventure does Tar-Baphon Break Free?

Radiant Fire uses [SPOILERS]

Tyrant's Grasp AP

Zi Mishkal's GMmed Tyrant's Grasp thread (heavy spoilers, players keep away!)

How the AP's opening affects PC abilities

Paizo Blog: Find the Path launches actual-play podcast of Tyrant’s Grasp Adventure Path on Patreon through new Paizo partnership

Alternate takes of survival horror?

Introducing the vampire Malyas

Ssyvan's TG Campaign Journal

What would you run to foreshadow

Tyrant's Grasp Miniatures

How Is Tyrant’s Grasp?

Message to who made the maps of book 4

Tyrant's Grasp Loot 2E

Dr and Obols


What movies would you all watch?

The skull symbols on the campaign map (spoilers)

Using the players' generosity to teach them to be generous with Barzakh (heavy spoilers)

Supplies in Roslar's Coffer *Spoilers*

A Thank-You To Paizo

Death, rebirth and corruption? A way around the PCs unique nature? SPOILERS!

*SPOILERS* Sanity in Tyrant’s Grasp

Story Award Xp

Who are the Precentors and Tribunes?

Map of Roslar's Tomb - [GM's ONLY]

*SPOILER* Devotion Puzzle

Scriptorium Map help

The Twisted Nail

The Twisted Nail

How much has been written about the internal politics of Lastwall (possible spoilers inside)

GM Maps for The Dead Roads

Bringing a new character in while in the boneyard.

Incorporating the Relics

(Spoilers) Day Zero - Ideas?

Paizo Blog: The Dead Rise


Xp path question.

Paizo Blog: The Tyrant's Grasp Player's Guide has been Loosed from its Prison!

I see you, Paizo. I know what you're doing.

Interpretations of Rostlar's Tomb in terrain builds (spoilers)

GM Threads?

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